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How terrible endings can set us off on a rant

While the good endings stick with us and are remembered fondly, the bad endings, the truly bad endings, even several years later, can set us off into a furious rant.  837 more words

Top 10 Playstation One Games

The year is 1994, Nintendo had the SNES and SEGA had the Saturn both still going strong without any real competition. The industry was craving something new, something revolutionary, something next-gen. 1,497 more words


Nosgoth - 'War Is Upon Us' trailer, još malo pa će i zatvorena beta

Square Enix je objavio novi trailer za Nosgoth, free-to-play PvP kopile serijala Legacy of Kain

Zatvoreno alfa testiranje se bliži kraju, prijave za zatvorenu betu moguće na službenim stranicama… 19 more words


Be One of the First to Play Nosgoth


Once the vampires from Nosgoth take arms against the humans, I am going to run to the vampires and be like, “I want to live forever! 154 more words


Legacy of Kain

In the grand mass of games on the market nowadays, nothing really seems to be able and elevate itself beyond and above the usual. Main trait to every modern game is graphics. 267 more words


Raziel - more photos

Hi guys, have rested up a bit more and got some clearer photos off my camera. Most are in the school studio which was just a little messy  61 more words

Top 10 Video Games That Need A HD Remake

Written By Raptures Lost

There are plenty of video games today that get high praise for impressive graphics, art style and gameplay. Even though the gameplay of past titles stand the test of time it’s always prevalent that the visuals are lacking and in some cases they’re just plain awful. 1,422 more words

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