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Make your decision for what is right not expedient, wash your mind of all compromise.

Stick to your guns. Stick to your principles. Understand your principles and apply them to every thing you are supposed to do in life. Use your chiropractic philosophy as a yardstick.

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NAVC Institute; Orlando, FL: May 20-25, 2018

Want to brush up your feline medicine skills? Join us for a 4-day, intensive Feline Medicine course to learn from expert instructors:


Conditions of Acceptability of Deeds by Allah

This topic is very important because it holds the prerequisites conditions to the acceptance of our worship by Allaah.
Praise be to Allah.
For acts of worship to be acceptable to Allah and for a person to be rewarded for them, there are two conditions which must be met: 👇👇👇 1,131 more words