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Rescuing Lee Harvey Oswald

Like many people, I used to be sceptical of the Warren Commission finding that Lee Harvey Oswald was nothing more than a misfit loner, who shot JFK.   943 more words

Rescuing Fiction

Libra: Don DeLillo

Libra is a fictional reconstruction of events leading up to and after the deaths of John F. Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald, the man alleged to have assassinated him. 1,679 more words

Book Reviews

The Sixth Floor Museum

We exited the elevator, and pushed a button on the audioguides. The audio-tour had begun. Over the course of several hours, our audioguides talked about John F. 362 more words


The Assassination of JFK

“Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen you’ll excuse the fact that I’m out of breath but about ten or fifteen minutes ago a tragic thing, from all indications at this point had happened in the city of Dallas and we quote to you this, and you’ll excuse me if I’m out of breath. 490 more words

For Moore's Eyes Only

Two years before the general public saw the Zapruder film, a covert operative is secreted through the back entrance of the New Orleans District Attorney’s office in a nondescript sedan. 361 more words

What Could a Mysterious U.S. Spy Know About the JFK Assassination?

John F. Kennedy buffs are awaiting the release of documents about June Cobb, a little-known CIA operative working in Cuba and Mexico around the time of the president’s assassination. 453 more words

A brief note on Stephen King’s 11.22.63

Far from a doting Stephen King fan, I actually marked down the last King novel I read (Revival). But this 11.22.63 was as close to perfect story-telling as you will get. 371 more words