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A jenga brick.

My family’s recent Christmas gift giving tradition is each person puts one second hand or homemade gift under the tree, and play the gift stealing game.  55 more words

No Child Left Behind and the Gifted Student

schools in the United States, whose mission is to provide all students
with a safe and positive learning environment in which to develop the… 571 more words


Left Behind by Tim LaHaye & Jerry B. Jenkins

Pilot Rayford Steele’s mind is not on flying the plane. Instead, he’s thinking of how to get gorgeous senior flight attendant Hattie Durham out of her clothes and in his bed. 436 more words


The Book Asks Us To Pretend That Rayford Isn't Already Way Into God Now: Left Behind Chapter 12

Left Behind: Chapter 12

Before the news of his death gets out, Buck reaches out to his family and colleagues. As you might have imagined from our short time with Buck and/or the typical quality of writing in… 1,282 more words


Just in Case You Were Skeptical, This is Most Definitely the Rapture: Left Behind Chapter 11

Warning, warning, this chapter contains a rando soliloquising (for almost the whole chapter) about how he wasn’t a true Christian.

Left Behind Chapter 11:

Even Rayford is getting kind of bored of his story: 1,823 more words


"Leaving a Trail"

when your loved one dies
you’re left holding the bag
of ashes
of hopes
of dreams
slowly draining out
of the hole in the bag