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Chapter 5.29 – Mothering Ability

My baby boy has grown into the most adorable, inquisitive little boy I have ever met. In some ways he reminds me of my brother when he was that age – always asking questions, always wanting to learn something new. 2,193 more words

The Sims 4

Keating Update

Hey simmers and welcome to another Keating update post. Another week has flown by and another Keating has celebrated a birthday. Henry became a teen this week and we officially have two insane sims in the household. 708 more words

Legacy Challenge

The Keating Heir

Hey simmers, and welcome to another Keating Legacy Challenge post. Since the eldest Keating child, Margaret, is going to be a young adult in just seven days, I decided to go ahead and determine the heir. 141 more words

Legacy Challenge

1.1 Beastie and the Moving Crew

The men who dropped off her brand new, state of the art, second hand cheap as chips furniture were confused.

“Where dya want the desk and computer?” they asked. 351 more words

#BuildNewcrest 2.12

Fear and shock overtook her body as she stood in the small bedroom. The air was thick and stale, as if it had been undisturbed for quite some time. 296 more words

The Sims 4

second goodbye

howwwwdyyy y’all! how’s it goin’? all good, all good i hope.

it’s currently very early morning (or perhaps very late evening) in my neck of the woods, but i thought i’d get a post up because i’m feeling like it’s gonna be a good one.. 3,012 more words


Prologue: Sally on the Shore

The air was slick with salt as Sally Smitty emerged from the shore, a crazed look in her eyes. It takes alot for a girl to survive a shipwreck like that, and even more the strange things out at sea. 461 more words