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Thank You Radio 104.5

By Leen 

On May 3rd I was at a concert, what a surprise. This concert consisted of one local band and four pretty well known ones. 935 more words

(Stop) Waiting For Austin Aimes

By Leen

As long as I can remember, I couldn’t wait to go to prom. (Most) Girls love the idea of putting on a pretty dress, getting our hair and makeup done, and just feeling overall exceptionally pretty and special. 725 more words


By Leen

We all procrastinate. If you aren’t a procrastinator, I honestly believe you are some sort of superhuman and odds are that I’m probably not a huge fan of you. 581 more words

Yeah, I Left My Body in a Sea of People, & That's Just How I'll Leave It

“How much longer?” I asked. “About forty more minutes,” my friend said. Forty more minutes of standing in the cold. Thirty-nine more minutes of counting down nearly every minute left. 1,471 more words


This photo taken by the LIFE magazine photographer, Nina Leen – a Russian-born American who studied and lived in Berlin until 1939, when she decided emigrate to the USA – is a wonderful witness of the slow re-awakening of the city after WW2. 23 more words


That Self

There are many ways in which you can grow, but I think the growth of your inner self/soul/individuality is the most important. I believe that a person can not truly and fully grow until they find and accept themselves; you need to learn to love yourself for who you truly are in order to grow to your fullest potential throughout your life. 497 more words