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Baker's Dozen - coming soon to Kindle

On the advice of…well, at least 13 people, I have compiled 13 of my stories into a self-published ebook and have formatted it for the Kindle. 510 more words


How do I miss these things?

I guess I hadn’t sufficiently Googled myself in a while, but a search of leech run” baker turned up some interesting things. This one… 106 more words

Story Announcements

A Writerly Update

Distracted as I am by the countdown and launch of the school year, I find myself pushing writing to the background. Even good news is being tossed to the wind (Twitter, Facebook, whatnot) and left to drift without much attention. 357 more words


Short Story Analysis: "Leech Run" by Scott W. Baker

This story was released via the Escape Pod podcast, and is available for both listening and reading.  

The concept of the story is fairly simple: a space pirate wishes to make money by transferring “leeches”, which are human beings with the natural ability to both transfer and absorb energy from any source. 297 more words


Story up at Escape Pod

If you don’t listen to the Escape Pod podcast, you should.  I love audio fiction, and audio short fiction has the feel of a television episode on the radio.  112 more words

Story Announcements

Preditors and Editors

Not sure how well known the Preditors and Editors Reader’s Poll is.  It’s a small award whose prize is a lovely animated gif to post on your website.  117 more words

Story Announcements

Odd success and other Horrible things

I’ve been going about this short story submission thing all wrong.  As it turns out, the only sale I’ve made in the past six months is one I withdrew (details to follow).  446 more words