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Scalise shooter had 'hit list' in his pocket: Report

(National SentinelLeft-wing violence: The would-be assassin of Republican lawmakers gathered at a ball field for practice last week, James T. Hodginson, was carrying a “hit list” of other GOP lawmakers when he was shot and killed by Capitol Police,  595 more words


Left-wing attacks backfiring? Trump approval hits 50 percent

(National SentinelPresidential politics: To hear some Democrats tell it, they’ve already won back control of the House and President Donald J. Trump’s presidency will soon end in impeachment; the 2018 elections are just a formality. 137 more words

Executive Branch

Don't expect this little pause in Democratic political rancor to last

(National SentinelPoison politics: For the moment, Democrats are joining Republicans in Congress in calling for more civility in political discourse and less hostility overall. 771 more words


Perspectives: Salon -- Sean Hannity accuses Democrats of “dehumanizing” GOP after Alexandria shooting

Broadcasting from the Virginia baseball field where a U.S. congressman was shot by a Bernie Sanders supporter, Fox News host Sean Hannity blamed ‘left-wing hate’ for the harrowing scene that unfolded Wednesday morning. 14 more words

Michael Savage: 'Civil war' on the horizon; nation at 'boiling point'

(National SentinelUnrest: The day before a Left-wing kook took a rifle and wounded House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and others in an attempt to “kill as many Republicans as possible,” radio talk show giant Michael Savage presciently warned his audience about of violence by “marginal” people who are set to explode and “kill somebody.” 461 more words


We Use To Be A Civilized Society

It would be my guess that the great majority of Americans are far too busy trying to make ends meet.  They get up every day and take care of business.  558 more words