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Shredded or sliced cheeses
Diced ham, sausage,
bacon, or pepperoni
Veggies such as
broccoli, mushrooms, chili peppers, etc.
Chopped tomatoes, avocadoes, herbs, grated Parmesan… 194 more words


Must Read "Leftovers"

Why The Federal Government Fails, by Chris Edwards, at cato.org. This short article gives five reasons why Government fails. But like a lot of things, judging success and failure depends on the perspective of the person doing the judging. 316 more words


4 Simple Ways to Spice up Leftovers

There’s nothing fun about eating leftovers. Sometimes, they downright suck. It’s one thing to enjoy a meal when it’s hot, fresh, and not left over from another meal, but quite another thing when that’s your only option. 554 more words


My "Tortilla Espanola" - Cost: ~$10.00 - Feeds Forever

“Sorry guys, it’s been great hanging out with you all… but Mom just made Torta, I gotta go,” would be the words I’d say to my friends when Mom whipped this up. 647 more words


A Day in the Life, Part 2

I typically start my day with a light, nutritious breakfast. When I worked in the afternoon and evening, I would cook first thing in the morning and have a… 816 more words


A Tale of Three Burgers

In the last few weeks as my life has gone from crazy busy to just plain insane, I’ve eaten burgers out at three different fast food places. 266 more words

Life Observations

Weekend Success!

What a relaxed Saturday! I stayed in bed until I felt like getting out. When I did finally muster up the energy I made myself a turkey and cheese omelette with toast for 5 points+. 1,046 more words