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Divorce Research Update-- intimate partner violence, 8-3-15

Intimate partner violence in the divorce process remains a complicated situation for courts, families and those who care about them.  By understanding variations in intimate partner violence and the patterns of the divorce process can provide a better foundation for helping these families. 249 more words

Legal Issues

Two Different Killings Show We Really Have A Problem With Priorities

There were two very tragic recent killings.  Both of the victims were unarmed.  Both victims never had a chance.  However, the outcry by the public to these two shootings have something to say about us as a people.  866 more words


Appeals court grants stay of injunction in O'Bannon lawsuit

With the ruling in the lawsuit that includes former UCLA basketball player Ed O’Bannon making it possible for former and current athletes alike to be compensated for the uses of their names, images and likenesses, there are major changes on the horizon for collegiate athletics. 563 more words

Reagan's Killing Of The Fairness Doctrine Has Given Us Our Dysfunctional Government

One of my college history professors once talked about the two chambers of Congress.  He explained that the House of Representatives would always have turmoil.  He based that idea on the fact that it was made up of a lot more people from varying parts of the country.  1,133 more words


Flags Really Do Stand For Something - Whether You Like It Or Not!

Question, do you recognize or remember each of these flags?  In case you don’t remember, let me explain them to you.  The first one is the so-called Christian Flag.  743 more words


Officer? Crooked Officer?

“This is the most asinine act I’ve ever seen a police officer make; totally unwarranted.”  Agreed, totally!  How in the world did this person ever make it onto… 370 more words

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The Republican Definition Of Governing Is Still: "Kick The Can Down The Road Bills"

Once the GOP took control of both houses of Congress, we were told that we would see what “governing” was all about.  They would make sure that everything went smoothly, and “things would get done.”  We are coming close to the end of the year and we now see what their definition of “governing” is all about. 1,025 more words