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400 prsyar

400 Prsyar

400 prsyar w wallam

ئەگەر ئەتەوێ لەناو ئایفۆنەکەتدا سەیڤی بکیەیت: سەرەتا فایلەکانی سەرەوە بکەرەوە پاشان چاوەڕێ بکە تا

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دەرئەکەوێ پاشان کلیک لەسەر ئەوە بکەو دەچێتە ناو


و لەوێیوە دەتوانی سەیری بکەیت ….


The Roads from War to Reconstruction and Beyond, by Ed Ayers and Paul Levengood

This is an outstanding lecture and Q&A session by Professor Ed Ayers, held at the Virginia Historical Society. I can’t say enough good about this.


The mind boggling furniture of Abraham and David Roentgen

The works of Abraham (1711-1793) and his son David Roentgen (1743-1807) are a category in itself. Some of the most elaborate furniture ever made. Riddled with hidden features, drawers, mechanics and decorated with over the top marquetry. 316 more words


Tape 128. Talks by Chris Johnson and Arthur Brown

Tape 128

Not transcribed.

These talks were given on 6 May 1989, probably at a day school, possibly organised by the Essex Record Office.

Chris Johnson’s talk is about the 17th-century cloth industry in Essex, on which he wrote a PhD. 13 more words


Tape 129. Talk by Shani D'Cruze

Tape 129

Not transcribed.

This talk was given on 6 May 1989, probably at a day school, possibly organised by the Essex Record Office.

Shani D’Cruze’s talk is probably about 18th-century Colchester.



It is defined as retention of learned information and experiences.

It has four stages

  1. Registration of memory that includes proper perception and attention
  2. Integration and retention…
  3. 46 more words

A team of scientists says they've found a way to reverse menopauseMotherhood at any age?

​A new blood treatment developed by researchers in Greece reportedly has the power to reverse menopause, enabling post menopausal women to release eggs once again. 768 more words