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Delilah & Anastasia

Delilah is another Graduated student of Allen Skye’s.  Her former school put her under the fighting teacher as she was in for murder, though no weapon was found.   261 more words


Vote for the Generationalist!

It’s that time again; readers get to choose who you think should be the next Torch-Wielder!  Which of the 3 Wolfe Teens will continue on the Legacy Challenge into the Generations expansion?  86 more words

Legacy Challenge

Chapter 2.5

About a year after the conversation with Dr. Conway, I found myself with a master’s degree in biomedical science and a hefty promotion.

Since that fateful day, my life had turned into an absolute whirlwind. 2,764 more words

Sims 3

Victor & Nikki Wrend

Victor Wrend was the fighting teacher at the school for criminal reform.  He truly believed that the students needed reform and his job was to beat them into shape, literally if it came to that.   228 more words


Chapter 7.13 – Against Me

Mom was silent the entire drive home. She said nothing else other than telling me to get in the car. I listened without protest because I saw how pissed off she was and I didn’t want it to turn into a big scene. 1,974 more words

The Sims 4

Lissa & Adrian Argon

Lissa Argon is the art teacher at the afore mentioned school of criminal reform.  Here she is with her husband who wasn’t part of the original story.   93 more words


The Keen Legacy 2.52: Tribute

Kingston had been dead for two months, and the Keen family still lived in a haze.

Rose, barely aware of sleep, woke late in the night to bake, and the next day the kitchen would be full of food. 260 more words

Legacy Challenge