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President Obama Cozies Up To Cuban Dictator

By Dr. Peter Brookes ~

With the “historic” clasp of hands in Panama City, Panama last week with Raul Castro, President Obama took the next fateful step toward normalizing relations with the Western Hemisphere’s most repressive regime. 623 more words


The Prison Called Cuba

By Alan Caruba ~

We are told we need to feel sympathy for the Cuban people who have suffered from a U.S. embargo and lack of diplomatic recognition. 844 more words

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Out-Of-State Billionaire Wages War On Affordable Energy In Nebraska

By David Kreutzer, Ph.D. ~

I had the privilege of serving as mayor in the small, Shenandoah Valley town where my wife and I raised our children. 692 more words

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Hillary's Campaign, Already Media-Assisted

By Brent Bozell and Tim Graham ~

It is fair to say that Hillary Clinton is as liberal as Ted Cruz is conservative. This will explain why our so-called “objective” media are already treating Hillary as the Third Coming (Obama was #2) while Cruz merits hide-your-children alarms. 695 more words

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What Is The Point Of Hillary?

By Andrew Bolt ~

Background from TonyfromOz…..

Hillary’s announcement to run for President is even making news here in Australia. As has happened in the U.S.

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Living In An Era Of Decline

By Alan Caruba ~

Most of know whether we are living in good times or bad. Some of us warn of decline when we see it coming. 1,085 more words

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Obama’s Iranian Nuke Deal: ‘Stupid Is As Stupid Does’

By Lt. Colonel James G. Zumwalt, USMC (RET) ~

MIT economist and Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber acknowledged President Obama depended upon “the stupidity of the American voter… 1,271 more words

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