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Blood is Thicker Than The Water

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Seeing your great-grandfather’s photo take during the Great Recession… 561 more words

Writing And Expression

SB 3.28: Taler du Engelsk?

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen3, Edamame

Week 10/Tuesday

Edamame: Hey, Jax. Since we both have Never Weary, wanna do Soulmates together?
Jax: Thought you’d never ask!
Edamame: As much as I love your Matrix look, the sunglasses are a bit out of place in our boudoir… 1,371 more words

Sims 4

I would hope my legacy ...

I would hope my legacy would be bringing smiles to faces. Happiness with my music.

Janet Jackson

Just Smile :)

Your Resume vs. Your Eulogy

Every day we are creating our eulogy.  Our walk speaks louder than our talk. Actions will be remembered as words are said or not said.  What will they say about you at your funeral?  483 more words

5.18: Politics

“”Hey, want to come to San Myshuno with me when I announce my candidacy?”“Oh, me? Um, sure.”


So nine hours later, we drove out to Uptown for her to give her speech. 434 more words

Sims 4

My Grandpa's Dog Tags

My grandpa Sarge passed away January 6, 2002. His nickname was Sarge, his real name was Pablo Joseph Espinoza. I was told he got the name Sarge after he returned from the Air Force. 437 more words

Aung San Suu Kyi

Welcome to yet another human that is both revered and distrusted by the international community. Today I am introducing you to Aung San Suu Kyi. 897 more words