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Quad Focused Leg Day!


As I mentioned in my previous post I like to train legs twice a week. One day focused on quads and one day all for booty and hamstrings. 145 more words


Leg and Booty Building Workout 

Here is my full leg day workout I did last week. I train legs and booty twice a week. I don’t do the same workouts every week. 162 more words


No Sweat No Beauty, No Squat No Booty 

Best Glutes Exercise.

The glutes most powerful and largest muscle group. They contract to move your hips in every direction, powering you up, down, forward, backward, and side-to-side. 233 more words

At Home Resistance Band Workout

The other day I bought some resistance bands off Amazon. I had seen them used by many fitness gurus and thought they would be a fab piece of equipment to own to intensify my at-home workouts. 309 more words

Weight Loss

The Squat ...For Everything?

Written by Peary Rader in Ironman magazine in 1971, the following article details the great man’s love of the heavy squat as a means of hypertrophy. 1,727 more words


The Best Leg Exercises For Seriously Toned Quads and Calves

If it’s strong, toned, lean legs you’re after, we have two words for you: Kayla. Itsines. Truly, have you seen this woman’s calves? Have you? The ultra-fit personal trainer and fitness entrepreneur (and her ripped body) is her own best marketing tool. 205 more words