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Visual traces of legal culture and the legacy of Karl Frölich

Legal historians created legal iconography as an auxiliary science for dealing with images connected with law, justice and legal culture in the widest possible sense. In a century where for many subjects you can find a great variety of online resources the list of online databases concerning this subject is still short. 3,188 more words

Legal History

A theatre of knowledge: Law and justice on show in old book titles

Theatrical representations of a trial can enthrall an audience. Even when you know actual proceedings were different you are lured into understanding matters in the way they are played in the theatre. 2,214 more words

Legal History

Images, words and the law

However seducing texts are as sources to gain new knowledge, images do rightfully claim our attention, too, nay stronger, they are even more seducing and intoxicating than texts. 1,797 more words

Legal History