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Cedars Express


I love this little Lebanese place, tucked on the corner of the side street that joins Park Street and Park Row. This was the place I had lunch on my first day of uni, with pretty much my whole course on a sunny October day almost 5(!!!) years ago. 148 more words


Meza - Tooting

Another fantastic cheap eat in South London – Meza, a small Lebanese in Tooting, is everything you imagine when someone tells you they know ‘this great little place’. 467 more words

Nuba Cafe (Mount Pleasant) - Lamb Kibbeh

With all of the bakery shops that I was visiting in early December, I felt like I needed to eat something a bit more healthy. Nuba seemed like the perfect choice so I headed down to visit the Mount Pleasant location, just a half block west of Main St. 246 more words

Restaurant Review

LMA - Lebanese Cinema Movie Guide Awards - 2nd Edition

VOX Cinemas, 7pm – People start gathering for the awards show that made its debut last year. Dubbed The Lebanese Cinema Movie Guide Awards after the eponymous website… 297 more words


Temporary and Seasonal Migrants

Temporary and seasonal migrants are people who move to a new region with the intention of sometime returning home, for one reason or another. They chose to relocate themselves in order to better their lives. 362 more words

23 - Highly-Addictive Hummus

Until very recently, I didn’t like hummus. Call me stubborn, but I’ve never been a fan of dips that are served cold (I know it’s not traditionally served cold, but often it’s been presented to me that way). 672 more words


Lebanese Hummus

Mmmmmm, hummus. A staple we never get tired of. I learned to make this dish 35 years ago while living in Washington from my Lebanese neighbor Fifi. 236 more words

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