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2.4 Birthday Joy

Day two on my new job. Treating patients has been an exhilarating experience. It’s still stumping me when I analyze their samples, but the other doctors on call say that soon enough I’ll have a better grasp of it and be able to diagnose my own patients. 425 more words

Legacy Challenge

Disney Legacy Challenge- Chapter 37

Hello :) Welcome back to another chapter of the Tanzanite Legacy- and a very exciting one at that, because Tiana had finally saved up enough to purchase the restaurant of her dreams! 646 more words

Sims 4

Chapter 11: Life goes like this

Mel sighed. She felt really bad that Alexander had to face her fiery little sister on his own. It could be quite traumatic to encounter Camilla unprepared and unaware of her temper. 951 more words

Disney Legacy Challenge

2.3b - Small Words

So, I know I passed this blog onto Draco, but I couldn’t help but sneaking in a quick post because of what happened the night he had his fiancee stay over. 383 more words

Legacy Challenge

Chapter 4.03 – Intervention

“Oh great!” I mumbled to myself when I saw Ayden proposing to Leni. And I was having such a great day too. My store was almost complete, I met a very helpful business contact, my merchandise was on the way to being delivered by the wholesalers, and yet I come home to this! 2,117 more words

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2.3 Moving Fast

This morning I got a wonderful surprise when I heard a knock on the door. Andromeda stopped by for a little family time and to check on Mom. 264 more words

Legacy Challenge

Chapter 10: Millie Makes a Mess

Eira was a little worried. She was never dealing with a rebellious teenager before – her four older kids experienced peaceful and calm teenage years. Sure, they had some minor issues and challenges to overcome, but it was always somehow natural. 920 more words

Disney Legacy Challenge