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God Fist Lee Sin (Avatar: The Last Airbender)(chroma)

God Fist Lee Sin (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Loading Screen

Skin Spotlight

Features :

  • Custom model for God Fist
  • Custom loading screen
  • Custom Particles

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Void Infected Lee Sin

Here comes Void Infected Lee sin – God Fallen in battle vs Void creatures. 114 more words


Riot Reveals God Fist Lee Sin

The hype is on for Netflix’s Iron Fist DC Series, and it seems that the guys in Riot found this as an inspiration to build a Legendary skin for the Ionian Blind Monk, Lee Sin. 346 more words

Gaming PC

Patch 7.7 Begins

Hey, Summoners! The PBE has been updated and features quite a bit of new content! The 7.7 patch cycle has officially begun. It looks like we will be seeing a new legendary Lee Sin skin (say that five times fast!), a new Darius skin obtainable through hextech crafting, and Karma’s splash arts have been remade! 536 more words

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