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The Middle Store

The Middle Store, on Winston Ave, Clarence Gardens, has been a place on my go-to wish list for some time. Ever since MasterChef, in fact. Readers may know I do enjoy MasterChef, especially when a local contestant is doing so well. 271 more words

Restaurant/Cafe Reviews

ريحة لبنان

بعرف إنو كتار كتير يللي عم ببهدلونا بسبب ريحة البلد … بس من كم يوم أنا وعم بتمشى بشارع الجميزة  ونطنط من زاوية للتاني متل شي سايح عم  يزور لبنان لأول مرة ويمشي بشوارع  العاصمة شدتني ريحة طيبة … لأ مش ريحة مطعم ولا سناك ، ريحة  محل صغير اسمو


Just like Mom used to make!

Tonight we’re pulling out all the stops for Dinner! It’s Black Friday with shoppers going bananas, with tempers flaring on this rainy night in Denmark. 333 more words


The garlic wars of migrants and Islam!

It used to be the Italians and Greeks that were blamed for woes and wiles by ‘true Aussies’. The smell of garlic was enough for angry outbursts to the ‘dagoes’ of the fifties and sixties. 134 more words

Gerard Oosterman