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Why the cross? - part three

Projecting our deep wounds on God is how we formulated our psychotic images of Him. As Baxter Kruger says we painted the face of God with the tar of our angst. 1,530 more words


Minor Problem

For everyone that not’s a minority, here’s a glimpse what it’s like. Especially in an environment where you don’t speak the language of the majority. 143 more words


Found Friday: Woute My Horse Look Like

The children’s librarians are often the recipients of beautiful drawings done by some of our favorite little library patrons. This horse drawing was recently donated to us and we’ve all decided that we want a horse like this too.

...and The Kitchen Sink

To Leave, And To Be Left Behind

//excuse the rant//

To leave, and to be left behind, are two very different things.
You’re leaving, and you have a whole new adventure just waiting for you, and you’ll learn to cope soon, because sometimes change is good. 154 more words


Hide and Seek.

I guess most of us have played hide and seek at some time in our life. As kids we used to call it Hidey go seek, as did our kids, logical I guess.   1,398 more words


I Watched Left Behind (2014) So You Don't Have To

Part of me really wants to read the Left Behind book series. Just load up the description of any one of the 16(!!) books and you’ll understand why. 3,418 more words


The Revelation of Jesus Christ - Part 3

After Watching Parts 1 and 2 of this series on the book of Revelation, your question might be something like this.

Rob, you have shown some internal evidence that the book of Revelation was written before the destruction of Jerusalem. 18 more words