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How Wavelengths Affect Plant Growth

      Below 390nm we find UV which is harmful to plants at close distances. The peak for chlorophyll absorption falls within 390nm to 510nm- promoting strong, compact vegetative growth.   190 more words


Using Diffusers with LED Grow Lighting

It’s true that an LED grow light doesn’t emit heat so you wouldn’t burn your plants if you placed an array directly on top of the plant canopy.  208 more words

Led Grow Lights

Science is slowing LED's progressive rate of market adoption!

LED’s have a tremendous foothold now in many different industries where lighting is essential, like bulbs for retrofit lighting, product manufactures that have light in their products, automobiles and trailers, street signs. 354 more words

Growing With LEDs


So do you think LGG is better or worse for the economy?  The way the company is currently being set up, I believe that it will be extraordinary for the economy in many ways. 172 more words

Growing With LEDs

LED to be or not to be that is the question?

LED lighting for growing plants, can it be true.  YES it can, NASA has been doing it for over 7 years in hopes to be able to grow vegetables in outer space using solar energy.   240 more words

Growing With LEDs

LED growing technology is complicate to explain

Rene Geerts
This led growing technology is way to complicated to explain in a discussion environment.
Even if I write a complete book about this technology, it still would not cover all questions. 419 more words

Growing With LEDs