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We photographers don’t really make anything: we peck at the world and try to find something curious or wild or beautiful that might fit into what the medium of photography can hold.

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Classic Photo #3

New York, 1963, Lee Friedlander

It’s New York, 1963, and Lee Friedlander has found a temporal rift in the fabric of the everyday. As he does. 486 more words


JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 07.15.17

Last week I said I was under the weather. I was, some low-level stomach virus that, while it didn’t lay me up, make the week uncomfortable. 151 more words

Visual Week In Review


When Pablo Picasso painted Guernica, he knew he was making a monument. When Milton wrote Paradise Lost, he knew he was writing for the ages. When Bergman filmed Seventh Seal, he knew he was saying something important and not merely entertaining us with a cool story. 1,446 more words

Preview: Lee Friedlander & Giancarlo T. Roma, Live from the NYPL: Passion Projects, NY, NY

Lee Friedlander, one of the United States’ most respected modern photographers, hasn’t spoken in a public forum in decades. That changes next Tuesday, on June 20th. 118 more words


My Lost Navel

She tried to transform each personality trait into a character quirk; an ode to quiet perception and the calming craft of verse. But they read, always, as a list of banalities, drooping like an abandoned to-do list or a broken fingernail. 46 more words

Creative Writing

Sunday, May 21st

old school

Robert Blair & The Fantastic Violinaires, “Where He Leads Me,” live, North Carolina (Wilson), 1988



art beat

Lee Friedlander (1934-), Washington, D.C., May 17, 1957* 17 more words

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