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In the Chronicle of Higher Education, Lee McIntyre argues that the West is at an intellectual crossroads, where unprecedented numbers of people and opinion leaders reject empirical truth when deciding on matters of policy and law. 135 more words


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Humans have always held some wrongheaded beliefs that were later subject to correction by reason and evidence. But we have reached a watershed moment, when the enterprise of basing our beliefs on fact rather than intuition is truly in peril. 129 more words


Internet Automation Plan Review - Lee McIntyre - Kim Roach

Internet Automation Plan. Internet Automation Plan Review – Lee McIntyre – Kim Roach. (Here’s an article about Lee McIntyre’s Internet Automation Plan that does NOT contain an affiliate link!) 280 more words

Philosophy matters (for critical thinking)

A new article in the Chronicle of Higher Education on the decline of philosophy in the academy stresses again (see my previous post) the importance of philosophy in providing critical thinking education.  486 more words

Informal Logic

Instant Internet Lifestyle Bonus & Review - Lee McIntyre

Instant Internet Lifestyle review – are you looking for this? If yes, you’ve come to the right place, because in this review I will give a honest review and also, you will be able to get a bonus. 540 more words

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