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1.40 More Joy

I should be writing, but I had inspiration to paint while I was in the early stages of my pregnancy. And Brennen wanted to spend time with me while I painted so he decided to try his skills at making a sculpture. 490 more words

Legacy Challenge

Sims 4 Legacy Ep 3: WALLS!!!!!!?!?!?!

Nugua’s third episode in her legacy lets play, where she gets, WALLS!!!!!

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Sims 4

Chapter 61: Shop girl

Sorry for the silence, folks. I moved house and only just got my Internet line installed. Without further ado…

Nothing made Victoria happier than being with Baldric. 446 more words

Legacy Challenge

A Showtime Story, Part II: Monogamy is Dead, Apparently

Ugh.  I’m sorry this is so late.  I’ve been sick, and then my sister has been having boyfriend troubles, so I’ve had to drop everything and help her, and… I just really want to get back to the main family.   1,145 more words

A Royal Prettacy

1.39 Busy Days Ahead

Life has been very busy since Andromeda was born. After talking to Brennen and getting his agreement, I went and tried out the fertility massage. So we’re hoping that it will help in gaining us another set of twins. 489 more words

Legacy Challenge

Chapter 3: First Times

Damon was ready to do it. It should be easy. All he had to do was ask, right? But even the smallest thought of his plan made him feel so nervous. 1,105 more words

Disney Legacy Challenge

2.6 Vacation Pt 1

So originally I had the twins ageing up in this chapter, but then I realised the continuity of it wouldn’t be right because they couldn’t be 5yrs when Belle goes to uni unless she waits but then I don’t want her to wait… and then I got a new expansion pack as I said in the last post so this kind from that. 672 more words