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Workout: Leg Day

‘They call me Dancing-With-Kettle-Bells’ because I do it so well’

Today is leg day.

A good leg workout not only challenges you but works on ALL those leg muscles in one full session.

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Leg Circuit

It’s #WorkoutWednesday! How about a simple leg circuit… because every day is leg day! Do 4-5 sets. You can do more than 10 reps for each move, and you can also add dumbbells to your step-ups if you wish. 7 more words


THE Pistol Squat Tutorial - 17 Exercises

Vídeo HERE: 

MEGA-Tutorial with progressions, complementary exercises, stretches, tips, muscles worked and mucho more!

Leg Exercises

Lying lateral leg raise

Lie flat on one side of your body with your legs together and extended. This is your starting position.
Raise your upper leg as high as you can and return to starting position. 19 more words

Leg Exercises

Standing lateral leg raise

To perform this exercise, stand next to a wall, chair or any firm object you might need to hold unto for support. Keeping the leg close to the firm object planted firmly on the ground and probably holding unto the object with the corresponding hand, raise the other leg as far out to the side as possible and swing back down. 21 more words

Leg Exercises

Seated calf raise

This exercise specifically targets your soleus muscles.
Sit on the edge of a firm surface and rest the ball of your feet on a platform about 7 inches high and your knees aligned over your toes. 56 more words

Leg Exercises

Toe raise

This exercise targets your tibialis anterior muscles.
To perform this exercise sit on a chair with your back straight and your feet slightly narrower than shoulder width apart. 42 more words

Leg Exercises