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Being followed (part 48)

Author’s Note: Last chapter. Thanks for reading.


Chapter 48

The police outside shout in their headphone a few times. Inside the room, Lee is just calm but he knew there was no way out. 692 more words

Long Reads

Landscapes in Cinema

When I think of landscapes in films I automatically think of Tarsem Singh‘s The Fall.

While the characters real world is very closed off, the hospital and the surrounding woods are quite restricting locations. 345 more words

Screen + Sound

Being followed (part 47)

Chapter 47

Lee drives all night long. Mandy hadn’t woken up once. They were getting to the border. It was only 10 miles away. He had to make a final stop and then it was time for goodbyes. 1,326 more words

Fan Fiction

Being followed (part 46)

Chapter 46

Mandy wakes up not knowing where she was. It was dark outside. She sees Lee beside her in a car. Her seatbelt was on. 814 more words

Fan Fiction

You have no vision

That’s what I think when I see what kind of TV shows or movies people watch. Some people have no vision. In my opinion that is. 666 more words

Writing Challenges

Being followed (part 45)

Chapter 45

Mandy wakes up when she smells coffee. The weather outside was sunny and warmth felt inside the room. The bed was empty beside her. 1,125 more words

Fan Fiction

The Fall (2008)

A paralysed stuntman entertains a little girl with fairy tales whilst in hospital with the ulterior motive of tricking her into helping him commit suicide. 167 more words