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LeBron James Turned Once Again To His Instant Oatmeal Metaphor To Explain The Lakers' Progress

As writers, we all have our go-to phrases and comparisons when we want to really drive home a point. We can often rely too heavily on these, and too often. 392 more words

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ESPN Isn't Concerned About LeBron And The Lakers Being On TV Late

We knew LeBron James’ move to Los Angeles this summer was going to have all sorts of ripple effects, the likes of which we may not fully understand for years to come. 329 more words

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The Educated Fool week October 17th,​ 2018 (LeBron at LA, Jim Brown being Jim Brown and a little of Denzel)

Presented you by The Real Donnie Demos and her sidekick Sab

This week, Sab will tell her who is her new NBA favorite team or maybe not. 36 more words


More Jokes Coming Out of Me

Me feeding into my kids white privilege.
The goat cheese, broccoli omelet was too tangy. I agree.
What does too tangy mean Dada? Too sour puss glum like the oppressed Heidi Cruz. 365 more words

Beware, NBA: Lakers LeBron Didn't Move to Be a Movie Star

For anyone thinking LeBron James’ offseason signing with the Los Angles Lakers was all for show, that the best basketball player on the planet was going to shift his focus to passion projects like… 385 more words


The Curious Case of the Charlotte Hornets

I’ll be back with a podcast next week, but I’ve spent enough oxygen talking about the Hornets already this week. But the Hornets are in trouble and there might not be a damn thing that they can do about it. 857 more words


3 ways Blazers fans trolled LeBron and Lonzo

The Lakers, with LeBron James and Lonzo Ball — LeBronzo! — got off to a tough start to their regular season with an opening loss to the Portland Trail Blazers. 100 more words