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Five ways to improve Legal English Language Skills

As the world leader in Legal English, we know how to improve the language skills of lawyers worldwide.  Lawyers from Cisco, Baker and McKenzie, Bloomsbury Law and many more great organisations rely on us.   356 more words

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Brexit Postponed?

The High Court of the United Kingdom has ruled that the Houses of Parliament must vote on ‘Brexit’ in one of the most important questions of constitutional law that a British court has had to rule on. 55 more words

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Legal English Books for TOLES Students

Should you be taking the TOLES Test of Legal English Skills, you will need to immerse yourself as much as possible in the language of English and Law.   371 more words

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Negotiation Techniques for Conflict Management-Masterclass


What is negotiation? When should you negotiate and when should you refrain from negotiating? What are the styles of negotiation and what style best suits you? 163 more words

Contracts Law in common law jurisdictions (UK & USA)

Contract law is a pillar of the common law system.

A practitioner needs to have an understanding of contract law as it is the basis and interlinks in many other areas such as Conveyancing, Commercial Transactions and Employment Law and so on. 239 more words

Teaching summarizing to LLM students: Some recent thoughts

As I’ve discussed in a previous post, teaching LLM students to summarize can be deceivingly difficult. Summarizing requires control of language as well as an intuitive understanding of what is expected the relevant audience in a summary. 1,163 more words

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Bridget Jones filmed at UK Supreme Court

Legal English Language Training frequently uses The UK Supreme Court for classes and tours to show students around the top appellate court in the United Kingdom. 190 more words

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