January 2016 Favourites

Here are some favourites that helped relieve some stress and anxiety this month.

1. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee hosted by Jerry Seinfeld

Even though I did not watch Seinfeld growing up, I did always here about the show and how it was a breakthrough comedy TV show. 472 more words


Duck Quacks Don't Echo - VT Junior Researcher (Magnum Media)

Duck Quacks Don’t Echo – Sky One (Series 3 and 4)

Role included assisting the production of 28 VT’s by: developing and presenting ideas for VT and studio scientific stunts, studies and experiments; casting appropriate contributors; independently setting up VT’s; liaising with and booking scientific experts; sourcing locations and props; releasing on both hidden and open camera shoots and assisting the studio team in any way possible.

April – July 2015 


Perfume, puffery & a Zynga Guide to the future of Fragrance Ads.

Where did she come from? where am I going?

Life is a journey

Seize it

Outside is just inside…out

Peace is Love. Love is war. War is Peace.  1,539 more words

QI Watchdown: G5 (Groovy), or The Bloke in the Attic

Figure I can squeeze in a QI tonight, because this is one I’ve been waiting to get to for a while now. Not only is this the Christmas show (okay, fine Noddy, “IIIITTT’S CHRIIIISTMAAAAASSS!”), and not only does this show mark a return for Bill Bailey, and a debut for a very funny fellow who’ll be making a few appearances down the line, but this is also a Guest Appearance for somebody huge that I’ve been waiting a little while for, and that is David Freaking Tennant, best known as the Tenth Doctor. 1,133 more words

QI Watchdown

The Best Comedian Autobiographies part 2

Last week we discussed some of the best autobiographies written by comedians that you should buy or loan from the library to start reading. There are so many more good reads out there here are 4 more books to add to your reading list. 405 more words