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Man arrested, charged after road rage incident with child in car

LEBANON, Tenn. (WKRN) – A 27-year-old man was arrested and charged after police say he was involved in a road rage incident while his 2-year-old was in the car. 182 more words


عن المفتي السُنّي المقاوم بهاء الدين الزين.. زوّج ابنه لمارونية وابنته لشيعيّ

في عام 1915، أصدرت المحكمة العرفية في عاليه حكمًا بالإعدام شنقًا حتي الموت بحق بهاء الدين الزين مفتي صيدا، وأخويه محمود وبديع،  وزوج أخته تحسين الخيّاط.


A Luxurious Resort inside the City of Tyre (Part 1)

The Rest house Tyre, is a beach resort located in south of Lebanon. This hotel and resort place is in a city called Tyre. (Fig. 1) A city that goes back to our ancestors the Phoenicians. 404 more words


It’s been quite a year! I had always wanted to volunteer overseas but had always put it off. I would say I would wait until my children are grown, until I am better prepared financially or until I am more skilled.

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Burkinis, Bikinis, and the Best Family Beach in Lebanon

It’s been a long time since I last posted, mainly because I joined the flood of expat spouses that desert the duty station for the summer. 1,077 more words

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Lebanese Army Arrests Daesh Emir in Ain al-Hilweh

Lebanese Army Arrests Daesh Emir in Refugee Camp

Local Editor

The Lebanese Army detained Thursday Daesh’s emir in Ain al-Hilweh after gun battles between extremists and Fatah movement rocked Palestinian refugee camp overnight. 406 more words


Nine dogs in Lebanon need new homes

Abuse … torture … malnourishment. These nine dogs have suffered so much in their young lives. But now we have this brief chance to rescue these dogs and give them a new leash on life.

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