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The Life of a Welch Ch2 Pg1

So I never exactly thought this day would come. You know the weird thing is that my entire life I have been told to go to college, but I never wanted to go to college. 201 more words


The Life of a Welch Ch 1 pg 10

This will be the last of my chapters. I am growing old and will die soon. It is now my daughter’s turn to be the head of the household as she is the only of my heirs. 206 more words


1.09 Flash Sale

Time waits for no couple. Abram and I slept for a little while, before the sun became too bright and I just couldn’t lay in bed anymore. 295 more words

Legacy Challenge

1.08 Marriage Whirlwind

So despite not having a full house, we are in no way cut off from the world. We received a flyer in the mail announcing the Romance Festival, and later I received an email to make sure I knew that it started. 415 more words

Legacy Challenge

The Life of a Welch Ch1 Pg9

Now that I am here it’s weird. I always knew I would become an old man, but I didn’t expect it to feel like this. It’s a bittersweet moment. 199 more words


Oullette "Build Newcrest" Legacy 1.0

Hiya! My name is Marielle Oullette! French name for a french gal, right? Lets see, a little about me… Well, i was born Marielle Oullette- or, Marie by my family. 1,045 more words

Chapter 6.08 – Birthday Girl

I slept in for once the morning of my birthday since it was on a weekend and I didn’t have to go to school. I always get up at the crack of dawn to start breakfast but since there were plenty of leftovers from Patrick’s wedding in the fridge I knew having something to eat wouldn’t be an issue. 1,228 more words

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