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This is a continuation from my post last week. Same guy, same annoying lecherous behavior.

You gaze, I glance, we gape

It’s a fact that universally, men look at women more than the other way round, at least evidently. It’s a fact again that men stare… 581 more words


Episode 111: Growing Old even More Disgracefully....

Further to yesterdays’ post about some of the advantages of getting older I have come up with a few more:

You can get away with being sexist! 608 more words


To all the lecherous and not so lecherous men of India

Behind every breast you ogle,

every waist you leer,

every hip you feast on,

is a beating heart,

a woman

So what if she is half clothed? 85 more words


Weird Jobs, #1

I once spent a summer dressed as a milkmaid with a blonde wig and a corset that pushed my boobs up to my chin, handing out free samples of butter. 49 more words

Just Plain Bonkers

I'm A Bitch !

I’m the bitch they warned you about.

I am vivacious, sagacious & audacious. I love life & I live on my own terms. I’m not afraid to live, because I am wise enough to know how the world works. 496 more words