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Week 7: App Interface Design (UI)

Launch screens

  • Launch screens are used to reinforce the branding of the app.
  • Also allows the app to load in the background.
  • Launch screens are not to be confused with the home screen, as you wouldn’t go back to the launch screen after getting into the app.
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Week 6: User Scenario

What is a User Scenario?

A scenario is a narrative describing foreseeable interactions of types of users and your product. Scenarios include information about a users goals, expectations, motivations, actions and reactions. 259 more words


Week 5: Personas

What are Personas and Artefact Personas?

User Personas

User personas are fictional users representative of a real user. User personas are a representation of the goals and behaviour of a hypothesised group of users. 440 more words


Week 4: Understand the Device

In order to really understand the smartphone you need to actually use the smartphone. Planning for an app on ios you should always practice using an iPhone and the same goes for android. 465 more words


Week 3: App Design Process

Article: What Everyone Should Know About The Process of Building an App


Both app designers and developers have been through a lot of trends while the look, functionality and the tools to develop apps have changed. 637 more words


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