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Shea Serrano, Trump Supporters, and Double Fundamentalism

We evangelicals like to draw a distinction between ourselves (the normal people) and the fundamentalists (the crazy khaki pants people). Obviously, definitions are complicated, and often sloppy, but a key aspect of fundamentalists is their tendency to isolate themselves from non-fundamentalists. 427 more words


Sierra Leone Youth Awareness Officially Registered!

Sierra Leone Youth Awareness (SiLeYa) is now officially recognized as a Community Based Organization (CBO). We are diligently working throughout Sierra Leone to end tribalism, corruption and to create a prosperous Sierra Leone through an inclusive, participatory democracy. 116 more words

Sierra Leone Youth Awareness


i’d put myself next to you just to be next to you.
i know it’s not right, but i’d leave myself left to you.
somehow it’s like there’s nobody left to do; 13 more words

Ruinously empathetic

There is a certain balance in everything. EVERYTHING. We can say every act you do has to have the right amount of good and bad in it. 155 more words