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Bernard Tschumi lecture_Architecture: Image or Idea?

hello Year 3 and Year 2,

I am forwarding the info on an interesting architecture lecture in London on Wednesday evening. See below and do go, if interested. 356 more words


Meeting the Management Challenge 26/9

How does Marketing create Competitive Advantage?

Understanding the role of marketing, target marketing process and how operational decisions underpin a marketing strategy.

Enterprise’s value is set by different factors, Customers (bringing revenue for products or services of value), Shareholders (capital for return of investment), Value Chain Partners, Employees, IT and Operations (goodwill for compensation and Self-fulfillment. 282 more words


Week 2A Lecture

This week’s lecture was very informative and provided with plenty of resources for further exploration. The number one most helpful link being the one below. 540 more words

Early Church 2: From Sect to Church

How did the obscure Jewish sect called ‘The Way’ become the Christian Church? How did the communities of Jesus’ disciples continue their life and mission as the first generation of Apostolic leaders passed? 27 more words

I Didn't Know How Important It Was To Meet Others Like Me

I went to a lecture on Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) this weekend so that I could learn more about my condition, but I got more out of it than that.   784 more words

Phil & Sophie

Phil & Sophie


Nicole Lebel & Francis Turenne


Il y a quelques années, un couple Québécois, Nicole Lebel et Francis Turenne ont crée cette série de mignons petits livres destinés aux enfants de 3-7 ans ayant pour thème des bonnes habitudes à adopter pour rendre la vie plus belle. 323 more words


Lecture - Siddartha

Un livre, c’est une rencontre, entre vous et l’autre, l’écrivain d’un autre temps et ses personnages d’un autre monde. Alors quand la chimie opère, que vous êtes prêt à entendre tous ces autres, quelque chose de jouissif a lieu. 186 more words

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