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Brad Pitt To America: 'Don't Be So Emotional,' Cocky, And Xenophobic

By Tim Graham ~

Pretty-boy actor Brad Pitt is lecturing the American people to stop being so closed-minded about the foreigners in their panic after the Paris attacks. 411 more words

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Don’t Mention September 11. It Might Encourage “Islamophobia”

By Andrew Bolt ~

Appeasement is now a creed, prohibiting us from even remembering our war dead:

Theo Menon, a Minnesota Student Association representative and member of the College Republicans, realized that the university wasn’t doing anything to memorialize 9/11; on Oct.

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$1B A Year For No-Show Jobs: How The Feds Forgot About Merit

By Betsy McCaughey, PhD ~

What’s the best place to get a no-show job? The federal government.

Uncle Sam pays corrupt or incompetent employees not to come to work – because it’s easier than firing them. 697 more words


Trans-Pacific Partnership: Critics Right And Left

By William R. Hawkins ~

The secret text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement has finally been made public. No time has been lost in debating its terms. 1,613 more words

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Leave It To MSNBC.com To Use Veterans Day As Opportunity To Blast Civilian Gun Owners

By Ken Shepherd ~

Conservatives revere the Bill of Rights, including the 2nd Amendment, and highly respect those who have worn the uniform of this nation. 850 more words

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Despite No Publicly Available Proof, Press Treats Mizzou Feces-Swastika Incident As Fact

By Tom Blumer ~

Name the missing word in the following sentence from tonight’s Associated Press report on the current situation at the University of Missouri: … 966 more words

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Why This Judge’s Ruling Against Pro-Life Protests Riles Free-Speech Advocates

By Joshua Gill ~

Forbidding free speech on a public sidewalk may sound to many Americans like the mandate of some foreign despot in a faraway country. 730 more words

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