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LEDs-an Eye Destroyer

Recently, I had a floater in my eye and was seeing flashes of light. My ophthalmologist said it was just old age.  I asked when it would heal, and he said that it would not. 1,077 more words


Simply control LED Lights with an Arduino

Hey, whats up! here is a short video where I demonstrate different ways you can manipulate LED lights with Arduinos. Just knowing these simple lines can make some really cool looking cosplays. 38 more words


BlueTooth Controlled LED via Arduino Board for cosplay Ideas

Hey guys I just want to demonstrate the possibility of using Bluetooth to control LEDs for future cosplays. Check out the youtube video below and shoot me questions at pandariot779@gmail.com… 219 more words


Vertical Farming: Can Sunlight Be Sustainably Replaced?

by Natalie Knops

An emerging trend in agriculture, vertical farming, has been developing across the United States. Vertical farms, a new form of green urban architecture, are controlled, indoor environments that regulate lighting, nutrients and weather. 400 more words


How LEDs can save energy and money

By Stuart Graham

Most people have a poor perception of energy saving “light bulbs” (more accurately known as lamps) due to cheap compact fluorescent lamps, which provided poor light quality and sometimes took several minutes to achieve full output. 632 more words

Lighting Design

SMD LEDs Tests

Today I tested a number of SMD LEDs for the plant watering sensor project. I soldered all 13 LEDs I shortlisted onto a small board and connected it to an Arduino Zero Pro. 330 more words


In Class Work: Home-made Button

We made a button in class today using wires, craft foam, tin foil and packing tape! This is pretty neat, I am looking forward to experimenting with other sensors and things I can jury-rig.