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Assignment 4 - Preparation

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Write an essay of 1,000 words on an image of your choice. The image can be anything you like, from a famous art photograph to a family snapshot, but please make sure that your chosen image has scope for you to make a rigorous and critical analysis. 1,243 more words

Roland Barthes

on 'decisive' moments

 “…a mysterious intersection of chance and attention that goes well beyond the existential surrealism of the ‘decisive moment’.”

Lee Friedlander

On Photography

Ode to the one-liner

What’s to say of the visual one-liner? Not a lot…it says it all all by itself. That’s the pure beauty of the beast. Nuff said. Here are three of the best by three photographic legends, Elliott Erwitt, Lee Friedlander and Daido Moriyama. 10 more words

Black And White

Presentation on Jean Christian Bourcat

Although I do like Bourcat’s project, it was quite small resulting in a short presentation, I could have looked at different types of reflective photography and compared it to his, such as people like Lee Friedland who used a prime lens to photograph people through reflections resulting in close-up images / self-portraits in the past. 28 more words

Lee Friedlander

I really like Friedlander’s photography although his reflection images superimpose each other as he does self-portraits including reflections. I also like how he captures different people in different ways, however still using the reflections to capture a different dynamic of street photography. 80 more words


The Photos on the top row have been taken by myself and the photos on the bottom row have been taken by Lee Friedlander. Now lots of my juxtapositions have been about the composition to the photographers photos and the way they’ve been taken but not actually how they look with my photos. 60 more words


After doing some research into Lyndon Hayes, i looked at the Artists he was most inspired by coming across this American Photographer called Lee Friedlander. I Liked the project on Photographing himself and i can see this element of him eating food, Documenting memorable moments of his life like his operation fitting into the W.U.C project. 78 more words