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I just want you for your brain

Left brain, right brain #wholebrain Inspired by choice of thought, projections and need for love compassion, detachment #weareone

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor is a brain scientist who remembers every moment of her life-altering stroke. Mind-blowing.

What Makes Me Tick

Corbyn 20% Lead as UNISON Backs Jez.

Jeremy Corbyn opens up MASSIVE 20-point lead in the Labour leadership election race

By Jason Beattie Daily Mirror.

Jeremy Corbyn has opened up an astonishing 20-point lead over his rivals in the race for the Labour leadership.

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European Left

Channing Tatum Walks Away From 'Gambit' - Grab And Go Gossip

It was announced at Comic-Con a few weeks ago that the Marvel franchise would be expanding with a new movie, Gambit.

This particular movie has been sped up with the help and push of Channing Tatum. 139 more words


Why I Became a Vegetarian.

Just over 10 months ago I made an important decision about my lifestyle and ultimately the things that I believed to be ethical. Above all I would initially like to distinguish that living a vegetarian lifestyle is a choice that does not aim to affect people arou… 971 more words


Autistic Left-Wing Optimism

A good friend of mine described himself as an “anarchist Marxist.” When I said to him that that’s a bit of a contradiction, because true egalitarianism within a society requires an authoritarian state to regulate any exchanges between people as all individuals are partly self-interested, it was as if he’d never even considered the possibility. 571 more words


Luta sa Sinuwatan

Kanuna'y mo'ng gipuno 
ug maanindot nga mga pulong 
ang ako'ng kabuntagon.
Magmata ka para mulaom
nga ako usab naghandom.
Kanunay kita'ng magdungan ug suwat
sa mga plano nato sa atong kaugmaon. 16 more words
Cebuano Poetry

End "Quarterly Capitalism"!

“It was this administration which saved the system of private profit and free enterprise after it had been dragged to the brink of ruin.”
– President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, bragging a little. 771 more words