Not Going Out end date, cast and will there be a tenth series?

BBC One sitcom Not Going Out is proving as popular as ever as its ninth series continues.

The show’s been with us since 2006, and is still going strong despite almost meeting a premature end in 2009 when the BBC cancelled it – only to reverse the decision in the wake of viewer demand. 623 more words


In a culture that exalts achievements, we need to recognise the hidden power of not-doing.

Reading an article by comedian Lee Mack this afternoon, about his writing methods, proved to be a revelation to me. It wasn’t his habit of retreating to his shed each day, in order to pen his BBC sitcom that surprised me, it was his attitude to alcohol. 729 more words


QI Watchdown: I11 (Infantile), or 'Laugh and Lie Down'

One of the many episodes this series where we have two final appearances of occasional panelists in one show. Tonight is the last time we’ll be seeing Dave “the bearded Starsky and Hutch fan” Gorman, and Lee “CEILING!” Mack on QI. 965 more words

QI Watchdown

QI Watchdown: I1 (I-Spy)

It’s been a while since I’ve done a QI episode, so I might as well FINALLY get onto Series I, which has been described as the ‘last of the Golden Age’. 1,724 more words

QI Watchdown

The Miser - review

Review of MoliĆ©re’s The Miser in a free adaptation by Sean Foley & Phil Porter. With Griff Rhys-Jones, Lee Mack, Matthew Horne and Ryan Gage. Hugely entertaining.

Sean Foley