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Chapter 1.6

This coven has started off with a big, bloody BANG! I have enough memories from the past couple days to last a lifetime, and this cold castle is finally starting to feel like home because of that. 1,088 more words

BN: 2.11

Let’s start off with a birthday today, yeah? I’ve had such fun writing for the past two chapters but it only covered… four days in game. 738 more words

Legacy Challenge

Spare Stories: Lily Keen

Author’s Note:

I’m trying a new sort of entry – not sure how it’ll work, but these sorts of chapters detailing life outside of the legacy household will pop up periodically… especially if the character involved will show up again in the main legacy. 2,174 more words

Legacy Challenge

1.10 The Unexpected

When Siobhan told him that the doctor needed to check something out- that she may not be having a normal pregnancy- Elias became consumed with fear.  1,367 more words

Legacy Challenge

Rockmates {Legacy Challenge Part 1}

Hey everyone!
Welcome to the first part of the Brontë legacy. :)

We managed to get a job as a writer’s assistant. I love the career awards from that job and Pika has a passion for writing. 372 more words

Legacy Challenge

Chapter 1.5

Winter is here and I still have no coven to speak of. I had to move my chess set inside because of all the snow falling from the sky and trying to play chess in my big, empty, dank barn only highlighted just how lonely I am here. 851 more words