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Would You Get a Beer With Voldemort? A Recap of Neal Tognazzini's Lecture

Earlier this semester, Western Washington University philosophy professor Neal Tognazzini gave the talk, “Silence and Salience: The Ethics of Being Judgmental.” In an article Anneli Fogt published about the lecture, Fogt recalls: 116 more words

Final #TerraNostra ("our Earth") exhibition talk @wexfordcoco 6pm 26/April - Prof Declan Long

The final of our series of talks in conjunction with the Terra Nostra Exhibition takes place as follows:

Date: Thursday, 26th April

Time: 6.00pm…

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Emma Geen's Speculative Fiction Lecture

What I Learned from Emma Geen’s Lecture on Speculative Fiction

Before going to Emma Geen’s lecture I had no clue as to what speculative fiction was, yet, after learning what it is, I realised that most people actually already know it. 570 more words

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Ira Lightman was weird... but Great

For the people who were there, Ira Lightman was a pure joy to watch. His entire lecture was full of energy and his jokes never seemed to miss a beat. 437 more words

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Lucy Christophers Plenary Lecture: Starting With a Place

During this lecture, Lucy asked one vital question this being: Does anyone begin a piece of writing with a setting? At which point I thought, how conventional. 435 more words

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Joanna Nadine: One of the best moments in our course

I can’t say I’m the fondest of travelling to university for the lectures, especially the Wednesday ones. I went to a few at the start of the year, and my attendance has gradually trickled down into a very low percentage. 451 more words

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Nikesh Shukla on diversity

Another person writing another review of Nikesh Shukla’s Wednesday lecture! Bet you’re excited for this. I’m adding to the pool because, like many other students, there were some topical issues brought up that were worth having a write about. 906 more words

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