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Right v. Left

I grew up a Southern Baptist conservative. My first presidential vote was for Reagan. Then I voted Libertarian for a couple of cycles. I voted for Ross Perot when he ran, though in hindsight that was probably a bad idea. 290 more words


Where the Road Meets the Rubber

There are a few political axioms that I hold to be true. I have repeated them verbatim (and in general) in my writings for years. They include… 286 more words


Virtue Signaling is the Opposite of Virtue - Crisis Magazine

On April 12, the attorney general of California, Xavier Becerra, said that North Carolina will remain on the list of states to which California employees may not travel using state money. 34 more words


It's More Important Than Ever To Remove The Tories

The Tories have lied time and time again. It only takes a short amount of time to find evidence of this; look at the Leave campaign for a start. 398 more words


Miguel Abensour. 1939 – 2017. Radical Left 'Insurgent Democracy".

Miguel Abensour. 1939 – 2017.

The radical left-wing political philosopher Miguel Abensour passed away on April the 22nd. From a Jewish family, and a childhood spent hidden from the Vichy regime in the countryside, Abensour began to teach political science in 1962. 687 more words

European Left

"Facing up to some harsh truths": statement from United Left Scotland


United Left Scotland is relieved that our candidate Len McCluskey has won the General Secretary election and secured a third term.

But welcoming the win by Len must also include facing up to some harsh truths. 763 more words

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