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Days 1-5, Valdez Legacy Journal (Sims 4)

Sunday -Thursday, Week 1

Well, I finally left the Pleasant View Orphanage behind me and moved into the real world! My parents left me §1,800 and the empty plot of land where their house used to stand, before the fire destroyed it. 855 more words


Keeping up with the spares!

Even though my story is a legacy and is meant to be focusing mainly on the lives of heirs, I can’t help but care about  the spares, too. 1,514 more words

Disney Legacy

1.10 Not Horror Movie!

So… after a week of working and saving money I managed to buy a decent shower and a sort of mini-refrigerator. Yay!..

Ehem, at first I was excited, but then began thinking about the future and figured out that… maybe it wasn’t the best money spending decision. 332 more words

First Generation

1.3: The Spouse Search Continues

The first thing I did the next time I checked in on Lily was to spend some (most) of the aspiration points she had collected on the Observant trait. 1,341 more words

Legacy Challenge

Chapter 5.17 – Testing

“Okay, I finished the serum. Do you want to be my test subject?”

“No way! Next thing I end up an ice cube like Wolf. I’ll pass!” 1,742 more words

The Sims 4

1.9 Date. Again

After the perfect night with Gunther I finally decided to write a book. Children book. Yeah, you probably know about my hate towards kids, but hey – it doesn’t mean that I can’t write a children book. 279 more words

First Generation

#BuildNewcrest 2.5

Hello, everyone!

From this point on, I will no longer be writing in only the perspective of the current heir, although most of the updates will still be focused on that character and their story. 724 more words

The Sims 4