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Three Most Important (2015)

1. The stepsister.
2. The niece.
3. The candlestick maker.
To find-
That many of us are left behind.


What will the Rapture cause to happen?

To answer this question we must come to realize an important point. That being: that far fewer people will vanish from the earth then people think will disappear. 446 more words


Boat of Undoing

Here’s the thing. Right now, you’re on the boat I’ve wanted to sail through the vast seas with but will never go around to really riding it. 237 more words

Late Night Drama

Left Behind

Left Behind

Our passion dwindles, falling away,

A world outside in subtle dismay,

Unseen by the perception of the masses,

Unable to decipher equality in classes, 235 more words

Adam Gainer

Another letter to my angel..

Heaven and earth might separate us, but nothing can ever change the fact that you chose me to be your mom..

From the moment I knew of your existence to the day of your death, I have loved you. 126 more words

Preaching the Anti-Gospel

So I’ve been reading book 2 of The Anti-Christ Handbook, Fred Clark’s collection of the blog posts that he wrote, starting in 2003, criticizing the… 1,071 more words


Debris area

This photo shows one of the remaining outbuildings of the Königsberg Sanatorium Goslar. Many myths and ghost stories are told about this area and its buildings. 21 more words