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PAGENATION: Add Page Numbers to Documents in Word

If you’re creating a large document with several pages you might want to add page numbers to keep them in order. Today we show you how to add page numbers on your documents in Word 2007 & 2010. 222 more words


Formating References and Bibliography

If you need to write a research paper, chances are you’ll also be required to include a bibliography. Or you might be asked to include a… 533 more words


Table on Microsoft Word

>> Table

A table is a grid of cells arranged in rows and columns. Tables can be customized and are useful for various tasks such as presenting text information and numerical data. 1,535 more words


Multi Level List Numbered Headings

Creating and fixing multi-level numbered headings in Word might seem to be a bit tricky for the first time users. Nevertheless, if you know the correct procedure, this would cease to be a problem. 792 more words


The Human is Vegan: An Ethical Argument by Gary Yourofsky !


Once More We Salute Vegan Animal Liberation
Activist & Lecturer GARY YOUROFSKY
here @ yacatchme !!

In 50 years people will talk about
this man like we talk about… 29 more words

Update and Modify Style

Word’s large selection of styles and themes allows you to quickly improve the appearance of your document. Styles can give your document a more sophisticated look, while themes are a great way to change the tone of your entire document quickly and easily. 972 more words


Text Formatting

To create and design effective documents, you need to know how to format text. In addition to making your document more appealing, formatted text… 550 more words