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Attention Please,

My name is James Dabeni,I am Managing Director of STANDARD CHARTERED BANK in Accra,Ghana.I am writing to you in regards to one of our client with a dormant account.His name is Hassan Ghafaar an engineer from the Lebanon.He died in a car accident along with his wife and his two kids here in my country Four years ago. 243 more words


Israel Prepares For Military Actions In Syria And Lebanon

The Israeli military has finished training exercises in preparation for a potential “long-term, multi-front” conflict with Syria and Lebanon, according to a statement released by the army. 220 more words

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The curious case of the Israeli who crossed into Lebanon and wasn’t taken hostage

An Israeli citizen who crossed the border into Lebanon last week was returned to Israel on Friday in a rare and remarkable instance of constructive negotiation between warring parties that involved the IDF, the Lebanese security forces, the UN’s border monitoring force… and Hezbollah, the Shiite terror group sworn to Israel’s destruction. 515 more words

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by M. Dennis Paul, Ph.D. Salem-News.com

As expected, Israel granted itself immunity in the Rachel Corrie case. The lesson: One must never expect any sense of integrity or decency from Israeli courts. 453 more words

STOP SNOOZING: Wake Our Humanity Up.

Today, humanity has achieved a step forward. Today, the AUB members belonging to the Standing Committee on Public Health (SCOPH) have organized a Health Day for the migrants at the Migrant Community Center (MCC). 364 more words

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