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Political Science

A Dry Bones Cartoon ~

Back in the “old days”, when I was in college, some students majored in “political-science.” I don’t know if that’s still true. 39 more words

Public Opinion

WashPost Prints Op-Ed: 'NPR And PBS Don't Need Tax Money Anymore'

By Tim Graham ~

The Washington Post published an op-ed on Sunday headlined “NPR and PBS don’t need tax money anymore.” Manhattan Institute vice president Howard Husock is uniquely qualified on the topic: he’s a former producer for Boston PBS superstation WGBH and now serves on the board of directors of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. 454 more words

Public Opinion

WashPost Columnist Gene Weingarten Compares Unwanted Penis To Cleft Palate

By Tim Graham ~

Washington Post humor columnist Gene Weingarten demonstrated how far that liberals will go to defend self-mutilation by transgenders. Troubled by a penis? 512 more words

Public Opinion

State Department Gives Long Overdue Approval To Keystone XL Pipeline

By Nicolas Loris and Katie Tubb ~

If you had a child when TransCanada first submitted its application to build the Keystone XL pipeline, he would be halfway through the first grade by now. 736 more words

Public Opinion

Trump Surveillance: The Deep State Attempts A Head Fake

By Lawrence Sellin Ph.D. ~

Let the diversions and parsing of words begin.

Take note of this British non-denial denial because you will see the same species of obfuscation being regularly produced at the U.S. 717 more words

Public Opinion

This Time It'll Work!

The proponents of socialism—communism-lite—when they are willing to admit its failings—virtually never—always claim this time their brand of socialism will be better. This time it will be the perfection socialists have always claimed it must inevitably be. 942 more words


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