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Review of Balade

Photo taken from Balade website

When you walking into Balade’s dimly-lit light, wood-paneled dining room the you may have to remind yourself what type of restaurant you are at. 624 more words


KLARF for Christmas

Hello everyone, Christmas is approaching fast and no doubt, you have already started a list of not only the gifts you would like to receive this year, but also the gifts you would like to give !!! 95 more words


Little Beirut Bistro serves up Lebanese food in Brisbane

Little Beirut Bistro is Brisbane’s newest Lebanese-inspired restaurant located on the corner of Lambert and Clarence Road, Indooroopilly.

This new restaurant has created a space and atmosphere where people can really share an intimate and enjoyable dining experience with friends and family. 168 more words


Al Hallab

Worth a visit.

One of our go to restaurants for good quality Lebanese food, Al Hallab at The Dubai Mall has the added advantage of excellent views of the fountains. 33 more words


Hachli Berbara...

It’s that time of the year again…

Time to savor traditional Lebanese delights such Ameh Maslouk, Mouchabak, Ouwaymet, Atayef and Maakroun…

Time to fill Candies bowl with sweets, lollipops and chocolates… 117 more words


It doesn't get much easier than this - try your hand at making Labneh this weekend.

Although Labneh is often referred to as Lebanese cream cheese, it is more of a soft “yogurt-cheese” in my book. You get the wonderful yogurt tang and all the healthy elements plus the benefit that it can withstand relatively high cooking temperatures. 333 more words

Nestled in between Syria and Israel in the heart of the Middle East, the country of Lebanon and its cuisine shares many threads with its neighbors. 686 more words