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Oh Kenny, the things you make me think...

Today as we sat eating supper (my Gram says calling it dinner is for the “rich folk”-unless it’s Sunday, then it’s dinner)haha- but as we sat eating supper we started having a conversation about our earliest memories. 499 more words

Nothing Hidden: Light Under A Basket

Mark 4:22
22 For there is nothing hid, which shall not be manifested; neither was any thing kept secret, but that it should come abroad. 410 more words


flashback: Kiarostami at Indiana University

In April 2014 Abbas Kiarostami visited the IU Cinema . Along with multiple public presentations, he sat for this private interview.

at the 5:25 mark Kiarostami is asked What would you like your legacy as a filmmaker or as an artist to be? 


Gen 4.4 The Fluttering Heart

Previously on the Jameson Legacy:

 Brodie graduated and became the first Jameson to go to college!

 His first presentation was a big success, and he was asked to present it in front of the law enforcement education school officials. 2,195 more words

Sims 3 Story

The Challenge

The short version is this… As I transferred the video for the promised vlog to my laptop, while out of town, I inadvertantly deleted the most important portion of video.   688 more words

Mother Moments

RISK: Legacy

“NOTE: What’s done can never be undone.”

Husband is a huge gamer geek.  As in, he loves playing all games, ever.  Video games, board games… Dungeons and Dragons, Pandemic, Cards Against Humanity..

430 more words

Chapter 2.3: Dear J, Growing Up is Hard

I was a goner, completely undone by the kiss. Had I known it would overpower me so completely, I never would have been careless enough to engage her in that way. 2,582 more words

Noble Doubt