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Li Yi Feng, Rainie Yang and Fan Bingbing... Who are they dating?

So, a lot of dating news/rumors came up recently so I thought it would be a great idea to round it all up! So Let’s start now! 446 more words


Happy Birthday, Da Hae! <3

Hello, how are you??? Today is Da Hae’s birthday! :D Yesterday she posted selcas of gifts she received from her fan club, Emerald. I hope that today she is having/had a great time with her family or friends or the people she loves (that we hope is who we think it is, hehe).  129 more words

Lee Da Hae

Happy Birthday To Lee Da-hae

It has been the 19th of April in Korea hours ago but I waited till it is officially the 19th in my time as well to publish this post :) hopefully our girl is now spending her birthday with her family and loved ones, eating her favorite cherry and strawberry cake and enjoying her day to the fullest <3… 451 more words

Lee Da-hae

Da Hae gets early birthday gifts

에메랄드.. 너무 감사해요 행복한 생일 보낼게요 사랑합니다..^^

Translation by me: Emerald… Many thanks for sending me birthday wishes, I love you.. ^^

And finally the day came! 121 more words

Lee Da Hae

Lee Da-hae Receives Birthday Gifts from her Korean Fan Club "Emerald"

에메랄드.. 너무 감사해요 행복한 생일 보낼게요 사랑합니다..^^ pic.twitter.com/F1oOefTrGl

— 이다해 lee da hae (@cherry4eva84) April 18, 2015

Here comes this precious time of the year again :) it is the time to celebrate our precious girl’s birthday and our girl is already in celebration mode one day ahead of the big day with her receiving birthday cake and gifts from her Korean Fan Club…

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Lee Da-hae and her V Sign Trademark

Another cute update from Lee Da-hae on her Weibo today and yes it is still a mystery how she always manage to be this cute even with a mask on and with the addition of the other Cherry in the pictures, you can’t help but giggle seeing those pictures <3… 78 more words

Lee Da-hae

Da Hae strolling with her dog in the park

Translation by @nocturne9 on soompi: Great weather today.  I am strolling with Cherry and had fallen asleep.  After realizing someone was taking pictures, I pretended to be sleeping and v signed automatically.  

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Lee Da Hae