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Criminal legal aid changes - recent decisions

It is, to me, one of the curiosities of public life that U-turns are usually portrayed in the mass media as a sign of official/political incompetence. 768 more words

Chapter 5


This is an intercepted (but entirely imagined) Whatsapp conversation.

CeeGee: Bro!

The GoveMeister: sup

CeeGee: You seen my main man Davey C? Been tryin to bell him up but he ain’t taking my call, bro.

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Legal Aid

Access To Justice: More for Less

The new Access to Justice Commission has cast people’s need for advice and representation in terms of ‘public entitlement’.  On his blog outlining the initial phase of its work, Sir Henry Brooke writes; 347 more words

Skeleton Argument

Why is civil legal aid always the poor relation when it helps people in debt, women escaping violence, prevention of homelessness, etc.?

Towards the end of January, the government announced it was scrapping a controversial new contracting scheme for criminal legal aid.

The justice secretary Michael Gove said that there had been ‘significant’ developments since July last year. 231 more words


Double edged Gove

You know that feeling you have when you get invited to a fancy dress party and you think dead carefully about what you’re going to wear and go out and get it only to find, when you turn up at the party, that actually the host cancelled the theme at the last minute? 542 more words

Court of Appeal restricts funding for actions against the police etc

We reported in 2014 on the case of Sisangia, R (on the Application of) v Director of Legal Aid Casework EWHC 3706 (Admin). The LAA had been interpreting para 21(4) of Part 1 Schedule 1 of LASPO to require there to be a credible allegation of dishonesty or bad faith before it would grant an application for funding to bring a challenge on the grounds of abuse of position by a public authority. 348 more words


Mr Gove must now hammer the final nail into Grayling’s legacy – and abolish the Innocence Tax

Last week, David Cameron offered a masterclass in how to employ a dead cat to maximum effect. A political tactic chiselled from the wisdom of Lynton Crosby – the Snarf to Cameron’s Liono, to maintain the theme – the Dead Cat postulates that, when events are going against you, you throw a dead cat on the table. 1,077 more words