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Consider yourself... Considering for others

Even though I’v made a couple of posts I still get Consider Yourself from Oliver! stuck in my head…

It wasn’t recently, but it started about a year ago, how everyone I seriously cared for have so slowly left, I admit I did leave half of them for being dicks, but I don’t regret it. 590 more words


Challeges in the Changing Nature of Capitalism

The world economy and mode of production have changed in a manner that the Marxist theory of Capital and mode of production seem not just outdated but false. 809 more words



It always was that way.

I was going to leave,

You were going to be left.

You would cry,

I wouldn’t care.

But inside I died,

And you survived.


Front National Goes UKIP as Mad, Racist and Nazi Candidates Flourish.

Latest Charlie Hebdo: The Front National is no Longer Scarey. 

“We’ve been thoroughly un-diabolised!”


A nauseating anthology of Front National Local Government Candidates’ comments on social networks… 254 more words

European Left

QOTD: Michael Sheen on austerity and boldness

“Do we want to be a society that is supportive, that is inclusive and compassionate, where it is acknowledged that not all can prosper, where those who are most vulnerable, most in need of help, are not seen as lazy or scrounging or robbing the rest of us for whatever they can get?

66 more words

Have you ever falsely accused a girl of leaving her panties at your place?

If you’re going to call a girl out for leaving her panties, make sure she is the owner.


Gaming Review - The Left4Dead Serie

The world has fallen into the hands of zombies. It’s a completely new reality, one for you to survive. Walking across the world just to survive; kill or be killed. 219 more words