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FCC Rule On Net Neutrality Has Republicans In A Tizzy, Again

The FCC ruled on its net neutrality decision.  The new regulations bar companies such as AT&T Inc. and Comcast Corp. from blocking or slowing online traffic, or offering faster service in return for payment.  788 more words


Young Woman Older Man

Some time ago, while in a humorous or cynical frame of mind (take your pick as to which one applies), I penned the below poem entitled, “Young Woman Older Man” which runs thus: 688 more words

Laurie Roberts: The "kook" pot calling the kettle….

Right on the heels of a column earlier this week “Brnovich not the guy to investigate APS-Corp Com links” in which Laurie Roberts actually sounded like the investigative sleuth she purports to be —- she reverts back to her infantile “Kook” name calling. 301 more words

Those Dems

Bill Montgomery sets Flakes loose on county taxpayers

Imagine you’re Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery. Com’on, you can do it.  You’re full of political vim and aspiration and like a good establishment soldier dutifully await a greater opportunity. 565 more words

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MMPA reform will benefit Missouri's court system

Consumer protection litigation developed in the early 1900s to protect American consumers from fraudulent and deceptive business practices in commercial transactions. Initially, Congress enacted amendments to the Federal Trade Commission Act to protect consumers, and soon after, many states enacted their own consumer protection statutes. 855 more words

Legal Issues

Lyman's Laws for Lawyers

L.L.L 5

Clearly identify exactly who your client is,  and who is not your client. This sounds obvious but it is not always so. Correct and early identification is crucial for your duties, conflicts of interest, reporting channels, billing and knowing to whom you are responsible and who owes you your fees and reimbursables. 24 more words

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Fed. Judge stalls Obama’s amnesty executive order

Obama unable to suspend deportations

U.S. District Court Judge Andrew S. Hanen’s opinion and order cuts to the chase from page one of the 123-page document as he delivers a blow to Barack Obama‘s executive order on illegals, defining the issue in these terms: 307 more words

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