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"Left-Wing Beer Company Tells Customers to Hit People Over the Head With Bricks"

“An openly left-wing beer company told its customers to hit people over the head with bricks before whining about receiving an email “threat”.

Chorlton Brewing Company, which is based in Manchester in the UK, reacted to Nigel Farage having a milkshake thrown at him by tweeting, “Note to our customers: please don’t throw our beer over fascists. 102 more words


Only Labour can stop the Far Right in the UK and Europe

The People’s Vote is still an attainable goal to many Remainers, 3 years on from the original referendum that only a handful of people wanted. 1,057 more words

Left Wing Politics

A Critical Account of Laclau and Mouffe on Populism. Part One.

A Socialist Critique of Laclau and Mouffe, from Discourse to Populism.

“Enfants, enfants, je vous le dis: montez sur une montagne, pourvu qu’elle soit assez haute, regardez aux quatre vents, vous ne verrez qu’enemies.” 2,385 more words

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Austria as harbinger of change

Last night the, right-wing Austrian Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache resigned. He was allegedly videotaped asking a Russian citizen for donations in exchange for government contracts. It is a trope all too common in the democracy of my citizenship, tragically banal as mass shootings. 452 more words


On The Recent Surge Of Far-Left Political Themes In American Film

This piece basically wrote itself, as I just had to state the obvious. And since no one else seems to want to point it out, I feel nothing short of obliged. 1,204 more words


Old Media Vs New Media

On the BBC’s Politics Live show, Andrew Neil recently interviewed Ben Shapiro, the conservative political commentator and popular member of New Media.

Neil argued that Shapiro and other members of New Media were coarsening public debate with their work. 295 more words

Systemic Societal Change, Not Self-Care, Will Fix Our Nation's Mental Health Crisis

Childhood obesity is a serious problem. We see this public health issue as a collective responsibility, therefore different approaches were utilised to address it. Talking and creating awareness was not enough, so the government stepped in with public education around healthy eating, but also a broader range of interventions such as the sugar tax and healthy school meals. 750 more words

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