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A German gateway to applied Early Modern sciences

There is a great difference between articles and monographs presenting the latest thought and results of new experiments on one end of the scientific world, and at the other end popularised science in cheap books and leaflets. 2,073 more words

Legal History

"I’ll believe corporations are people when Texas executes one"*...

Since the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, the reality that corporations in the U.S. are afforded the same rights as individuals (even if they do not have the same responsibilities) has been on the minds of many.  720 more words

Guillaume Budé, a (legal) humanist

How did the interest in the history of Roman law start in Early Modern Europe? In the Middle Ages scholars who got access to the famous  1,338 more words

Legal History

"Whatever we may think or affect to think of the present age, we cannot get out of it"*...

John Stuart Mill, the most influential English-speaking philosopher of the nineteenth century, is today best remembered as the author of On Liberty…  in which he argues, relentlessly and over the course of around 50,000 words, that there should be no interference with the thought, speech, or action of any individual except on the grounds of the prevention of harm to others. 

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Women and law in medieval letters

How can you correct some of the deceptive perspectives, or even worse, outright biases, without surrendering your own powers of comprehension? What is humanly possible to change your mind? 2,351 more words

Legal History

Library of Congress: More Historical Statutes at Large Available Online

Library of Congress: More Historical Statutes at Large Available Online. “The individual statutes for congresses 68 through 81 are now available on the Law Library of Congress website. 45 more words

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