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IMPORTANT! [Efrain Jesus Rojas Mata]: The Best and Easiest Ways to Exercise at Work (Part II)

Whether you work at the office or you are a freelancer, we know you don’t have much free time to do some exercise. For this reason, we brought the second part of our series… 301 more words

Efraín Jesús Rojas Mata


Workout for 04.13.2016 Calves and Abs
Leg Extensions

3 Sets X 30 Reps

Thin Red Band
Glute Kickbacks

3 Sets X 20 Reps

Orange Band… 34 more words

10 Sept 2016

Saturday morning strongman workout. Did a teamup, and traded sets back and forth.

warmup: low back stretches between early DL sets

Deadlifts (long rests, SABOs, no belt) 239 more words

24 Aug 2016

I had squats today, but my knees hurt. Even my good knee felt twisted. I decided I would take a long warmup, long rests, find a stance that felt good, and go for one heavy set. 106 more words

8 Aug 2016

Some days, life is kicking your ass, and just getting to the gym is a challenge.

By the time I got to the gym, I only had an hour and a bit before they shut down for a massive weekly cleaning. 84 more words

2 August 2016

I was a super lazy shit during the long weekend. First day back in the gym tonight.

warmup: took long breaks in between my warmup sets to stretch out my low back and my hips. 300 more words

22 July 2016

I had to work late on Thursday, so I moved Deadlifts to Friday. I still want to get in some decent strongman work Saturday morning though, so Friday night assistance was made relatively simple and nontaxing. 95 more words