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On Being a Stranger in a Strange Land [File#4]

I continued my Christmas wish list to Santa. “And if I can’t have the Zapruder copy I’m asking for then I want to go to Dallas and stand in Dealey Plaza looking up at the sixth floor window of the Texas Book Depository, that is if the building isn’t torn down soon to cover the tracks of the assassins.”  Santa realized now that this bus ride was quickly going nowhere that he really wanted to be. 941 more words


The last JFK murder mystery: where is the grassy knoll film?

Orville Nix’s original footage of John F Kennedy’s assassination – filmed facing the grassy knoll – was last seen in 1978, before going missing. Now his granddaughter is suing the US government for its return. 182 more words

Woman suing U.S. government for return of JFK assassination footage shot by her grandfather

On Nov. 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was killed in Dallas by Lee Harvey Oswald, who acted alone.

Or so they say.

In the 52 years since Kennedy’s assassination, conspiracy theories questioning whether Oswald was the only gunman in Dealey Plaza on that fateful day have persisted despite the conclusion of the Warren Commission; despite a lauded 1,600-page examination of all available facts by the well-known prosecutor of Charles Manson; and despite the lack of any clear and convincing evidence of the contrary. 1,159 more words


Kennedy, Russia and Irrational Actions


What’s the second fastest way to piss people off? Mention that you think that you believe that Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone. The whole Kennedy thing is a great example of both Inductive Reasoning and the Cognitive Bias. 54 more words


The assassination of President Kennedy--Conclusion

I have two reasons to doubt that President John F. Kennedy was killed in Dallas as the result of a conspiracy. The first reason is the nature of conspiracies in general, and the second reason is the nature of Lee Harvey Oswald. 1,320 more words

American Politics

this day in crime history: november 24, 1963

On this date in 1963, Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby shot and killed presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald at Dallas Police headquarters. Ruby was arrested on the spot (one of the hazards of committing a crime at police headquarters). 101 more words

True Crime

Where were you when Kennedy was shot?

By Tom Quiner

It was cold and wet outside.

I was excited about the imminent Thanksgiving holiday. But first, one more day of school.

I was in fifth grade at Perkins Elementary School in an era when kids still went home for lunch. 403 more words