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Republicans Have A Different Response When The Tables Are Turned

Maybe you already know about this.  But, a couple of weeks ago, “60 Minutes” did a piece about fund-raising in the Republican Party.  In the piece, Rep. 707 more words


Let's Be Absurd

None of us like to be told what to do by the government…..but then there are those people that will allow it as long as it does not pertain to their lives…. 642 more words


Sunday Book-Thought 42

My books sell at $3.50 a copy, their Canadian counterfeit at 25 & 50 cents. If I could sieze all the Canadian counterfeits I could no more use them to my advantage than the Government could use bogus notes to its advantage. 57 more words


Discrimination in sexting charges

I wish we could trust prosecutors to never use child pornography charges against teens who sext consensually, but unfortunately we cannot. As we know, in 2009, approximately 7% of all child pornography production arrests are teens who’ve only engaged in consensual sexting. 76 more words


Dangers of demotion

An employee for a large chain had been demoted to the role of team leader following disciplinary and signed a new contract for that role. However she maintained her objections to the role and after working in the new role for some 5 months eventually resigned (constructive dismissal). 251 more words


The North Carolina Bathroom Law: Who Are The Biggest Losers

The North Carolina Bathroom Law has been viewed by many as just another example of bigotry that has emerged from that state.  It has been described by Fox News (of all places) as “a solution in search of a problem”.  861 more words


Supreme Court Opines on First Amendment and a Public Employee

I’m always looking for interesting First Amendment cases, and this past Tuesday, the U.S. Supreme Court released its decision in Heffernan v. City of Paterson, where it reversed and remanded the lower court by a 6-2 vote in a decision written by Justice Breyer. 366 more words

Legal Issues