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Painted Toes

Everywhere around about the South Waikato region there are large areas of Pine being harvested. The land is then cleared with roots and scrub being swept into piles and burnt off before being replanted or turned into lush dairy farms. 218 more words


5 reasons you should totally be shaving with Olive Oil

If, like me,  you are a human being who shaves his/her/their legs/armpits/pubes/other you should throw out whatever foam, cream or gel you’re using and immediately switch to Olive Oil. 485 more words

Weight Loss: Short and Sweet

Last week I met a goal of losing a pound. How did I accomplish such a feat? By participating in an annual ritual to ready myself for spring and summer…….. 45 more words


My Adventure with Fingernail Polish and I Also Bought an Epilator

Yesterday after I got out of work I went and bought a bottle of fingernail polish to try out. The blouse that I have is about a thousands different shades of green, so I thought green would be a good color and so that is what I was looking for. 1,055 more words


you know it's time to shave when

1. your leg hairs start to glisten like a lion’s mane

2. your friend starts to say “oh it’s not even noticea … ” and then stops mid-sentence… 15 more words

Burn your bra

It started about three years ago when Surfer Dan showed up on a ride with stubble. Leg stubble. Being a hairy chap, a week later it was a solid coating of fuzz. 574 more words