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Opposition (Homecoming part two)

I woke in his arms, the sun rising high. I checked my watch in the moonlight, it was barely 10am. Silently and swiftly I slid from his grasp and to the window sill; well versed in moving so that I did not wake him. 424 more words


G1.3 - A New Life in the World

It had been a month since their wedding day, and things could only be getting better for the newlywed couple. Their jobs were progressing smoothly and they were making decent income together, enough so that their dream house was really coming together nicely. 3,353 more words


The Bagrov Legacy [Chapter 22]

Hello hello and welcome back to the Bagrov legacy! Last time, our child-hating heiress, Mariya, got pregnant by her husband Isaiah and they had a baby girl named Natalya. 1,416 more words

1.29 Little Girl isn't so Little

It seems like yesterday that I brought Cassiopeia home from the hospital, little and pink and adorable. Not to say she isn’t still adorable. But, well, she’s not so little anymore, and she’s not so dependent on her parents anymore. 543 more words

Legacy Challenge

1.28 Double Trouble

Today, we had a double dose of happiness. Apparently Draco and Orion both fall on the same date birthday wise. Draco turned into quite the handsome little child. 317 more words

Legacy Challenge


Dear Diary,

I really ought to catch you up! I know, I know, it’s been months since I last wrote but believe me I’ve been busy! 340 more words


Price Legacy Challenge - Chapter 4.11 - A House Fit For A Legacy Challenge

Why. Why do I keep doing this to myself. I build and build and I’m never 100% happy with the layout or floor plan. It takes too long to get to one side of the house to the other, there’s large open spaces that serve no purpose, there’s too much clutter, there’s not enough clutter. 155 more words

The Sims 4