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Looking at End Times Theology through the Eyes of the Oppressed

Growing up as a Christian in the 90s, I learned to be preoccupied with two things: revival, also known as present day manifestations of the Holy Spirit, and the rapture. 1,777 more words



Berlin takes the idea of hospitality to entirely new levels; )

Berlin – Kreuzberg


Top 5 Bottom 5 Redbox 3/26/2015

Well hello and welcome to another Thursday in which we will (at various points) throw some stuff in a backwardly direction. Because that’s what society demands!!! 610 more words


解冻出 - Thawing

Today we took the kids outside during 8th period to practice singing a song for our international day celebration tomorrow morning.  As the kids stood on stage, they had to shield their eyes from the glare of the brilliant sun.   1,028 more words


Falling In Love

I love to love. It hasn’t always been that way. When I didn’t feel loved, over a period of time, my heart hardened. Then came the fortress I built around me. 340 more words

Letting Go

The One Who Never Left

Dear heart,

They ask me if I’m happy, I say ‘No.’ Then they ask me why I don’t just let him go. I answer with a bittersweet smile and say he’s all I’ve ever known. 141 more words