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How to Shut Down A Bernie Sanders Attacker

I’m a Bernie Sanders supporter. Nay…. I am more than that! I adore this man! On the day he announced his candidacy, I wept tears of joy as I set up my monthly donations. 635 more words


Labour Party.


Oh dear, oh dear.  Another nail in the coffin of the Labour Party.

Highlights from the following article include the quote from an unspecified and as yet unconfirmed Labour party spokesperson: 84 more words

Freedom Of Expression

The Rumor About the Earth

How exhausting. Every time there’s a newly prominent conspiracy theory that I think I may actually be able to enjoy, someone has to bring the Jews into it. 1,013 more words

Left-wing Politics

Obama proudly meddles in Hungarian domestic politics again

Today’s news is that President Obama said at the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC that

when a statue of an anti-Semitic leader from World War II was planned in Hungary, …

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Trump Still Isn't a Fascist, but What Does That Mean?

As we head into primary season, the question of “Is Trump a fascist?” still is not going away. This is probably because Trump himself is not going away, and because liberal publications keep pumping out… 1,714 more words

Left-wing Politics

Checklist for illiberal *left* wing journalism.

  • Does the article attempt to absolve the perpetrator of responsibility?
  • Does the article offer no practicable solution(s)?
  • Does the article attempt to shame others not sharing their view as ‘morally corrupt?’
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Female MP laughs at Men's issues

Yet more evidence that the left is out of touch with the reality that men face in the modern west.