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A project sponsored by Artspace Hamra: Sabah, the legendary singer and actress beloved in the Arab world, by Lebanese artist, Yazan Halwani.

Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon. 26feb17.


When You're A Strong Girl In A Man's World: A Personal Statement

I come from a middle-class family that, to a far extent, does not exercise gender roles; a family that never justifies their criticisms with “because you’re a girl.” I am proud to say that I’ve grown, and am growing, into the woman I desire to be, the woman who does not believe her goals are limited to social assignments; the woman who thinks beyond social acceptance, obsession over appearance, and the looks of dismay on the faces of those who’ve deemed me “too loud,” “too self-assured” or “too much” of anything.  576 more words

La La Land, Lebanon Edition: A Lebanese Oriental Version Of The Awesome Movie's Songs

If you’ve been following my blog’s Facebook page or my personal Twitter account, you’d have found out by now that I was simply blown away by how amazing the movie La La Land was, and that I was rooting for it to win everything at the 89th Academy Awards. 247 more words


Worth watching

An article worth reading reveals Hezbollah fighters are growing tired of their Iranian overlords in Syria, and are causing problems upon their return to Lebanon. A way to fix the situation might be for the Hezbollah leadership to refocus the fight against Israel, as opposed to against fellow Arabs. 25 more words

Our Top 5 Beirut Burgers

Let’s face it, burgers are our ultimate craving. No matter how high new food trends might rise they will eventually fall but our love of burgers will never die out. 349 more words