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22 July 2016

I had to work late on Thursday, so I moved Deadlifts to Friday. I still want to get in some decent strongman work Saturday morning though, so Friday night assistance was made relatively simple and nontaxing. 95 more words

12 May 2016

Relatively easy night planned.

warmup: prone spinal twists

Trap Bar Deadlifts

265 x 4
315 x 3
355 x 3
405 x 3
455 x 3… 70 more words

What are you doing today?

Everyone I meet is busy. It’s one of the automatic replies that comes from so many. “How are you doing?” “BUSY!” With all we have on our plates, finding the time to stay fit and healthy becomes a huge challenge. 509 more words

Fitness Thoughts

28 DEC 2015

28 DEC 2015

5:00 easy paced Jog (Increase incline last minute)
10 Air Squats
10 Walking Lunges
World’s Greatest Stretch

Back Squat: 2×5; 4×10… 71 more words


Week 0 - November 26, 2015

Front Squats: 5×10 @ 95lbs. – hard but manageable. Made everything fatigued.

Strict Press: 1×5 @ 30kg. – really couldn’t do it after front squats. Wouldn’t get anything out of it – moved on. 42 more words

Caliber's 6-Day Bodybuilding & Powerlifting Spectacular - Day 26 - Leg Day A

Greetings, all.

Some news for you, Geek’s Fitness now has it’s own instagram, so go ahead and check that bad boy out over @geeksfitness, where I promise it’ll be updated at least once a day. 482 more words

Weight Lifting

Basic fabrication: Better leg extensions

One of the things I use my multi-gym for is leg extensions – machines like this are generally more ergonomic and better designed for leg extensions than using an attachment on your FID bench. 514 more words