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Challenging the Accommodation to the Notice of the Exemption. Or, How to Eliminate Contraceptive Coverage Under the Affordable Care Act.

A generally applicable federal law exempts certain groups from complying with that law because it would place an undue burden on those groups’ religious freedom. But does it violate those groups’ religious freedom to notify other parties that they are exempt from the federal law? 600 more words

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Criminal procedure in Halifax's first murder trial

I am currently reading Cornwallis: The Violent Birth of Halifax by Jon Tattrie (Pottersfield Press, 2013) and Bluenose Justice: True Tales of Mischief, Mayhem and Murder… 689 more words


Interview of Christine Desan, "Making Money: Coin, Currency, and the Coming of Capitalism"

Christine Desan, teaches about the international monetary system, the constitutional law of money, constitutional history, political economy, and legal theory at Harvard Law School. In this podcast we discuss her new book,  396 more words

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Going the long roads: Legal history and The History Manifesto

This year saw in June some twenty conferences in the field of legal history, but now in August the congress calendar of my blog shows no events. 3,012 more words

Legal History

Myths of Sovereignty and British Isolation XIX, Charters and Constitutions

The last post discussed the historical role of law. This post finally delivers the promise to discuss constitutions and charters. The sovereigntist Eurosceptic position in Britain standardly includes an elevation of Magna Carta into the greatest document ever in human liberty or, in more moderate versions of this position, certainly the greatest since it was issued in 1215 and the fount of all worthwhile liberties ever since: blessing Britain and countries which might be considered off shoots, like the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand (the ‘Anglosphere’), with a unique appreciation of liberty and parliamentary democracy. 821 more words


Alanis Obomsawin's film "Trick or Treaty" now available for rental

This is an incredible film about the treatment of treaties and Native peoples in Canada. It’s now available for rental from Canada’s National Film Board. I saw it at the NAISA conference this June and highly recommend it. 12 more words


Myths of Sovereignty and British Isolation XVIII: Laws, Juridification and the Administrative State

The last post focused on the distinction between civil and common law, with regard to Britain’s position as a common law country in contrast with the civil law tradition of the rest of Europe. 942 more words