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1.20 Oldest gets Older

We apparently have two night owls in the house.  Cassiopeia and Sirius were up late Friday night, though I think it’s because they knew they wouldn’t have to go to school the next day. 685 more words

Generation 1

Frenemies Chapter 2: Getting Along

The rest of Chelsea’s day was unremarkable. She spent the whole time exploring the house with Jessica’s mom. The Rhodes were quite a rich family; Mr. 1,197 more words

Chapter 3.3 - Separation

Guess who’s back again!
Uni is over until September and my game is finally running perfectly on my pc after a bunch of problems, which means the White family is finally back in business! 1,235 more words

Legacy Challenge

Frenemies Chapter 1: The Gist of It

It was already quite late in the afternoon when Jessica Rhodes regained consciousnesses. She was greeted by the unmistakable smell of spoiled pizza and a spinning sensation inside her head. 728 more words


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Chapter 1 – The Gist of It
Chapter 2 – Getting Along


The fire blazed on on Hopes room, everyone from the dorm tried to pill into the tiny little room, most in shock or horrified at the sight unfolding before them. 1,021 more words


Generation 1.1 - Love Story

We were both young when I first saw you.

Lillian was fishing at the park when she met Wyatt. It was one of the precious few days she had off from work and she had decided to unwind by the river. 403 more words

Legacy Challenge