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1.07 Suspicions

“How long were you planning on having bare walls and cement floors?” Siobhan questioned. Elias shrugged.

“What, you don’t like bare walls?” he teased. Talking with her again felt great even if they weren’t together. 1,038 more words

Legacy Challenge

Chapter 6.33 – Perfect

I’m about ready to pop!

Ugh. This last trimester was really kicking my butt. It’s probably because I’ve been working so hard. I still stay at the restaurant until closing time which means I end up working 14 hour days, 7 days a week. 1,314 more words

The Sims 4

1.3 - Geek Love

Miko invites Chaz to Geekycon! This might be a match made in sim-heaven!

Chaz: Hey, look, it’s Llama Man!

Miko: And Mrs. Impossible!

ISO: Do they really broadcast this many sim tv shows on Orion 13? 305 more words

Sims 4

1.2 - When to Wear Clothes

The next day, Chaz decides to invite Miko over.

ISO: On earth, it’s not customary to greet guests in your pajamas…

Miko: Been out for an early morning run? 361 more words

Sims 4

BN: 2.02

I have never played with a gloomy sim before. It does make me sad that Adonis sometimes wakes up sad. 292 more words

Legacy Challenge

The Keen Legacy 1.20: Midnight Hollow

Dear Rose,

I know I promised to write after I left. Sorry! I know it’s almost your birthday so hopefully this gets to you in time. 39 more words

Legacy Challenge

1.06 When Bygones Return

Elias was keenly aware of his pounding heart as he walked around to the front of the karaoke bar. This would be his first time seeing Siobhan since they ended things. 493 more words

Legacy Challenge