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My Beautiful Bride: on episode 15~16, final thoughts

“What’s more important is for Show to keep being thick in plot, tight in pace, gripping in general without letting up till the very end because we’ve witnessed how many titles burst into scene with a bang and bow out with less than a round of applause. 1,711 more words


My Beautiful Bride: on episode 13~14

“My parents died when i was in high school. They were murdered. There was a detective who caught that murderer. He was so cool. He looked like a hero fighting against all the evils of the world.

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My Beautiful Bride: on episode 11~12

Do-hyung: “I’m going to get revenge. I’m going to commit a crime.”
Yoon-mi: “I know.”
Do-hyung: “Can you still help me?”
Yoon-mi: “If i can be of help.”

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My Beautiful Bride: rant on episode 9~10

Okay, 9~10 are better than 7~8. There are a lot more action and movement although not necessarily a progression. We’re still running around in circles and dancing around the subject that i am scratching my head at the thing they pursue in these two episodes as it is tangential to the main case they’re trying to solve, the one person they… 1,098 more words


My Beautiful Bride: on episode 7~8

I don’t want to take back what i said about My Beautiful Bride before because i think 6 hours are enough time to get an idea of the show’s plot, tone, pace, and the direction it’s going, but episode 7~8 aren’t half as riveting as the first 6 that i can’t help but feeling disappointed. 993 more words


My Beautiful Bride: first six episodes

If you are on the lookout for a drama thriller that has you on the edge of your seat throughout the minutes, then look no further ‘cuz… 1,356 more words


Valid Love: An Overall Review.

Is there an invalid love in the world? We’re weak enough to fall in any kind of love. We break and shatter because we’re weak. But grow bigger in the process.

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