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Humor #320

Drug Dealer Tax Help

Attention Drug Dealers operating in the Randall County area: Tax Season is upon you!

With the April 15th deadline rapidly approaching, we know how hard it can be for you to provide a detailed accounting of your business related income and expenses. 200 more words


Using Legal Humor: Lawyer Joke Telling & Negotiation Activity

Using legal humor in class can be an extremely potent tool. It can also be a minefield as humor often does not travel well across cultures. 383 more words


Using Legal Humor: “Lawyer Joke of the Day” Activity

The Opportunity: There is a great treasure trove of lawyer jokes and legal humor out there.

The Challenge: How do you incorporate it into a class in a way that feels appropriate, helpful, and non-trivial? 473 more words


You Can't Handle The Truth!

That’s right. You can’t handle the truth. But the truth is that I know. I know beyond a reasonable doubt…

I was on a jury for a trial this past week. 649 more words

The Phil Factor

Legal Journal of Magic Law Article on The Gods Defense

(I’d like to make it clear up front this is a journal article from a fake law journal in a magical reality and none of this should be taken as legal advice… unless of course you travel to the reality where The Gods Defense takes place, in which case, here you go ;) 316 more words


Throwback Thursday - Law Basics I Was Shocked Normal People Didn't Know

(This was my first legal post on this blog.  It made it big on FB, around 150 shares, still no clue why, but I’m glad because these are a few very basic legal principles the average person doesn’t seem to know and probably should :) 852 more words


The Supreme Court's Gay Marriage Decision in Plain English... and Some Snark

June hits and suddenly everyone’s a Constitutional scholar.  On Friday the Supreme Court came out with the biggest decision of the year, quite possibly of the decade. 1,082 more words