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Lawmakers Say Congress Should Investigate Millionaires Enrolling In Medicaid

By Melissa Quinn ~

Conservative lawmakers say Congress should investigate the number of millionaires who qualify for and enroll in government-sponsored health insurance under Obamacare, a trend exposed in a… 674 more words


Australian Politics - The Media Left Created Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, And Now It Will Destroy Him

By Andrew Bolt ~

The journalists who helped Malcolm Turnbull to destroy Tony Abbott are now turning on Turnbull, who lacks the support from conservative journalists that a true Liberal leader should have – and needs. 764 more words

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Add Warming Scare And Stir

By Andrew Bolt ~

Fun story:

A hungry baby sea lion picked the best seat in the house after wandering into a beachside restaurant in San Diego.

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The 2016 Election For Dummies – Part 2

By Lawrence Sellin Ph.D. ~

On August 5, 2015, I wrote:

The two most important issues of the 2016 election are non-partisan.

(1)    The federal government and the media are, as institutions, hopelessly corrupt.

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Obama’s ‘Diversity’ Diktat Is A Giant Gift To Lawyers

By Betsy McCaughey, PhD ~

If you’re a white male looking for a job, your search just got harder.

Claiming women aren’t getting paid enough, President Obama wants to make it easier to accuse employers of gender discrimination and hit them with class-action lawsuits. 1,110 more words

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