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How to Eat Your Food (and Stop Throwing it Out!) 

High food costs it hurt right in the wallet! Food costs rise every year–and your pay may not. But food waste rates have risen, too. Food waste in North America is 95-115 kg per capita per year (compared to 6-11 kg per capita in Africa!!!) according to the Food and Agriculture Association of the United Nations. 494 more words



I like to draw on leftover containers. As an added bonus, it tells me what’s inside and when I got them =D


No Food Wasted: Leftover Pasta, sausage, and Mac -n-cheese= pierogie casserole 

We had pasta with sauce one evening . I serve pasta and sauces separately , letting each person add what they want to their pasta. I have one kid who can’t eat tomatoes (and other acidic foods) and another who just like butter and cheese. 152 more words


God Wrote a Book

Here is another serving of Leftovers from Desiring God:

In life we often come to those crossroads where we’re struggling and confused, and can only respond by asking “Where else will I run?” Sometimes words are just words. 72 more words


Double Dog Omelette

What do you like on a hotdog?

Me? Well a good premium sausage, some onions and mustard, inside a fluffy finger roll. 170 more words


Let's Talk Trash-Trash Soup that is!

Trash Soup

You can make soup with just about anything!  One of the things I like to do is use up the leftovers from the week and make a nice hearty soup! 479 more words

Leftover Veggie Wrap

!Super easy, super fast! Leftover Wrap!

Basically, I stuffed my high-protein crepe with all the healthy ingredients I found in my fridge. This time, I had; 110 more words