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Thomas Schwarz

My ER expertise was erased, my bravado smothered by my pounding heart. I couldn’t evade a patient’s pain or panic anymore. I now, knew those feelings first-hand, and until I acknowledged them without immature judgement or callous dismissal, I couldn’t be truly helpful. 25 more words


Lori Mulvihill

Loving them is not always enough. If it were, it would be easy. Instead, it’s messy. Life starts that way and continues that way. It doesn’t proceed according to an obvious or understandable trajectory. 34 more words


Action plan. Writing about health care.

For today can I just write a blog about writing a blog? Of course I can. I’m the boss of me. Except that I started writing another piece today, one I realize could be considered controversial and should only see the light of day under deep pseudonym in the AARP magazine backpages–so I feel less the mistress of my own freedom than any thinly veiled braggadocio might suggest. 584 more words

A Funny Story from Downunder

Off The Rails

Nerves sometimes get the better of me. Charlie, the Assistant Scout Leader, and I had planned an exciting night-time tracking game for my Scout Troop. 1,428 more words


Faster Isn't Always Better in Yoga, Writing, Life

In my never-ending quest to find good yoga classes in my area, I recently purchased a Groupon for a new studio in Bethesda. The website was a tad confusing, probably because the owner (and sole teacher), a Chinese woman named Jin, has a less-than-perfect grasp of both English and website technology. 857 more words

Eva Langston

Our voices as our stories become hidden in the steady babble of the information age.
– Lee Gutkind

Gutkind, L., & Buck, H. F. (2008). Keep it real: Everything you need to know about researching and writing creative nonfiction. New York: W.W. Norton.


Getting Creative with the Truth: What is Creative Non-Fiction?

Creative non-fiction is everywhere today and hugely popular with modern readers, writers, and publishers. Memoirs, personal essays, travel-writing, and feature articles all fall under the category. 705 more words

Creative Nonfiction