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No, really, for once I’m not exagerating:

That’s a NDB6060L (48Amps continuous, 60V FET) mounted on an aluminium clad board, with thermal grease to that big-as-dick heatsink. 62 more words

Art, Arduino, Sound Sensors, LEDs, and Star Wars!

Regular drawing and painting just didn’t seem to fit the bill of a creative outlet for me, so I decided to design my own mix of art, Arduino, LEDs, sound sensors and star wars all sprinkled with a little computer code.   423 more words


Are LEDs OK?

I’d be getting rich by now if I had a penny for every time someone says: “Hey don’t worry, CFLs are on their way out anyway…technology’s moving on: LEDs are the future!” … 960 more words

Evrythng partners with Gooee in LED internet of things push

The internet-of-things identity management outfit Evrythng, which partnered up with Samsung not long ago, has struck another strategic partnership deal – this time with a new LED lighting player called… 264 more words

Eco-licious house conversions [traditional]

The previous article “Does Saving the Environment Save Money?” details DAV’s current action with World organization.  Painting a picture of eco-conversions of a house can result in, the previous article proves as a good overview. 367 more words


El poder de la comunicación visual

¿Una imagen vale más que mil palabras?

En un mundo cada vez más moldado por los avances tecnológicos, la tendencia a la adhesión es creciente, bien como la adopción o la modificación de las estrategias de comunicación efectivas. 499 more words


O poder da comunicação visual

Será que uma imagem vale mais do que mil palavras?

Num mundo cada vez mais massificado e moldado pelas evoluções tecnológicas, a tendência à adesão é crescente, tal como a adoção ou o aperfeiçoamento de estratégias de comunicação eficazes. 503 more words