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Chapter Twenty-Eight: Don't Wish Your Life Away

With the house now significantly reduced in inhabitants, Rosalie decided to have the builders over and had the entire ground floor remodelled. 

She especially adored her new kitchen, it was small but oh so pretty and extremely easy to cook in. 547 more words

Generation Two

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Oh to be a Spare

Isla finally got talking to a guy she thought was cute from school. His name was Daniel Lee. They didn’t share any classes together but she had noticed him around for quite a while! 537 more words

Generation Two

1.11- New Addition

Emmanuel didn’t know what to think when Melanie announced her pregnancy and subsequently passed out into his arms. Should he be upset? Angry? Happy? Ecstatic? Above anything, he was surprised. 649 more words


Chapter 2.3 – Promises

So, after all my hard work I’ve finally reached my goal weight. Many long hours of jogging, treadmill running, swimming, salads and no-carb dieting went into me finally slimming down. 1,204 more words

The Sims 4

Disney Legacy Challenge- Chapter 27

Hello! I have another update yay :) I’m honestly really glad to be back and (hopefully) posting regularly from now on- being able to share my sims with you guys and be a part of this amazing community is truly an honor, you guys are some of the loveliest people I’ve met!! 1,424 more words

Sims 4

Chapter 2.2 – First Date

We finally renovated the house. Now Adrienne and I no longer share a bedroom, we each have our own. It’s still a work in progress but it looks good. 911 more words

The Sims 4

Chapter 38: Full House

Time passed. Amice and William grew older but remained as in love as they’d ever been.

Adelina’s small florist did so well that she was able to buy herself a shop on Main Street and hire staff to help her run it. 290 more words

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