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Not to make any endorsement of de Sade as a person or a writer, but: On encouragement

“Nothing quite encourages as does one’s first unpunished crime.”

120 Days of Sodom, by the Marquis de Sade

It was only a matter of time before the inevitable occurred with the Keystone Pipeline XL project that had been approved to start doing business by the republican President Donald Trump in 2017. 712 more words

Republican Party

The Washington DC political crowd is abuzz with the news that a Turkey Iranian national, Reza Zarrab who was behind US bars for having illegally skirted sanctions that had been imposed on Iran by the US and the international community. 656 more words

Republican Party

Awhile back, the republican President Donald Trump’s Senior Adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner stood in front of the TV cameras, declaring than he has been fully comliant and co-operative in turning over to investigators any relevant data pertaining any contacts having anything to do with Russian contacts. 887 more words


The NJ Senator Bob Menendez has been undergoing a federal trial for corruption done while he was in office. The US government attorneys believed they had built a solid case against him to where they had charged him with 18 separate criminal counts including bribery and lying to federal law officers. 668 more words


Medical assistants and limited scope radiography

I receive fewer questions than I did seven or 10 years ago about the legalities of medical assistants performing limited scope radiography. However, in some states medical assistants are called upon to expose patients to ionizing radiation, as specifically directed by the overseeing/delegating provider. 87 more words

Scope Of Practice

“The republican President Donald Trump has been exhibiting a rage filled temper tantrum against his own US Attorney General Jeff Sessions (former US senator from Alabama) for daring to recuse himself from having any involvement in the FBI’s Trump-Russian investigations because he had failed to disclose early on that he had met on more than one occasion with Russian officials when he was part of the president’s campaign staff.” 1,177 more words