A few of my favourite things

I find British television to be devoid of life. I cannot quite explain it. It is as if someone put a turkey baster in the screen and just sucked out all the life. 624 more words

Uninformed As I Am - the Jo Caulfield interview

Jo Caulfield is having a bit of a domestic crisis, and is pleased to be distracted by her gentleman caller.

Let’s not panic though. These are First World problems. 2,969 more words

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Planet of the Baboons: funniest Twootface responses

With a release date of October 2015, the filming for Sir Ridley Scott’s Planet of the Baboons must be close to the post-production stage. But since the film’s star, Katy Wix, scratched her finger on a baboon’s tooth the details about the film have been kept top secret – to the point where hardly anyone’s talking about it. 83 more words

Fake News

Ep. Three - Jobs

After a long day at work, Lucy is glad to finally arrive back at her flat, eager to unwind in a relaxing warm bath soaking up the Tuscany fragrant fig oil while being surrounded by mellow glowing candles and indulging in a fruity Merlot. 2,557 more words


Ep. Two Puppy

‘I want to get a puppy,’ Lucy states suddenly while lying in bed, her book abandoned on her lap.

Lee’s “book” lowers too as he gazes at her. 2,767 more words


Not Going Out Series Eight – My Take

The end of Series Seven of Not Going Out has inspired me to create a possible Series Eight. I have to admit, it is a means to control my sadness over the loss of this superb sit-com, now that it’s come to an end. 170 more words

Bbc One

Would I Lie To You? Did Kevin Bridges accidentally buy a horse?

Undoubtedly one of the best clips from ‘Would I Lie To You?’ Enjoy.