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Memorial Day’s True Legacy - Mark Thompson May 29, 2016

A more peaceful world, amid continuing war

Memorial Day is all about remembering those in uniform who have died in service of the United States. But it’s also important to remember what they died for. 245 more words

Point Of Interest

Kosovo: Hillary Clinton’s Legacy of Terror

From Antiwar.com, by Justin Raimondo

Kosovo is Clinton Country: a 10-foot-high statue of Bill overlooks “Bill Clinton Boulevard” in the capital city of Pristina. 930 more words

War On Terror


most of politics are

rich people telling

poor people

that other poor people

are stopping yet other poor people

from being rich people

who might pour the same into people… 144 more words

Spaghetti Knots

What can rich Americans do to help our country?

Several of the tenets of the Pro American Party are aimed at leveling the playing field for all Americans, especially the poor.   In this respect, those with great wealth have been asked to contribute more so that we can change the basic structure of our society.   535 more words

First blog post

I started this blog so that I could have a place for my thoughts that is easily accessible wherever I may be. I don’t expect anyone will ever find this. 150 more words

Directionless Musings

Reality Reflection: Decoration Day

Did you know that Memorial Day began as “Decoration Day” back in 1868? It was established by the Union veterans after the Civil War as an opportunity for everyone to decorate the graves of the war dead with flowers. 198 more words


Supporting Our Troops

On Wednesday I shared about the value of hiring veterans in your business. As we continue to think about Memorial Day coming up on Monday I wanted to talk a bit about what the rest of us can do if we don’t have businesses, and how we can support veterans in general. 420 more words