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Modern Socialism #1: The Craze Not Sweeping The Nation

THE GIST: As the name suggests, Modern Socialism is an attempt to modernise socialism. It’s not about ‘modernisation’ in the toxic, principles-shedding, status quo-pandering New Labour sense of the word. 2,385 more words


Revisiting Charlie Hebdo: “Afflicting the Afflicted” and "Petty Bourgeois Identity Politics"

The aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo attacks was a good time to watch the left devour itself. Some radicals, myself included, pointed out the magazine’s long history of Islamophobic and antisemitic caricatures, and suggested that, though the attack was tragic and indefensible, lionizing an Orientalist magazine was probably a poor choice. 1,658 more words

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A Wednesday thought - a case for corporate profits on the left

In the last week, the election campaign has focused on which of the two main parties are the better prospect for “business”. I use the term in quotation marks because it is such a broad term with many aspects, that anyone can almost mean anything by it. 775 more words

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The Forgotten Birthday Boy Really Was A Wild Rover

Hey everyone As everyone knows the 25th January as a date when Scots both at home and throughout the world celebrate the birth of Robert Burns the ploughman poet who became our national bard and the international bard for the working class citizens of the world. 795 more words