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Butt Kickers!


  1. Stand with the knees close together, arms either down by the side of behind on top of the bottom
  2. Flex your left knee and the left leg behind you so it touches the glute, return that leg to the floor and repeat with the right leg…
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I'm dead!

I had an amazing leg session at the gym, could barely walk home when we were done! But that’s how it’s supposed to be :-) Was really crowded at the gym so we couldn’t take any pictures of the exercises we did, but I’ll write it down in case you would like some inspiration for your next leg day! 288 more words


Donkey Kick Exercise!


  1. Get on all fours so that your hands are shoulder width apart and your knees are straight below your hips.
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Leg Stretches ~

Early Morning Practices And Exercises~

In the efforts to continue to stimulate all of you to be more active, I will share another 2 practices I incorporate in my fit routine along with my love of Yoga and Walking;) … 81 more words

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SQUATS: The best lower body exercise!


  1. Stand tall with your feet hip width apart and your arms down by your side.
  2. Start to lower your body back as far as you can by pushing your hips back and bending your knees and pushing your body weight into your heels.
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FITLINDA 3-Day Healthy Body Challenge - Written version of workouts with YouTube links attached

Are you ready for a challenge?

3 short days, 3 quick high-intensity workouts, 3 nutritious meals (selected from Menu under Eat This Today).

The challenge here is to train for three consecutive days for short durations at high-intensity and to prepare three nutritious meals to complement these workouts on the same three consecutive days. 439 more words


my leg day workout

I’m excited to share my leg day workout with you guys!! Like I said, I am by no means an expert…these are simply the exercises that I find enjoyable and have seen personal results from!  59 more words