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Mercredis Culturels / Wednesday Morning Lectures 2015-2016

For the last few years I have been organizing for the National Gallery of Canada a series of French language lectures given on Wednesdays. The topics have been varied but are focused on the Arts, Culture and artists. 168 more words

U3A News - Proposed Summer School

Proposed Summer School at Brackenhurst Campus of Nottingham Trent University, near Southwell in 2016.

We have been contacted by Jane Pavier, Secretary, Association of East Midlands U3As who writes: 1,303 more words

East Midlands U3A

Tenir son bout

De nos jours, tout le monde a droit de parole. Les réseaux sociaux, le personnel de la santé, des pseudo spécialistes, de vrais spécialistes, notre famille, nos amis. 1,010 more words


Chapter 4 Stuff

Here is a copy of the slides for some of chapter 4 on the flow of blood and other types of fluids, chap4-1 .


Talk - Taiwan Curator Lu Pei-Yi - Asia Art Archive, 3-5pm, 4 Sept 2015

《台灣當代藝術策展二十年》針對九○年以來台灣當代藝術策展進行研究與書寫實踐。「台灣」在此不僅是一地理區域,更多是關於人以及由人所構築的精神;「當 代策展」將「當代」理解為「時間的同志」,在此共享的時間、共棲的時刻、相伴的狀態下,從對物件(藝術作品)的保存維護,轉變為對具有當下時間之靈魂(藝 術家、觀眾等)的照料。

本書內容包括四篇專文討論台灣當代策展歷程、議題與困境;五篇策展前線人物的訪談;以及十篇文章書寫台灣策展二十年來里程碑展覽與其衍生的策展議題,並收 錄一百檔重要展覽的年表。透過回溯、整理、記錄、討論、書寫,為渾沌、未定案、現在進行中的台灣當代藝術策展勾勒出大致的風貌,見證其百花齊放的實驗性能 量,並期待可以提供一種全球化時代下在地的問題意識、觀察與議題處理的方法。

Contemporary Art Curating In Taiwan 1992-2012 is a research and documentation of curatorial studies of contemporary art in Taiwan since the 90s. 136 more words


Getting Settled in

A big bonjour to all my blog friends! Yesterday was my first day at Glendon and already I’m starting to feel more at home. I had a 6:15am flight from Thunder Bay to Pearson, and my aunt and uncle (known to me as Zia and Zio, or plural as ZI…some Italian lessons for you!) picked me up at the airport and we went straight to Glendon! 348 more words


Little Heavens create huge hells

Little Heavens create Huge Hells

UGH. Literally, that has become my emotion. Ever since the start of second semester, my patience and tolerance levels have been extremely low, despite the fact that Ramadhaan ended like a month or two ago. 342 more words