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Consent is Power

I’m in the process of writing a guest post for a good friend of this blog, and I’ve been having to read a couple articles which get under my skin. 647 more words


Women are raped from the day they're born

Rape is more than the uninvited penetration of a woman’s body by a man. It’s more than being overpowered, abused and shamed. It’s more than the body parts involved, it’s the psychology of it all. 1,531 more words

There's a word for that:

Have you ever just, had a bad feeling? I’m not talking about doom or bad luck. I’m talking about an awful gut feeling that something terrible happened. 1,257 more words


Not protected any more.

I recently turned 16. This is a significant age for people as it expands our rights drastically. One of the main things that happen is that sex becomes legal. 284 more words


Redefining "Consent".

In light of the recent deaths of Rhetaeh Parsons and Audrie Pott, and the apparent lack of knowledge of what the term “consent” actually means, a… 634 more words

Rape Culture

Petition for prohibition of bestiality video creation and distribution; other protections against exploitation

Please sign this petition at Change.org to make bestiality videos illegal.


~~How this works (Synopsis): Porn and torture videos are invasive, and not necessary for the sustenance or well being of the participants, thus nobody can sign for them. 705 more words