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Dos and Donts of Looking Appealing on Tinder for Guys


DON’T: Big group photos are a no-no. This is a split second decision and I don’t want to take the time to figure out which one of the 50 you are. 387 more words

Life Tips

Politics And Depression

I’ve always considered myself to be liberal. Never really bothered with politics much when I was younger, therefore I never needed to call myself “a liberal”. 609 more words

How should the left vote in the General Election?

Graham Campbell makes a case for how the left should vote tomorrow.

Here I will argue for a policy of tactical, selective and conditional critical support for anti-austerity candidates and for parties that revolutionaries don’t normally advocate voting for.  1,880 more words


Poem: Not far Left

There was a time where left was alright,
It steadfastly led the way,
Right dragged along,
Inoffensively useless, but useless all the same,
It was always left to left to rescue the right, 147 more words


Marx Meets Freud: The Changing Face of Oppression

In his politically challenging yet refreshing Republocrat: Confessions of a Liberal Conservative (P&R, 2010), church history professor Carl Trueman recounts how he – a classically liberal Brit who supports universal health care and gun control – found himself “politically homeless” when the Left discarded its traditional concerns for material issues dealing with oppression for “identity politics,” where the notion of oppression was “broadened to include the psychological realm”: 279 more words


Vancouver police launch campaign to reduce high-risk driving

Vancouver police are teaming up with other police agencies, the B.C. government and ICBC to kick off their month-long campaign to cut back on high-risk driving. 260 more words