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Nigeria: Office of Public Defenders Harps On Free Legal Services for Indigent Persons

The director, Lagos State Office of the Public Defender (OPD), Mrs Olubunkola Salami, has said the state government is resolved to ensure that all residents in Lagos, have access to justice‎ irrespective of their financial strength. 13 more words

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South Yorkshire Solicitors to meet over LGFS and Crime Cuts 28.2.17 Sheffield

Following on form our last post over the LGFS Scheme Cuts and the AGFS proposals , we can confirm that South Yorkshire Solicitors have fixed a meeting at Sheffield Magistrates Court at 1pm on Tuesday 28th February 2017 to discuss the cuts . 16 more words


Different types of lawyers and how to find them

Finding great lawyers near you can assist with dealing in your legal court case can be a difficult challenge although it doesn’t have to be. There are several great ways in which you can go about finding a great legal representative near you who will be able to take care of you and your legal need. 288 more words

Adrian Zuckerman: The Law’s Disgrace

In the article by Tom Hickman, “Public Law’s Disgrace”, Hickman laments the fact that the “vast majority of the population have no access to judicial review in any meaningful sense.” He goes on to say that this “is because of the rule, derived from private law, that if a claim is lost the claimant must pay the costs of the defendant …” He therefore suggests the introduction of a one way costs shifting rule in applications for judicial review whereby if the applicant wins she recover her costs, but has to pay nothing if the public authority is successful. 2,341 more words

Judicial Review

Guest Post by DefenceGirl: The fallacy of the fat cat legal aid lawyer

In the coming months, the tabloid “fat cat legal aid lawyer” staples are likely to re-emerge and recur with a vengeance, following the Ministry of Justice’s plans… 1,467 more words

I have been left out of a will, and it`s not fair. What can I do?

Options after being left out of a will

In these current dark days of the unknown when the cupboard is bare, and money is non-existent, people look to their friends and family for help financially. 844 more words

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"This is Grassroots"

A Snapshot of the Woodlawn Legal Clinic and the Community that Made it Happen

Working in civil legal aid, you become accustomed to limited resources and occasional setbacks. 1,019 more words

Why Our Work Matters