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Old Media Vs New Media

On the BBC’s Politics Live show, Andrew Neil recently interviewed Ben Shapiro, the conservative political commentator and popular member of New Media.

Neil argued that Shapiro and other members of New Media were coarsening public debate with their work. 295 more words

Systemic Societal Change, Not Self-Care, Will Fix Our Nation's Mental Health Crisis

Childhood obesity is a serious problem. We see this public health issue as a collective responsibility, therefore different approaches were utilised to address it. Talking and creating awareness was not enough, so the government stepped in with public education around healthy eating, but also a broader range of interventions such as the sugar tax and healthy school meals. 750 more words

Left Wing Politics

Why He Left

It was unlike him. The way he was looking at me was like I was a stranger who lost her way. His countenance– usually animated with broad grins and eyes bursting with expectations– was eroded with surprise and some sort of disdain. 1,047 more words




Ha mere thukrae dil ko mei ek baar phir smbhalungi.,
Ha mei aaj phir apne bikhre dil se mulakat karungi.

©Pratik Sinha


Carol Vorderman: ‘Don’t let me down’ Countdown host left stunned in ‘trick’ with strangers

Former Countdown maths whizz Carol Vorderman, 58, was filmed playing the game Rock, Paper, Scissors with a train passenger, but soon became stunned by a magic trick she showed her. 29 more words

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Carol Kirkwood: 'Hard to believe' BBC weather presenter left stunned by ‘scene’

Carol Kirkwood, 56, took to Twitter and shared a short video clip of a swan gliding across the pond where she admitted the scenery was “tranquil”. 35 more words

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