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Chapter 6 - Not Only As Substance, But Also As Subject (Part 1)

YouTube video here: Not Only As Substance, But Also As Subject (Part 1)

Welcome to Lecture 12 of Slavoj Žižek’s Less Than Nothing.  After taking a break with the… 7,678 more words


Personsa - Lecture Five

User Personas

User personas are fictional users, based on targeted users – they represent the goals & behaviours certain users will have with interactive mediums. When designing an interactive, having multiple personas allows you to fine tune design & reworking certain elements to meet expectations of the user as they assist in guiding the designs. 272 more words

Lecture Notes

W.7 - User Interface Visual Design Patterns

This weeks lecture pod topic is ‘User Interface Visual Design Patterns’. This lecture pod covers not just the visual and ‘pretty’ side of things but also making all the right tools are there for the potential user of the site. 299 more words


W.6 - User Scenarios

This week’s lecture Pod is focusing on User Scenarios. So branching out from creating user personas and artifact personas and now putting it into action. So this can be a simple type up demonstration or more commonly highly visual situation. 290 more words


W.5 - Personas

This weeks topic for this lecture pod is user and artifact personas. These elements are sometimes under looked by some graphic designers, but the vast majority take care and detail when developing and creating them. 607 more words