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“Leftovers are such humble things

We would not serve to a guest

And yet we serve them to our Lord

Who deserve the very best… 51 more words


The Leftovers

Ever felt yourself wondering Lord why me? Do you feel like your life is more like leftovers? I’m learning that it’s through those circumstances that God reveals to us the depths of our strength. 485 more words


Healthy Leftover Soup

Throwing out leftovers is wasteful and selfish. No judgement, just stating the truth. We used to be very wasteful and throw out leftovers all the time. 347 more words

Repurposing Leftovers: Chickpea and Leftover Sauce and Meatball Casserole

One of the many perks of being Italian-American is the delicious leftovers I get after a trip home. In an effort to stay healthy, I like to meal prep my lunches, and spaghetti and meatballs just don’t make the “healthy lunch prep” list. 365 more words


Feeling the Heat

Homily, August 20, 2017 on Matthew 15:21-28

Preaching is becoming a dangerous occupation. The homily/sermon is meant to help us connect the message from Scripture with our daily lives.  1,560 more words

Vegie soup using a medley of greens and tomato paste

I love combining a melange of things, especially things of the same variety. My two favourite melange categories are: a medley of mushrooms; and a medley of greens. 311 more words


Don't fritter it Frittata it.

In today’s world none of us have money to fritter away, yet we frequently throw away food.

The media and supermarkets tempt us  with new products on a daily basis, prompting us to disregard the food already lurking in our fridges and buy yet another product. 292 more words