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Why the Challenger Exploded

Why Challenger Exploded

In January, 1986, the solid booster rockets that were to launch NASA’s space shuttle Challenger into orbit suffered a catastrophic failure 73 seconds into the launch. 725 more words


Week 7 App UI Patterns - Launch, Tray and List

This week’s lecture pod discusses the three app UI patterns that are incorporated within through various devices such as a mobile and an iPad, which are the launch, tray and list. 271 more words


Preparing to Start University? - First Year Uni REAL Opinion

For me, a student who commutes to University every morning, you could say my life is a lot different to your ‘stereotypical’ University student. It’s difficult to have a great social, party-like lifestyle in your first year, given you don’t live in halls. 590 more words


Conversation on the NT: Canonicity and Reliability, Part 3

Wednesday, October 24th, 7:30pm, ECC Room 18.

Dr. Steven Lulich will lead part three of our conversation on the New Testament and the formation of the canon. 59 more words


The Madness of Masculinity

For those who want a reminder about the discussion of ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ and ‘Dead as they Come’, this presentation may prove useful. In the lecture and the close reading session, we were able to consider different ways to read the two stories, exploring some of the ideas of French feminism, as well as looking at the constructed or performative nature of femininity and masculinity. 70 more words


Lecture 9 - Art Made of Data

  • Data can be presented through various mediums.
  • Sculpture and music make weather data not only visible, but also tactile and audible
  • With the advancements of technology, data visualisation has an ever-growing potential.
  • 8 more words

Lecture 8 - David McCandless: The beauty of data visualisation

“Data is the new Soil”
David McCandless describes data as the “new soil” since it’s a fertile medium that nurtures flowers of understanding. He creates aesthetically pleasing infographics that use shapes and colors to show patterns and connections in data, such as a 3D timeline called “Mountains Out of Molehills” that shows how non-issues (such as the Y2K bug) receive excessive coverage in the media during periods when there is no major news. 46 more words