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Someone's Religion Controls Every School

Robert R. Booth:

Religion directs and controls our lives. It is not a question of whether people are religious, it is only a matter of which religion a person serves. 71 more words


Does Math Lead to Truth?

Calvin Fox:

In 1965, C. Allendoerfer, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Washington said, (mathematical models) “are abstract systems of undefined words, axioms, etc (that) need have nothing whatsoever to do with nature.  104 more words


Teaching Literary Criticism Without Literature

Thomas Bertonneau:

Today’s students have read few books. What they have read is typically the topical, published-yesterday fiction that the hucksters of the scholastic book market sell to the middle schools and high schools as “edgy,” “with it,” or “out-of-the-headlines” portrayals of teenage anxiety. 67 more words


Teach Them About Beauty

Milton dictates to his daughters, by Eugène Delacroix

Anthony Esolen recommends a weapon to be used against the pornogogues running the public schools and teaching very little of anything — … 53 more words