Mad Skills Ain't Crazy

Everyone develops skill sets. We learn; we practice, and even after we’ve mastered a particular skill, we exercise to keep ourselves sharp.

If I don’t practice one day, I know it; two days, the critics know it; three days, the public knows it.

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Line(s) of the Day #NotGoingOut

Lucy: Why do you never pay me compliments?
Lee: I do.
Lucy : When?
Lee: Last night. I thought you looked very nice. 91 more words

Alex Raphael

Lee Mack

Someone else who makes me laugh.

Hope you enjoyed it.  If so why not share e delight.


An Open Letter To David Mitchell (and Lee Mack & Rob Brydon)


Hi David (do friends call you Dave?), I obviously don’t know you but this seems like the kind of thing you wouldn’t be comfortable with at all and frankly, neither am I. 1,307 more words

Me Myself And I

The Importance of Adele

I recently watched an episode of Comic’s Choice, a very short-lived series from 2011 hosted by Bill Bailey, one of my favourite comedians of all time. 324 more words


January 2016 Favourites

Here are some favourites that helped relieve some stress and anxiety this month.

1. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee hosted by Jerry Seinfeld

Even though I did not watch Seinfeld growing up, I did always here about the show and how it was a breakthrough comedy TV show. 472 more words


Duck Quacks Don't Echo - VT Junior Researcher (Magnum Media)

Duck Quacks Don’t Echo – Sky One (Series 3 and 4)

Role included assisting the production of 28 VT’s by: developing and presenting ideas for VT and studio scientific stunts, studies and experiments; casting appropriate contributors; independently setting up VT’s; liaising with and booking scientific experts; sourcing locations and props; releasing on both hidden and open camera shoots and assisting the studio team in any way possible.

April – July 2015