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I make aggressive dogs-- and I don't care.

I sling my catch-pole on my shoulder and rap my knuckles on the partially blue door trying to avoid splinters in my hand. “Animal Control- This is Officer Sandhu.” 372 more words

Animal Control Officer

May 20th - Esurient

Esurient – adj: hungry, greedy

“I hope you’re hungry, my lord.” Daisy called out as she entered Lord Maximilian’s room. “Missus Green’s roast beef is the best in the landing.” 33 more words

365 Words Challenge

Super Lecherous Desire Asian Bondage Sluts http://bit.ly/1DFHJcI


This is a continuation from my post last week. Same guy, same annoying lecherous behavior.

You gaze, I glance, we gape

It’s a fact that universally, men look at women more than the other way round, at least evidently. It’s a fact again that men stare… 581 more words


Episode 111: Growing Old even More Disgracefully....

Further to yesterdays’ post about some of the advantages of getting older I have come up with a few more:

You can get away with being sexist! 608 more words