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(Romanian) Meatballs for lunch, please!

Traditional Romanian meatballs are very different than the Belgian boulettes. If I weren’t so biased, I’d say they are much better, but hey!, I’m not even gonna dare going there. 336 more words

Under 5 EUR

Meal "Planning" Hacked

Good morning! Today I’m sharing my first actual food post, imagine that!

I got the idea from reading Clean Mama’s post Leftover Salads and thought I would share a few more tips on how to reuse your leftovers in simple – no recipe needed – ways. 790 more words

Homemade Croutons....Merry Blogmas!

Got some stale bread? Don’t throw it out-make these! Keep them in a sealed jar and use when you’re having soup or on a salad! 92 more words

A cheap, charitable model to solving hunger

I enjoy learning what my young adults ate or helping them figure out meal ideas on a budget. In return they provide me with a list of resources and referrals that I can pass on to others. 202 more words


Bubs' Pasta Pie

This past weekend I made Bubs’ Sauce and I wanted to think of a creative way to use the leftover sauce. I came up with a pasta pie and it was one of the best things I’ve ever made– EVER!! 590 more words


It might be time to bring in your plants!

A local tv anchor complained recently that the weather had “suddenly” turned cold. That’s the kind of astute observation that marks our local journalism.  The school district can lie, cheat and steal, but the mercury drops a few degrees and it’s NEWSFLASH! 655 more words