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Lee Sun Kyun Dikasting di Film yang Akan Dibintangi Kim Hye Soo

Aktor Lee Sun Kyun telah dikasting dalam film terbaru yang akan dibintangi Kim Hye Soo, berjudul ‘Precious Woman’. Kim Hye Soo akan berperan sebagai Na Hyun Jung, yang sukses membangun organisasi kejahatan dan membuatnya menjadi konglomerat. 34 more words

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"THE ADVOCATE: A Missing Body" | Lee Sun-kyun Interview + Trailer

I haven’t talked about a movie in a while as I haven’t been paying as much attention to the movie scene as I should’ve been. Too focused on dramas and music that I forgot to check out movies. 169 more words


Three Meals A Day (Season 2) (ep15): Highlights

Longest running Three ever. But it’s ending soon…and we have a special guest next week to commemorate the “closure”. (more on that later)

We pick up from where the guys finish their humongous pat bing-su and head back to the farmhouse with their on-credit shopping. 1,330 more words


Three Meals A Day (Season 2) (ep14): Highlights

It’s a hot hot summer, as news castors report that temperatures will soar to a scalding 38.9deg C. (ouch) Best time to laze around and wilt — unfortunately, corn harvesting duty is right round the corner. 1,417 more words


Three Meals A Day (Season 2) (ep13): Highlights

As we wave bye-bye to eager puppy Ho-joon, Three invites another preppy guest on set to annoy feed Seo-jinnie and gang. And is it my imagination but… 1,211 more words


"A Hard Day" Review

South Korean cinema is notoriously suspenseful. From Oldboy to I Saw the Devil, films from the area have a tendency to be absolutely heart-stopping. Kim Seong-Hun’s… 377 more words


A Hard Day 끝까지 간다 dir. Kim Seung-hun

Originally published on Stagebuddy.
A Hard Day is a madcap good cop vs. bad cop thriller streamlined for pleasure and plot twists. Bathed in unattractive fluorescence the movie has no qualms about looking good, but presses on with riveting velocity. 466 more words