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06.Hippie Habits

Kate and Lauren discuss the hippie habits they picked up during their liberal arts education: menstrual cups, recycling and repurposing, natural cleaning products, natural grooming products, kombucha, almond milk, and the question of shaving their legs. 19 more words


Growing Up Pains

Just for the record, the three little cuties above are not my beautiful offspring, but those of a dear friend. So on to the subject of growing up pains. 890 more words



This is a topic that has been gnawing at the edge of my brain for a long time.

Women have been shaving their legs only recently in human history–and now it’s become so normal that there are men out there that believe women are naturally hairless, as we tend to get rid of hair, well, … 508 more words


Shaving vs Epilation: My experience

As a student I can’t really afford to keep heading to the beauty salon to have my legs waxed, especially with G wanting to progress with this career as well. 426 more words