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One of those traditional lebanese restaurants that greet you with a story for the place, all starts with the grandmother of the owner and how she taught him.to.love food, anyway the food is really good, they have amazing varieties and specialties.. 73 more words


Universal Snack

For the pleasure of home made burgers this is the place to be in hamra ! the place didn’t change over the past 30 + years ! 33 more words



A cosy little place bu the ruins of jbeil ! amazing decoration , the way food is placed hanging from the ceiling is marvelous ! the mini saj they put on ur table to warm up the bread to taste the labne and zaatar is amazing ! 39 more words


Crepaway - Metn

The place to be after a long day at the beach! Amazing friendly staff, perfect service,

I always go for their chick flick, and the holy moly with unlimited supply of.ice tea!!!


Lilies in the Backyard

Lilies in my father’s backyard

bend their heads

in respect

for the humming bird

that comes to steal their perfume

in the most delicate accuracy. 74 more words



Used to love this place but a while back their service started to decline, they have issues with their staff, unorganized always running around for no reason! 16 more words



This place deserves the 5.0 rating

An amazing place with a different show everyday! The variety and unpredictability of this place makes it stand out among the rest… 38 more words