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My Adventure with Fingernail Polish and I Also Bought an Epilator

Yesterday after I got out of work I went and bought a bottle of fingernail polish to try out. The blouse that I have is about a thousands different shades of green, so I thought green would be a good color and so that is what I was looking for. 1,055 more words


you know it's time to shave when

1. your leg hairs start to glisten like a lion’s mane

2. your friend┬ástarts to say “oh it’s not even noticea … ” and then stops mid-sentence… 15 more words

Burn your bra

It started about three years ago when Surfer Dan showed up on a ride with stubble. Leg stubble. Being a hairy chap, a week later it was a solid coating of fuzz. 574 more words