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Sigmund Klein and the invention of Leg Curl?

Lifters today often take machine training for granted. From leg presses to leg extensions, its easy to think that such inventions have existed since the dawn of the gym age. 239 more words


The History of the Front Squat

Having briefly discussed the history of the back squat some time ago, efforts were made over the past few days to create a similar account for the front squat. 869 more words


Beyond HIIT — A smarter approach to conditioning

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is popular and time efficient but are there better ways to get athletic fit with intervals?

I’m not going to spend half this article knocking HIIT. 652 more words


My Best 7 Bodyweight Leg Exercises

Have you tried these bodyweight leg exercises?

  1. Single leg press
  2. Lying leg raises
  3. Squats
  4. Lunges
  5. Seated leg raises
  6. Pistol squats
  7. Squat jump tuck

Combine with weighted leg exercises for even better results!


The Bodyweight Mastery October conditioning workout

Bodyweight training is ideal for athletic conditioning. Here’s my routine for October — the cliff notes version.

The workout

Warm up and explosiveness: Elbow instep / Squat to toe touches / Lateral knee drives / Lateral high knee runs… 407 more words

Athletic Training

Train Like a Pro 2016- September Review

September has been a month all over the place for me, first of all not having a gym available for the first ten days as well as moving home at that point. 379 more words

5 Butt Exercises

It’ s already August, and that means it is almost fall!!! Fall is jean season, and we all want the perfect butt. Now is the time to start toning and firming, so our jeans fit just like  you’ve imagined since you started craving fall. 465 more words