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June 28th, 1914: The Day the World Changed, World War I & Our Unfolding Future – Part III

British troops rush to make an advance from their trenches on the Western Front. (historyboomers.blogspot.com)

A stretcher patrol of British soldiers struggle to move forward in the knee deep mud of the trenches. 2,537 more words

Brad Kronen

Spoiler alert: Could that scene — you know the one — from last week's Game of Thrones actually happen?

As Game of Thrones often operates, it’s the penultimate episode that delivers the biggest gut punch and bloodiest battle (think Hardhome and Blackwater). And this past weekend’s “Battle of the Bastards” may have outranked all previous skirmishes, with Ramsay Bolton finally coming to a skin-tearing end, but not before he fatally wounds Rickon Stark with an arrow. 398 more words


Irving Museum Has Lee Harvey Oswald Connection

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A small south Irving home earns an important role in history…with ties to the Kennedy Assassination.

It’s now called the Ruth Paine House Museum. 36 more words



As a nation, whenever we are forced to endure the painful aftermath  brought on by those who use murder as a means of expressing their extreme distaste for society, there seems to be that innate need to make some sense of the senseless– or to apply reason to the unreasonable. 415 more words


From Zimmerman to Lewinsky, a Look at Where Our Criminal Artifacts Are Now

The gun George Zimmerman used to kill Trayvon Martin in 2012 sold for over $120,000, and although it makes legal sense, there’s still something odd about the fact that the deadly firearm was returned to its owner to reap a handsome profit. 1,208 more words

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What do most “lone gunman” assassins have in common?

Like many of you, I went through an intense JFK assassination conspiracy phase. I’m glad I did as it helped normalize, for me, the reflexive questioning of “official” stories. 256 more words

THE DALLAS ACTION PT.86~May 15, 2016:"Army Intelligence And The D.P.D."


THIS WEEK…Common Sense tells us that in order for the Operation to kill JFK to have succeeded, the Plotters almost certainly would’ve needed someone inside the Dallas Police Department. 39 more words