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Documentation of HopDuff @ Absolut Nights Toronto

Absolut Nights Toronto was a fantastic night! We had our Sound Reactive LED tiles and projections pumping to the tunes with good people, good vibes, and great drinks! 106 more words


Quantum Dots: Enhancing Light-to-Current Conversion: Better Semiconductors, Solar Cells and Photdetectors

Single nanocrystal spectroscopy identifies the interaction between zero-dimensional CdSe/ZnS nano crystals (quantum dots) and two-dimensional layered tin disulfide as a non-radiative energy transfer, whose strength increases with increasing … 676 more words


Your Lights Will Soon Be 60 Percent Brighter Thanks To Fireflies

Nature solves problems either with clever trickery or by brute force. If an animal needs to evolve to fill a niche, then it will evolve into that niche if it wants to survive. 222 more words


This Wearable LED Screen Is Mind-Blowing

Science fiction has filled all of our collective heads with dreams of what the future might be, while also being able to sometimes predict what technology will look like in the future. 203 more words



This piece was done in the midst of working on a mix for a friend, and was rather quick and dirty. The main idea was to stick with an RGB color scheme, which didn’t work out 100%. 100 more words


Absolut Nights Toronto

Hopkins Duffield is lighting up Absolut Nights!

From Facebook Event:

In a city of trendsetters where fashion, art and culture are the norm, some artists go above the ordinary in the name of creativity. 143 more words


Did You Know?

Did you know that the new LED lamps can be dimmed and make excellent replacements for incandescent and halogen lamps? You can save energy and increase light output! 47 more words

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