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The Best Leg Exercises For Seriously Toned Quads and Calves

If it’s strong, toned, lean legs you’re after, we have two words for you: Kayla. Itsines. Truly, have you seen this woman’s calves? Have you? The ultra-fit personal trainer and fitness entrepreneur (and her ripped body) is her own best marketing tool. 205 more words


Forgotten Training Protocols: 4 x 10 Clusters

For whatever reason some training systems remain in the public psyche while others fall to the wayside, continued only by a few dedicated and often fixated trainers. 1,143 more words


Tom Platz Leg Day

A legend in the Iron Game both for his physique and the intensity brought to his training, Tom Platz or the ‘Golden Eagle’, is synonymous with one of the most impressive quad sweeps in bodybuilding. 102 more words


Stiff-Leg DeadLift (My YouTube Video)

This is my demonstration of the stiff-leg deadlift/still leg deadlift on the smith machine.

This exercise does a great job with working the hamstrings on your leg day! 9 more words


Best legs in the biz

I work out. I do lots of squats, and other leg exercises in an attempt to get the legs of my dreams! Especially because I love, love, love to wear short shorts in the summer! 256 more words

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The Squat ...For Everything?

Written by Peary Rader in Ironman magazine in 1971, the following article details the great man’s love of the heavy squat as a means of hypertrophy. 1,727 more words


Leg Day Workout For Women

This has to be one of the best leg workouts for women because the exercises focus solely on the lower body and combine strength gaining with toning simultaneously. 231 more words