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Morgan - 8

Morgan’s neighbor Justin sent out a last minute invite to the spice festival. Morgan’s pretty tired from a busy day, but she figures a blog post about the spice festival will be worth the late bed time. 88 more words

Ametrine Legacy

Morgan - 7

Today Morgan is exploring downtown for some pictures for her blog! She’s hoping to chat up some of the locals for some stories.

A nice photo of the wedding section of the park! 100 more words

Ametrine Legacy

Laffitte Legacy Chapter Two- Mystery Man

Daisy awoke the next morning to birds chirping loudly in her ears.

She opened her eyes slowly, confused as to where she even was for a few moments.  756 more words

Legacy Challenge

Morgan - 6

Morgan’s quiet and cozy writing nook is a bit overcrowded with crazy people today. It’s too hard to focus, so it’s time to head out and find an adventure for the day! 204 more words

Ametrine Legacy

1.12 In Sleep

“Hey Joaqy.”

—-“Hi Dad….”

“How was your day?”

Thump, thump, thump, went Joaquin’s heart. How was his day? Today he had suffered the worst embarrassment that anyone had ever endured. 790 more words


Morgan - 5

Nothing like waking up hungry in a park full of strange city dwellers. Time to hunt down some breakfast!

The city’s got it covered with several food stalls! 127 more words

Ametrine Legacy

Chapter 4.7- Birthdays

Boris was soon a toddler

The girls love doing their homework in the toddler room

Boris loves the new butler

Betsy loves being a pirate… 42 more words

Legacy Challenge