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This is an update of an earlier post. Last evening (9/18/17), I was at a Democratic meeting where it was pointed out that the US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell now has 48 votes towards the 50 he needs to pass the Graham-Cassidy bill, another of the US Senate’s “skinny” version of a healthcare bill. 1,500 more words


It looks like the FBI’s Special Counsel Robert Mueller III has plans to indict the republican President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort. The below described actions by Mr. 1,171 more words


Ask SCORE: How can I protect my intellectual property when working with strategic partners?

One way to grow your business is by reaching out to strategic partners who offer complementary products or services or who otherwise can work with you to the mutual advantage of both your businesses. 520 more words


Ex-Hurricane Jason Geathers arrested on drug charges 

A former Palm Beach County star and member of Miami’s 2001 national championship team is in trouble with the law.

Jason Geathers, who turns 37 on Monday, was arrested early Sunday in Delray Beach and charged with trafficking in heroin, possession of cocaine and marijuana and resisting an officer without violence, The Post’s Christine Stapleton and Elliott Wenzler report. 19 more words


In the aftermath of the recent devastating August/ September 2017 hurricanes of Harvey in Texas and Irma in Florida, it is extremely frustrating to hear many evangelicals and others within the republican party who refuse to give credence to climate change as being a major factor in the intensity and duration of extreme weather events. 698 more words


I recently blogged on how after Hurricane Irma had passed through south Florida, staffers of a Hollywood Hills nursing home with a non-functioning air conditioning system, had been negligent in the deaths of 8 patients because they did not transport them, in a  timely way, to the fully operational hospital with air conditioning which was right across the street. 908 more words

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The republican President Donald Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been experiencing a troublesome few days. First, it looks like the president is backing away from his 9/5/17 commitment to end DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program) and now the courts are blocking the attorney general’s  attempts to strong arm government officials of sanctuary cities into cooperating with the Department of Justice with its enforcement of immigration laws and deportations. 714 more words