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Lebanon's 'You Stink' protests spotlight government dysfunction, but reforms elusive

Anti-government demonstrators in Lebanon have staged three large rallies in the past two weeks and a small group Tuesday stormed the environment ministry to press demands for reform. 694 more words


Tactics of Lebanon's 'You Stink' protesters questioned after standoff

BEIRUT – Lebanese security forces and protesters engaged in a drawn-out standoff outside a ministry that was briefly taken over by activists Tuesday, reflecting both reluctance by authorities to decisively crack down and a lack of focus by protesters – who are determined but lacking a clear path to success. 1,099 more words


Could Trash Talk Bring Iran and Saudi Arabia Together?

What’s the connection between the garbage piling up on the streets of Lebanon and the war in Syria? The geopolitical rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia. 1,475 more words

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It's September

And I don’t know how to feel.

What seemed like ages away is suddenly creeping in on us, a handful of days left to go. What we had been planning for is going to take shape in just a few weeks. 413 more words

The 24th Project

Lebanon: طلعت_ريحتكم

Seeds of corruption
Are carefully placed when cement is still
Under construction
So that in any case you cannot
Move it around
Move the ground – 65 more words


Support to the #YouStink activism!

On this day the country has witnessed a peaceful sit-in at the Ministry of Environment on behalf of many activists that are part of the collective #YouStink, that’s mission is to denounce Lebanon’s corruption and it’s main objective lately was to put pressure on the Lebanese government specifically the Minister of Interior and Environment in the hope that both would resign from their posts especially after failing to solve the problem of the garbage waste and after security forces used fire arms and violence to scare the demonstrators that protested near the parliament days ago. 109 more words

"Media Talk"..

The “You Stink” Movement

By The Prophet of Life

What does garbage collection have to do with a new Arab Spring? It could have a lot to do with it. 475 more words