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Leftists Blast Strobe Lights into Lindsey Graham’s Home to Try to Stop Ginsburg Replacement


Activists with the far-left groups ShutDown DC and the Sunrise Movement gathered early Monday morning at Sen. Lindsey Graham’s (D-SC) Washington, D.C., residence demanding that President Donald Trump and the Senate not try to fill the Supreme Court seat of the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg until after the presidential election. 110 more words

US News

Attempt Made To Kill Trump

Radical Leftists DOXXED Mitch McConnell on Twitter over nomination for new Supreme Court Justice to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Meanwhile, a letter filled with deadly RICIN was sent to Trump in an assassination attempt. 189 more words


Ohio School District Screws Up

Just how communistic have our school districts become? For the latest example of a district way out of control in pushing the Leftist line, take a look at Little Miami in Ohio. 91 more words


NYC Eateries Impose Coronavirus Fee

New York’s City Council – arguably the worst political body in America – has passed legislation which would allow the city’s restaurants to charge a 10% coronavirus fee… 363 more words


Columbia Band Drinks Kool-Aid

The Columbia University marching band has officially followed Jim Jones and indulged in Kool-Aid. The band is disbanding, you see, after members decided it was “founded on the basis of racism, cultural oppression, misogyny and sexual harassment.” So like all Leftist groups always do, the marching band is calling it quits. 58 more words


Voter contrasts on Trump

I’m just going to post these two pieces of Twitter video without further comment.

The first is from a person who is definitely not a supporter of Trump as she is asked about a Trump supporter being murdered in Portland a couple of weeks ago. 50 more words


"Where Are The Police?"

Irony is a harsh mistress, and the leftist members of the Minneapolis City Council are learning that lesson – good and hard. You see, the city is seeing… 506 more words