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Sovereignty and the Myth of Human Nature

Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679) described his imagined ‘state of nature’ as a vicious anarchy that was a continuous war of all against all, and Hobbes’ vision has become the default or common idea of anarchism. 889 more words

Class War

GE2015 and Beyond: Anarch-ish

This week, the liberal papers are full of chipper editorials all called something like ‘reasons to be cheerful’ that try and pick some positives out of Thursday’s electoral cataclysm. 1,680 more words


Beware of conformist pigs, left and right

Here is something else to take care with regarding politics, especially regarding young people who want to be anti-establishment. Think for yourself. It’s not just the right wing who want to control your mind and sell you bullshit. 849 more words


The election happened, what next for the left?

Since last week’s general election, many have been quick off the mark with writing the post mortem, suggesting what went wrong and a few early hats have been thrown into the ring for the vacant party leadership roles. 2,553 more words

Longer Essays

Confronting Left-wing ideologues

An interchange on electoral strategy for progressives. The problem of self-defeating left-wing delusions about politics.

Richard Curtis, Seattle offered the following comment, beginning a typical radical left-wing strategy for American Politics, beginning the following interchange on Bernie Sanders’ campaign. 1,010 more words

Contemporary Politics

Defensive Voting: Not Everyone In Labour Is Shit

Slightly irked by suggestions that admittedly excellent Caroline Lucas is the only anti-austerity MP in the Commons, we spotlight the hardy dissidents on what remains of the parliamentary Labour Left. 728 more words