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Legal Writing - A company is an "it"

One of the easy-to-fix yet key issues I have seen in legal writing, both by native English speakers and Turkish lawyers, is referring to a company as “they.”  It is something we commonly do as we speak English even though it is incorrect. 72 more words

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17. The snail that made legal history

By Clive Coleman
BBC Radio 4

How a case about a snail gave power to modern consumers and launched a million lawsuits.

This is the story of how our modern law of negligence came about all because of a fizzy drink. 799 more words

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Legal-Ease International Inc. U Houston

During teacher trainings at Break Into Legal English, we are often astonished by the amount of candidates who let their students speak without correcting several of their mistakes. 39 more words

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16. Case note: Re Edwards [2011] NSWSC 478

by Tran Nguyen

Case note

Citation: Re Edwards NSWSC 478

The parties:

Jocelyn Edwards: Plaintiff

Attorney General of New South Wales

No defendant or other contradictor… 826 more words

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15. An essay on the 1967 referendum

by Tran Nguyen

Essay question:

Altering Australia’s Constitution has proven to be quite difficult, but the 1967 referendum amending s51(xxvi) was a resounding success. Or was it successful?

1,965 more words
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14. Answering legal problem questions: An example

by Tran Nguyen

Here is a hypothetical legal problem in Australian Contract law and an sample answer.

Legal problem: 

On 1 October Acme Pty Ltd placed the following notice in the ‘National Advertiser’ newspaper: 1,073 more words

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13. HIRAC/IRAC Method: An Example

by Tran Nguyen

The HIRAC/IRAC method is used to sort through a hypothetical legal problem in many Australian Law schools.

HIRAC = Heading, Issue, Rule, Application, Conclusion… 876 more words

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