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How Universal U.S. Sovereignty Threatens World Peace

This year, I was invited to be a speaker for a panel at Left Forum.  The panel was appropriately titled, “How Universal U.S. Sovereignty Threatens World Peace.”  David Hungerford of the Coalition for Social Justice hosted it.  85 more words

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US Imperialism and the Crisis in Syria

The following is a transcript of a presentation I gave at Left Forum for the panel titled, “How Universal U.S. Sovereignty Threatens World Peace.”  You can view a recording of that panel… 3,007 more words

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Left Turn


Gadzooks, it’s Magic and Marxism.

I had an opportunity last Saturday to speak about and perform magic at this year’s Left Forum, an annual gathering of political leftists, with hundreds of lectures and panels throughout a hectic weekend. 81 more words


72 Minutes That Changed The World.

By Jerry Alatalo

“The chief duty of the historian is to judge the actions of men, so that the good may meet with the reward due to virtue, and pernicious citizens may be deterred by the condemnation that awaits evil deeds at the tribunal of posterity.” 1,289 more words

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Žižek, #LeftForum2016, and the Nauru of the EU

In this blog post I’d like to address some of the common critique levied against Slavoj Žižek regarding his stance on immigration, especially as it comes from the American and Australian left. 775 more words

Try Again, Fail Again, Fail Better

I had planned on posting a video from a magic performance I presented at the Left Forum yesterday, but I’m having technical difficulty, so until I’m able to post the video I’d like to share with you something said at the plenary session by one of the participants, the popular musician and revolutionary, Immortal Technique. 141 more words


Kevin Barrett/Veterans Today: BREAKTHROUGH! 9/11 Truth Sneaks Past Gatekeepers into Left Forum

Insightful article and news about the Left Forum on Veterans Today from editor Kevin Barrett, excerpted below–please click over there for the full article. Opens my eyes certainly, about various aspects of Mainstream Media Silence on So Many Many Issues today, how it’s bought, sold, and maintained by fronts, foundations, figures leading back to the Deep State–is that the sound of idols falling… 346 more words

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