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Recipe Box, BBQ Pork & Corn Torta & Parmesan Roasted Cauliflower

Our favorite go to meal is pork butt, also known as Boston butt,  cooked on the grill.  It’s easy to prep, all it needs is a good seasoned rub patted all over it, then put it on the grill, low and slow, and go about your day… 770 more words

Recipe Box

Spaghetti fritatta

I am not the type of person to have leftover pasta. I could quite happily eat it every day and one of the reasons that I don’t is that I always cook too much and generally eat it all. 210 more words


Tacos are not Cuban food.

But that’s okay!

You can make Cuban-style tacos using your leftover roast pork and black beans!

This is perfect for leftover black beans, as they tend to get really thick after a night in the refrigerator. 135 more words


Here Piggy!

Roast pork is a staple of Cuban cuisine. You’ll see it at birthdays, weddings, Christmas, and even next to the turkey at Thanksgiving. It is usually the the crown jewel of any Cuban grandma’s canon of recipes, not to be toyed with or made by anyone under the age of 50. 345 more words



Happy Wednesday everyone!

Thought I’d write a little about..well..composting. I’ve found that its something I do every day without really giving it a second thought, because it routine. 105 more words


I could swear dinosaurs had it easier

The dawn of time. Caveman and beast. The chicken and the egg. Some say dinosaurs. All they had to do was survive in order to have success. 209 more words