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Lust of old men 1

Inside men never grow up. Outside they grow down. Wise men can tell the difference. Those that can’t live in a world of frustration and lecherousness.


Episode 345: Wacky Word Wednesday #4

Oooh I do love Wednesday when I can play with a word that is weird, wonderful or just downright wacky! Now for some unknown reason, the type of words that appeal to me always seem to have some sort of sexual connotation to them (and even if they don’t I still manage to find one) and today’s word is no exception, so I give you……. 68 more words


I make aggressive dogs-- and I don't care.

I sling my catch-pole on my shoulder and rap my knuckles on the partially blue door trying to avoid splinters in my hand. “Animal Control- This is Officer Sandhu.” 372 more words

Animal Control Officer

May 20th - Esurient

Esurient – adj: hungry, greedy

“I hope you’re hungry, my lord.” Daisy called out as she entered Lord Maximilian’s room. “Missus Green’s roast beef is the best in the landing.” 33 more words

365 Words Challenge