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Cases against Dr. Arindam Biplab Basu

Cases filed against Dr. Arindam Biplab Basu the CEO/Promoter/Co-Founder/Director/51% Shareholder of HealOne Holistic Healthcare Private Limited.

He has only appeared in 3 cases

Arindam Basu

Tough Love from RobotHugs

How to be a Perfect Rape Victim.  The emotionally honest geniuses at Robot Hugs made a devastating comic about how frustrating and demoralizing it is to report a sexual assault. 121 more words

Info Comics

Namibian comics aim to help assault victims and those falsely accused

From The Legal Assistance Centre in Namibia comes a series of comics that instruct readers on how to identify, report, and respond to cases of abuse and sexual assault. 170 more words

Info Comics

BBC news story flagrantly manipulates statistics on school accident claims

[Update 16 May 2017: the BBC has rejected a complaint I submitted about the story. Its response includes a blatant untruth. The piece is still online and, so far as I can see, unchanged. 1,180 more words


Gillibrand's quest for military justice

Artist Adam Zyglis (The Buffalo Post) depicts Senator Gillibrand in her efforts to change military policy.

Senator Kristin Gillibrand of New York has been working for 3 years to pass a bill that would shift the prosecution of military sexual assaults to military lawyers, and out of the hands of the military chain of command.   32 more words


Upcoming Book Review: Mel's Story: Surviving Military Sexual Assault

Doonesbury’s Gary Trudeau dedicates more than 100 pages to the story of one soldier who experienced sexual assault by a commanding officer.

A book review will be posted soon.

Sexual Assault

Cosby Comics

Remember when we used to laugh with Bill Cosby?  There are a lot of editorial comics about our fallen hero these days.  You can see a nice collection at… 21 more words

Sexual Assault