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World tour continues

An announcement from the Irish Skeptics Society, just circulated:

Dear all,

On Wednesday next, May 11th, we are very happy to welcome back Professor Brian Hughes, School of Psychology, NUIG, who will speak on the topic of his recently published radical and challenging book ‘Rethinking Psychology-Good Science, Bad Science, Pseudoscience’

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architecture randomness (tbt)

Back when I was at Columbia I used to sit in on a lot of the lectures hosted by GSAPP, and attended one that I made a note of. 385 more words

New York City

Where is Illustration?

Answering this straightforward question, I can certainly say that illustration is everywhere. It is broadly used in advertisement, mass media, magazines, books, etc. We’re surrounded by illustration and don’t even notice this for most of the time. 366 more words

Upcoming: Trade Before Civilization Conference

Between May 27-29, 2016, a conference on “Trade before Civilization” will be held at the University of Gothenburg. Our Contribution will be on “Long Distance Exchange of Goods and Ideas and Early Social Complexity in the Early Neolithic of the Near East.” … 242 more words


A thought provoking quilting collection

We had our monthly members meeting at my local branch of husflidslaget (The Norwegian Folk Art and Craft Association) on Monday. As usual we had someone come in and talk to us about a specific theme. 392 more words


Mandrake Talk: Releasing Your Inner-Mandrake

He speaks!!! Ladies and gentle-mandrake, it is my absolute honor––no––PRIVILEGE to present the very oldest among us. A Mandrake who knows the grounds of this school like the back of his dorsal tendril! 337 more words

Harry Potter


Lecture By Sean O’Dell

Primary researches

  • Place: visit, photograph, documents, analyse, excavate, interview, participate, interact, discuss, obscene.
  • Subject: search for documents, extract quantitative and qualitative date, interview.
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