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A dear friend of mine is studying to be a teacher in the Commonwealth of Virginia and is currently taking a class on the globalized citizen.  414 more words

Fact Or Fiction

HTWW: Bogus McDonald's Study Reported By HuffPo #tgdn #tcot

Does it surprise you that HuffPo would publish something without checking it? Did you think HuffPo was a real news organization? LOL.

Lies & Liars

Fannie, Freddie On the Skid

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, two mammoth, federal-backed entities subsidizing home mortgages, could be on the way out. Lee Doren discusses this possibility and advocates shutting down Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to prevent another recession like the 2008 economic collapse tied to delinquent mortgages.


HTWW - Taxing Calories?!?! #TGDN #tcot

Lee is right: That study was commissioned by someone who thought it would be a good idea and since traditional, rock-solid economic history and theories would shred this idea; they needed manufactured “facts” to support it.

State Department Spent $630000 on Facebook Likes #TGDN #tcot

To the U.S. Dept of State: You spent $630,000 in order to get more Facebook “Likes”? They should dismantle your department for that. If you de-organized and sold all of your assets and gave those proceeds to the Treasury Dept, THEN…and ONLY THEN…would I “Like” you. 23 more words

Lies & Liars

State Dept Buys Facebook Likes

At a time when the government is pleading austerity, the State Department spent $630,000 to buy Facebook “Likes.” Lee Doren expounds on the waste in his latest How the World Works video.

Bureaucrats Run Amok

HTWW - Student Arrested For NRA TShirt #TGDN #tcot @LDoren

Lee Doren’s videos are short and to-the-point and contain great information for you to take and fight the forces of evil with. B$

Things That May Cause Another Civil War