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Life's Endless Hallways

Life’s Endless Hallways

Each day goes by like a class period

My life is nothing more than another high school class

The one that I could care less about… 279 more words


What our Young People (and the rest of us) Need.

Watch the news….or on second thought, don’t. It’s bad. Putin is being passive agressive, North Korea is building nukes, Kim Kardashian ate a Pretzel. (Not sure what is the worst in the list). 221 more words

Abundant Life

Chapter 16. - Happy birthday?

On Sunday Agnes woke up her father at seven am. Thanks for letting your old man sleep in on his day off, sweetie.

They got to spend some quality time together before Selena woke up an hour later.  519 more words

Sims 4

The Next Few...

One of my friends from church has a preteen daughter, and recently she posted a picture of her daughter’s new purity ring on Instagram.

Seeing it… 103 more words


I AM is in your Am Nots

I may not be the most talented person out there, but I have an ace up my sleeve. I am not smarter than the intellectuals, but I have knowledge that makes all the difference. 260 more words

Cat Spring, Texas - Why Wouldn't They Want To Live There?

Today is my oldest grandson’s tenth birthday.    The General (aka – my wife) and I had the good fortune of spending Friday night in Cat Spring and being present Saturday morning for a birthday brunch hosted by William’s other grandmother.  1,050 more words


April 21, 2015

Today was my grandpa Wayne’s funeral.

Afterward, we all gathered at the house. As the crowd started to dwindle, I walked through the house from one room to the next. 335 more words

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