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How To Correctly Microwave Leftovers

You’re microwaving your leftovers WRONG!

The next time you microwave a big plate of pasta, try arranging it in the shape of a donut, with a hole in the middle. 22 more words


Using Leftovers

It’s that time of the week again when the fridge is starting to look a bit bare and the little pots of leftovers are taking over the middle shelf. 227 more words


DIY Steamed Pork Buns

Ok, I know this sounds ridiculously difficult and waaaaay outside the realm of easy-to-make supper recipes, but let me stop you right there. YOU can do this and it’s not that hard! 452 more words


Making the most of leftover roasts: Ragu with Pappardelle

As the weather starts to become more autumnal, a Sunday roast is reintroduced to our weekly dining schedule (which makes me sound so much more impressively structured than I actually am). 403 more words


Best by March 28th...but not really 

40% of food that is produced in the United States goes to waste. This statistic is shocking and I think more people need to be aware of the concern for wasting food. 174 more words


Gourmet Steak & Salad in under 30 minutes using leftovers!

This weekend I was pressed for time, ingredients, and under a lot of stress. I am in the process of moving so that presents its own challenges, but trying to eat well on top of moving your furniture, buying groceries, and still cleaning the house is an added stressor nobody enjoys. 289 more words