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Casualty: Tess leaves, world just about carries on turning

(Series 29, ep.44) This episode was the exit of beloved senior nurse Tess Bateman, a woman who has endured much during her time in Casualty, including being impaled on a spike for a whole episode and an affair with Fletch – two experiences that are in no way comparable. 405 more words


Casualty: Respected, not liked

(Series 29 ep.35) In the world of Holby/Casualty, if you’re an unpopular person trying to be liked, you bring cupcakes for the team. If you’re a serious try-hard (Sahira Shah, Lilah Birdwood) you bake them yourself. 359 more words


Casualty: End of a short stretch

(Series 29, ep.31) Free the Holby One! Who’s going to join me in my campaign to get Connie out of prison? I’ve got the placards, I’ve prepared the online petition… 273 more words


Casualty: The model professional

(Series 29, ep.30) Say what you like about Connie Beauchamp, but she looks fabulous even in a mug shot.

Connie spent the episode in a police station, being grilled by a detective who fancied himself as the next Cracker. 266 more words


Casualty: In loving memory

(Series 29, ep.22) In this episode, we received an explanation about why Connie is currently an ED doctor rather than a CT surgeon. It took a lot of coaxing by Charlie to get her to part with the information, but nobody can withstand a Charlie coax for long. 387 more words


Casualty: The Robin Hood of Holby

(Series 29, ep.20) Holby A&E was being inspected by a team of inspectors, including Dr Dylan Keogh. Despite having previously worked at the department and living on a boat with one of the staff, he is actually a robot so can be relied upon to be objective. 500 more words


Casualty: Come dine with Big Mac

(Series 29, ep.19) Big Mac, Noel, Honey and Louise have a Come Dine With Me type cooking thing going. They take turns to impress each other with the amazingness of their cuisine (while the others rummage in their knicker drawer and bicker, if it’s anything like the real CDWM). 408 more words