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"Are Humans Born to Believe in God?" My talk at the Abrahamic Foundation

The video is available of the a talk I was invited to present at the Abrahamic Foundation event ‘Born to Believe?’, addressing the Atheist arguments that humans are not predisposed to believe in God or that God is a natural and rational for humans to conclude.


L: Lynn Catterson, From Florence to South Kensington to New York, 18 May, Florence

Lynn Catterson: From Florence to South Kensington to New York: J. Pierpont Morgan’s bronze doors

18 May 2016 – 18:00

In 1901 the New York financier William Salomon visited Florence in order to acquire art and decorative furnishings for his future mansion at 1020 Fifth Avenue. 60 more words


A Complete Literary Conference on YouTube!

Back in February, I was a panelist at Litlando, a new one-day literary conference here in Orlando.

The complete conference is now on YouTube.

I sat on the Weird Fiction panel, naturally. 21 more words

Creative Writing

Download the video recording of Lecture 8 of Emerging Technologies

MCS and MIT 3 students can download the video recording of the lecture 8 of Emerging Technologies delivered by Sir Waqas Asghar on April 29, 2016.



The Confederate Debate About Arming the Slaves

Here’s historian John Coski, then of the Museum of the Confederacy and now of the American Civil War Museum, giving an excellent presentation on the confederate proposal to arm slaves. 107 more words


A new model for the origin of life

A new model for the origin of life – Bruce Damer and Dave Deamer (SETITalks)

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