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This Political Correctness Is Makin' Me Thirsty!

Jerry Seinfeld piped up a couple weeks ago with some complaints about “political correctness,” which were widely hailed as groundbreaking because apparently it’s still 1997. Seinfeld’s main target was college students. 1,683 more words

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Robert Zaretsky's A Life Worth Living: Albert Camus and the Quest For Meaning

Robert Zaretsky’s A Life Worth Living: Albert Camus and the Quest For Meaning is a pleasant personal exploration of the significance of Camus’s work. It is built around five central Camusian themes: Absurdity, Silence, Measure, Fidelity, and Revolt. 441 more words

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Can Bernie Sanders Succeed? No. I Do Not Think He Can.

Bernie Sanders has garnered a lot of enthusiasm among socialists (and even some anarchists, from what I’ve seen) over the past few months, and I still can’t figure out why. 908 more words

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Natalie Bennett should get the boot!

The Greens got 3.8% of the votes casted in the General Election – an increase of one percentage point compared to the 2010 GE – but the party didn’t manage to win any new seats, with their only seat being held by Caroline Lucas. 643 more words

10 June 2015. A Colloquy with a Correspondent on Bernie Sanders


It’s time to take patriotism back from the loudmouth rightwing asshats… after all, most of the loudest ones are yellow cowards who refused to serve… yet scream for war… none dare call that what it is… hypocritical anti-patriotism! 200 more words


6 June 2015. Socialism is GOOD! It's Time to Push Back at Those Lying Loudmouthed Republican Asshats!


The Republican Party has fed the American public lies about the New Deal since 1946. Until 1981, there were sufficient people who’d been adults in the Great Depression who knew how the New Deal saved the USA from an armed revolution (1932 was the pits… that year saw the largest CPUSA vote in US history). 146 more words


The Passion of Edward Schlosser: Why “Liberal Students” Aren’t the Problem

Don’t you hate how America’s universities have curdled into cesspools of liberal, “politically correct” groupthink? Edward Schlosser (a pseudonym) knows how you feel––and he’s a liberal! 1,239 more words

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