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Helsinki, Finland free lunch

I commented on the recent decision made by the Helsinki City Council on free services for illegal aliens, turning Helsinki into a sanctuary city. You can watch my comment here: 44 more words

Divisive Vices

Here’s a blog post from Brotha Wolf again.  Someone has to voice a contrary view.  I volunteer.  Happily.  My writing will be in bold, italicized red.  3,241 more words

Three Strikes Against This Blog (and why I don't care)

Admittedly, I’m just getting started, but reading an article in The Atlantic about the chief propagandist of the alt.right makes me realize the limits of my reach with my approach. 490 more words

I Am Where You Left Me

Struck dumb, feeling numb, I watched your lights fade as you drove away
Couldn’t feel, but the pain was real, felt it when I woke the next day…

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The Leftist Herd

Posted By E.M. Cadwaladr | November 14, 2017

URL of the original posting site: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2017/11/the_leftist_herd.html#.WhGnX95XIY4.email

The fundamental difference between ourselves and the left isn’t that we believe in smaller government and they don’t.

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They Left Us

Yes, they left us!!

Some for jobs,some for finer education,some for social stature and others just to follow those some’s

We are the books, replete with epic of more than five generations since two century, but nobody wants to read us now…

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