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Forgotten Exercises: Cyclist Back Squats

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Just this week we spoke about Dr. Karl Klein and his 1960s research on the back squat. As a quick reminder, Klein found that squatting below parallel or pushing the knees over the toes was detrimental to the knee’s stability and long term health. 721 more words


Would I Lie To You😉...Get Deep into the Glutes and Legs to Effectively Sculpt!

Try these moves on for size…get deep into your glutes and legs for solid muscle-building and sculpting with these squat variations. These moves can easily be performed with dumbbells held at shoulder height for those working out at home! 22 more words

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Strength Training to Become a Fit Bride

I hate to admit it but it has been some time since I’ve regularly hit the gym. I play volleyball twice a week and go to a spin class about once a month, but it has been a few months since I’ve actively gone to the gym to workout. 568 more words


Day 1: LEG DAY

I workout in the evening. And when you know its going to be leg day, you just wish throughout the day that “KAAASSHHH!! Kaash aaj shaam hi na ho, duniya abhi khatm ho jaye!” 😜 1,004 more words


The History of the Front Squat

Having briefly discussed the history of the back squat some time ago, efforts were made over the past few days to create a similar account for the front squat. 869 more words