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Legalese = words and expressions typically used in legal documents that most people find difficult to understand.

5 signs of “legalese” from www.prdaily.com.

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Visit to the Old Bailey...

Yesterday some of our students visited the Old Bailey, the Central Criminal Court in London. We are very pleased to report that all of them managed to leave successfully. 236 more words

19. Legalese

by Marc A. Grinker

Source: http://www.kentlaw.edu/academics/lrw/grinker/LwtaLegalese.htm

1.  Do not use legal argot in an effort to “sound like a lawyer.” There are many words and phrases one might associate with legal writing but which have a tendency to obscure the meaning of a sentence. 538 more words

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Legal English Classes in London

We work with the leading provider of courses in Legal English to deliver effective language training course packages for lawyers, law firms and legal departments seeking specialist tuition in this complex field of English. 136 more words

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18. Legal Reasoning

Source: Andrew Terry and Des Giugni, Business and the Law, 5th Edition, 2009, Engage Learning, p133

Despite the colourful claims of some lawyers who would assert that the law possesses what amounts to a monopolv on techniques of reasoning, what they say is simply not true. 387 more words

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Legal Writing - A company is an "it"

One of the easy-to-fix yet key issues I have seen in legal writing, both by native English speakers and Turkish lawyers, is referring to a company as “they.”  It is something we commonly do as we speak English even though it is incorrect. 72 more words

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17. The snail that made legal history

By Clive Coleman
BBC Radio 4

How a case about a snail gave power to modern consumers and launched a million lawsuits.

This is the story of how our modern law of negligence came about all because of a fizzy drink. 799 more words

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