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A small but potentially significant win for risk benefit assessment

How often do you hear that the ‘health and safety culture’ cannot be resisted? That fear of litigation makes people unwilling to accept the slightest possibility of accidents or injuries? 277 more words


What Your Legal Priorities Should Be at Every Stage of Your Startup

The most common question entrepreneurs ask me is “What legal issues should I be concerned about for my business?” Although tempted to fall back on the mantra of the legal profession and respond with, “It depends,” I know that’s the last thing business owners want to hear. 870 more words


Tracing Sanger's Steps: The Beginning of Legalized Birth Control

Throughout the history of the United States, the judicial system has been used as a mechanism for social change. Consider some of the most monumental decisions, from… 821 more words

Margaret Sanger

Sometimes I want to bang my head against the wall. Law vs Intellect.

I knew this would happen.

When I first saw Talc-gate on Wednesday night I felt sick to my stomach because it confirmed my worst fear, that evidence was no longer needed to win a trial that involves chemicals and people who have cancer and that a logical, thorough and intellectual approach to investigating such cases was no longer necessary. 1,950 more words


Playground claim thrown out in landmark court judgement

A claim for compensation after a playground accident has been rejected in a precedent-setting legal case in the Supreme Court of British Columbia. The civil claim was made against the municipality of Saanich, following an accident during a game of ‘grounders’ (a chase game played on and around fixed play equipment that my daughter and her London friends would know better as ‘off-ground touch’). 699 more words


Federal Reserve Board: Legal Cases against the Board

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

Legal Cases against the Board (current as of February 11, 2016)

(Case dockets can be accessed through… 713 more words