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SCOTUS' Use of the Historical Record to Limit, Then Expand, Military Criminal Jurisdiction

Over the past few months, I have explored—at least the initial contours of—the question of military jurisdiction over service members for the commission of civilian offenses committed within the continental United States during the absence of a declaration of war by Congress. 3,458 more words

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Call for Papers: The Judiciary: Past, Present, and Future

The Liberty University Law Review invites original research paper submissions addressing the judiciary proper, its history, and the various issues that it will confront in the future.   70 more words

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Looking at Cuba's legal history

With the death of Fidel Castro (1926-2016) an era of revolutionary turmoil ends and a period preluding to a transition seems to begin for Cuba. All over the world the events that made Castro a legendary figure, both idolized and hated, will be brought back into view by the media. 1,640 more words

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Justinian's Legal Code

The latest In Our Time episode is about the Emperor Justinian’s Legal Code (or the Corpus Juris Civilis).

Justinian, the ruler of the Eastern Roman Empire in the early sixth century oversaw a stabilisation and then partial revival of Roman power in the Mediterranean. 370 more words

Carolingian Roman Citizenry Follow-Up: Another Charter, Another Formula...

Quick one: following the link very helpfully provided by Charles in the comments to the first post, I was struck to find a reference to an ongoing, albeit low-level form of awareness of Roman citizenship; in particular, the author references something found in a formula collection, the… 749 more words


"The History of Courts and Procedure in Medieval Canon Law" (Hartmann & Pennington, eds.)

In September, the Catholic University of America Press released “The History of Courts and Procedure in Medieval Canon Law,” edited by Wilfried Hartmann (University of Tübingen) and Kenneth Pennington (Catholic University of America).   315 more words

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