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A US federal judge who was appointed by the republican President George W. Bush has not only denied the president’s petition to wind down the DACA/ Deferred Childhood Arrivals program but the judge has ordered the president’s administration to continue to accept applications for it. 233 more words

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  • March For Our Lives Movement – Young people should always feel safe and comfortable at school but recently these school shooting has young people going to school scared and worried.
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Legal Issues

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March for Our Lives has started a powerful movement lead by generation z. It has made political officials break ties with the NRA and brings together over 500,000 people to come together and protest. 309 more words

Legal Issues

What are the qualified business deductions under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act?

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) created a new 20% deduction for pass-through entities. Though the IRS has not fully interpreted the new rules—which won’t go into effect until the 2019 tax season—many of the implications are clear. 973 more words

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It bothered me that in the weeks prior to the US taking military action in Syria, the republican President Donald Trump repeatedly warned in tweets to the world that airstrikes were coming, despite knowing better as per his own words in the past, admonishing others not to announce publicly any future military tactics. 1,792 more words

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Slack-fill cases on the rise

An alarming trend in mass tort litigation is coming to light as tenuous cases known as “slack- fill” lawsuits are beginning to clog up time and resources in our judicial system. 831 more words

Legal Issues

Note: This post is based on a recently published piece but with some important updates.

UPDATE 4/19/18: It is being reported that the president’s personal attorney Michael Cohen is dropping his lawsuit against Buzzfeed for its January 2017 publication of the… 2,642 more words

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