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Did you know that contracts have 7 Stages ?

It is said that contracts go through a 7-stage process. These are:-

1. Specification

2. Make – Buy

3. Source – Award

4. Implementation

5. Operate… 17 more words


Who recognizes Toles (Test of Legal English Skills) ?

Toles developed materials and exams as a direct solution for law firms complaining that law graduates holding a wide variety of English language certificates lacked the level of English required to carry out essential legal tasks. 156 more words


#Press Release:TOLES Authorized Training & Examination Centre

We are proud to announce that we have now become a TOLES Approved Training and Examination Centre in Italy.

We pride ourselves on being a one-stop -legal training shop(TM) for all your needs. 30 more words


International Law Symposium - 6 July - 9 July 2017, Bologna, Italy

Today’s practitioners, whether operating domestically or internationally, are required to know how the law from other jurisdictions impacts on their  client’s business affairs. Whether the client is located in the US or UK or in Europe, a practitioner needs to understand the fundamental elements of these legal systems in order to protect and or defend their client’s business. 383 more words


Legal English and Common Law for International Practitioners - 1 June - 4 June 2017, Bologna, Italy


This course is aimed at lawyers, notaries, accountants, in-house counsel and other professional advisers who wish to master their skills in international business.

This course is the first stepping-stone for any practitioner advising clients with business affairs in the UK or clients planning to diversify their activities with a global perspective.  187 more words

Toles - What is TOLES ?

Do you know what Toles is ? Where can you study for the Toles ? Is it recognized by the profession and employers ?

Details coming soon.

Inglese Giuridico

Elizabeth Mariscal: An Inspirational Instructor

Elizabeth Mariscal has been an instructor at UC San Diego Extension’s English Language Institute for nearly 30 years.

In her role, she’s often as much a learner as a teacher.  516 more words

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