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5 Butt Exercises

It’ s already August, and that means it is almost fall!!! Fall is jean season, and we all want the perfect butt. Now is the time to start toning and firming, so our jeans fit just like  you’ve imagined since you started craving fall. 465 more words


Back Squats

The Olympic high bar back squat is a great exercise to build overall strength. Unlike the front squat, the back squat places slightly more emphasis on the hamstrings but also takes a bit of the workload off the quads. 107 more words


Incredible wheelchair leg exercise invention!

Wheelchair leg exercise device

This is the wheelchair leg exercise invention.  It was invented and made by David Lin Phd mechanical engineering professor, Jon Keller Physical therapist, and Robert Kimura Business manager and manufacturer. 66 more words

Lower Extremity

Olympic Front Squat

The Olympic front squat is the weightlifters bread and butter. A beautiful exercise that places heavy emphasis on the quads and aids in core strengthening. This type of squat allows for a near perfect erect torso, putting risk of back injury at a an absolute minimum. 108 more words


Blaster Exercise: Deadlift


How to do a Deadlift with The Blake Blaster:

  1. Stand with heels on the Blaster, feet hip width apart, toes pointed forwards
  2. cross the resistance bands and hold onto the bands below handles for desired resistance…
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Blaster Exercise: Curtsy Lunge


How to do a Cursty Lunge with The Blake Blaster:

  1. Stand with heels on the Blaster, feet together, and toes pointed forward
  2. Hold handles either down by sides or up by shoulders for extra resistance…
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Blaster Exercise: Plie Squat


How to do a Plie (or Sumo) Squat with The Blake Blaster:

  1. Stand with each heel on each edge (side) of the Blaster, next to the resistance bands.
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