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Day 1: LEG DAY

I workout in the evening. And when you know its going to be leg day, you just wish throughout the day that “KAAASSHHH!! Kaash aaj shaam hi na ho, duniya abhi khatm ho jaye!” 😜 1,004 more words


The History of the Front Squat

Having briefly discussed the history of the back squat some time ago, efforts were made over the past few days to create a similar account for the front squat. 869 more words


4 Effective Leg Exercises That You Can Do At Home

They carry us through life day after day, thanks to them we can walk, run, race and jump. So to optimally strengthen our legs through targeted leg exercises, our leg muscles deserve it! 345 more words


5 Squat Variations You Need to be Doing

Rarely does the average gym-goer deviate from a standard barbell back squat; however, there are many variations of this classic lift that should be implemented into your workouts to create a well-rounded lifting program and overall physique. 395 more words