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Who is doing legal aid? The statistical evidence

On 15 June 2015, I wrote a short note on the then recently published Annual Report of the Legal Aid Agency. I deplored the fact that, by comparison with its predecessor – the Legal Services Commission (whose Annual Reports not only reported on how the organisation was doing but also on the work undertaken by legal aid providers, the innovations it was seeking to introduce and the concerns it felt about the overall robustness of the scheme for delivering legal aid services), the Legal Aid Agency’s report was very narrowly focussed on corporate concerns.There was no information about the services being delivered to the public. 759 more words

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Sponsorhip Canada | In Canada Vs Out Of Canada

Couples wishing to apply for spousal (or common law) sponsorship are often faced with a dilemma. Should they use the in-Canada method or the out-of-Canada method? 1,303 more words

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Legal Aid Cuts: The Impact and What To Do If You Need It. An Interview with Ian Anderson

Hey, if you want my opinion on the cuts to legal aid and the action lawyers are taking to fight the government and you also want to visit the blog of a talented author and socio-political commentator then click this link! 18 more words

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Legal Aid Cuts: The Impact and What To Do If You Need It. An Interview with Ian Anderson

Today’s interview is a little different, I will be asking questions to Ian Anderson, a solicitor from Ison Harrison Solicitors, head of regulatory law and complex crime, in relation to the current strike by lawyers and their refusals to take on new legal aid cases.  1,840 more words


Another Day, Another Dollar

I write this as I am on a train on the way to court. I have forgotten my headphones so, unless the whole carriage feels like sharing in the experience, no Paddington Bear for me. 764 more words


ATJ Commissions Planning Survey Shows Energy, Common Directions and Interest in Multi-State Networking

After the Access to Justice Commissions meeting this spring in Austin, the Commissions were invited to respond to a brief survey as to their interest in following up on the areas for possible initiatives that had been the focus of the meeting. 491 more words


High Lifetime Chance of Being Poor Suggests a New Legal Aid/ATJ Funding Argument

For decades we have been struggling with the fact that we think that many, perhaps most, people are resultant to fund legal aid, and particularly means-tested community-based legal aid because they think that it will never help them. 454 more words

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