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Trump 2020 : The Race isn’t Over

Trump 2020 : The Race isn’t Over

Election fraud is still showing up all over the country .

Mail in voting is one of the many issues at hand. 236 more words

Oregon - Legalizes Drugs but Pretends to Care about Public Health.

Oregon – Legalizes Drugs but Pretends Cares about Public Health

Over the last few weeks numerous states and governors have pushed orders to not celebrate or meetup with families. 191 more words

There are times when politics ought to stay well out of sport

By Alessio Colonnelli —

Corbyn celebrated Maradona as a campaigner for the Left and missed a great opportunity to keep quiet.

Diego Maradona, Serie A, 1985. 542 more words
Jeremy Corbyn

Paul Embery - wot a gent! - lays into esteemed Cde Sabrina Huck.

Embery; True anglais et ouvrier de souche: Family, Faith ‘n’ Flag.

She comes from Germany and came here 6 years ago , she has a very pro EU agenda and probably scorns at the idea of anyone on the left who doesn't get on board with the EU project .

218 more words
European Left

Bellend Protests against Lockdown in the UK: 'Santa' Arrested.

Piers Corbyn, and Friend.

Say what you like about Piers Corbyn, but he doesn't waste money on fancy-pants graphic designers. https://t.co/J2LxxONcl7

— Matthew Scott (@Barristerblog) …

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Vote flow!

Below are the leaks flowing downstream in case they are not visible in the picture
Leak# 1: Disaster victims
Leak# 2: Alienated women voters 10 more words
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