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Brian May and the Party Political Mug's Game

We’ve never liked Queen, but it recently occurred to us that Brian May’s Common Decency campaign looks vaguely like a more polite/less ragingly cynical version… 1,630 more words


Proxy Wars

I was listening to an episode of the Cracked podcast recently and it gave me an interesting inspiration. These days a lot of left-wingers, including intellectuals, have jumped on Russia’s post-modernist, wacky-land bandwagon. 2,148 more words

The Leaders Debate - A Sham

Pootler decided not to watch the leaders debate on television last night, (2nd April), but followed it on Twitter which seems as though it was more illuminating and much more entertaining. 957 more words


Homophobic Counterframing and Liberal Assimilation

The mainstream LGBT movement in the United States has historically advanced modest, legal demands (e.g. anti-discrimination laws, same-sex marriage, inclusion in the military) under a “civil rights” frame. 959 more words

Left-wing Politics

28 March 2015. Stuff to Think About... Let's NOT Get Fooled Again



The GOP won in 2016 because too many of us stayed home. THIS IS A WAKEUP CALL. Let’s get off our collective dupa and vote the next time around…