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Making The Most Of Therapy

I have a few months (about 3) left of therapy with my current T and though I anticipate going on to have further therapy afterwards with a different T, I want to capitalise on the fact that I have a good relationship with this T and make the most of our last few sessions. 45 more words

#GamerGate is not "Left Vs Right"

(I’m doing this again, yay, I’ve been away, University work, you understand. Yes, you. Yes, I know you read this.)

So, lately I’ve been seeing a strange trend, maybe I haven’t been paying enough attention, maybe I’m just more aware after the horrifyingly shocking UK elections, I couldn’t tell you, but it’s bugging me. 344 more words


Lonely Wolf (5/28/2015)

Running through this brightened snow.
Hiding in a place where no one knows.
Beneath the freezing cold.
Where his mind can no longer hold.
The thoughts of being alone. 276 more words


Laundering right wing nationalism as left wing in Israel


You’ve got to hand it to parts of Israel’s nostalgic Labor Zionist Left. It has the best of both worlds. It can be critical of the Right while at the same time advocating right-wing policies. 2,236 more words

Strawman: What Does Believing In America Mean?

This depends on what it means to “believe in America”. If it means believing that all other Americans are non-violent, then the meme makes perfect sense. 283 more words


Ptsd From These Events...is It Possible?

After my wife of 9 years left me a year ago, she began to engage in threesome sex, sex with strangers, sex with married couples and married men…sex during her work hours in a high school… she relayed this info to me. 64 more words