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Leaving a Legacy

Here are a few of my most valued possessions. This quilt rack is in proudly displayed in our bedroom.

The two on front and back left were hand stitched by my Grandma Bunton, probably somewhere in the 1950’s. 1,012 more words

A Mama's Heart

Gen.9 vote RESULTS

Here it is guys.

The tightest vote in Whitelight history. Who will carry on the torch?

First day Nikita was easily winning, second Niko was easily winning, but the true winner is… 183 more words

1st Generation Dreamer.

1st generation college student . It’s a phrase you hear that all the time and I , for a while, thought that that would be my title . 323 more words

Just Talk



It was written on the birthday of a certain Wendy-bird, as a farewell for a certain Wendy-bird, as a thank you can only manage  with miles of terrestrial deafness hindering all Eucharist of this one Wendy-bird who changed the life of a certain nobody. 491 more words


Formalizing Foundations: Viruses (1936-1948) Part 2

Let’s continue where we left of, in part one of the post we looked at the basic definitions of some of the constructs we will use such as: Turing Machines, Recursive and Recursively Enumerable functions, Universal Turing Machine etc. 915 more words


From Generation to Generation

In Joshua Chapter four, the Israelites have just crossed over the dry ground of the Jordan whose waters the Lord parted.  They are on their way to Jericho. 567 more words