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This Way 

Delayed onset of; oh, how I loved you.

When it was good, so good.

Fresh-faced and all eyes for a future

we had only but to make ourselves. 29 more words


​Week 2
Hey guys
Level with me. Do you ever feel like everything is leaving you behind? Your friends have jobs and you don’t. Your friends are getting married, and you aren’t even in a stable relationship. 175 more words


When You Feel Left Behind

Some of my biggest ah-huh moments have come in conversations with close friends.

A perfect example was in a recent conversation where my friend and I were exchanging stories (past and present) of when our paths seemed to be shrouded in mystery, and we had no clue what God had next for us. 711 more words

Letter to the soul you left behind. 

Hey there! Hope you are doing good and most importantly sticking to the new year resolutions you made.

I on the other hand had been a little deviated from my resolutions,but,but worry not, I have promised myself to be back at it, and gladly I have. 469 more words


Week 24 -17. Misplaced/lost/missing piece

Why is it that when you take the Christmas decorations down, no matter how hard you check, there is always one piece that gets left behind? 49 more words

To The One Who Were Left Behind

Certainly, we cannot control if people would come and go into our lives. For months, even weeks, they are with us and then poof, all gone. 402 more words


The Last of Us: Left Behind Review

Reviewed by John Hussey

Naughty Dog continued to step into new territories by producing their very first Downloadable Content, following the success of their fourth franchise… 1,926 more words

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