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Casualty: Not just a patient

(Series 30, ep. 22) After the shift he just had, Ethan is possibly wishing he’d gone through with his resignation. He could have been sunning himself on a beach in Australia – though I expect “sunning himself,” for Ethan, would mean crouching under a beach blanket trying to keep a grip on some learned volume of medical lore with hands slippery with Factor 50. 414 more words


Casualty: Cal withstands Charlie’s stare for two episodes

(Series 30, ep. 17 & 18) The last time I dipped my toe into a Casualty review, Cal had just discovered his birth mother has Huntington’s and there’s a 50/50 chance that either he, Ethan or both might have inherited it. 382 more words


Theatre Review: Aladdin at Birmingham Hippodrome

Theatre review by Ryan and Viv Parish aka Brummie Gourmand 

Though the weather outside was frightful, the panto was quite delightful.

Birmingham Hippodrome is well known for putting on the greatest show every Christmas, this year’s Aladdin promised to be one of the best yet. 643 more words


Casualty: Secret Santa

(Series 30, ep. 16) The bottom has already fallen out of Cal’s world, but the hole just gets deeper and deeper. This week Charlie discovered – by secret means known only to Charlie – the name and address of Cal’s birth mother. 382 more words


Bye-bye, 2015

And so another busy year of theatre-going draws to a close.  I’ve seen a lot of shows, most of which have been excellent and so I’m preparing an end-of-year review that I’ll post between Christmas and New Year. 130 more words


Casualty: Get that hunk out of my ED!

(Series 30, ep. 15) Jacob Masters. He sounds like a superhero, doesn’t he? And there he is, 6’1” (I looked him up on IMDb) of solid muscle, lovely teeth and a winning way with a bandage. 446 more words


Casualty: Cal’s left holding the baby

(Series 30, ep.8) If you hadn’t seen the red button episode last week you might have been a bit bewildered to see Cal and Ethan now living with a very tiny baby. 369 more words