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How Blogging Makes You an Authority in the Legal Community

Content marketing is one of the most powerful tools you have for boosting SEO and for establishing your reputation across the internet. It gets you noticed by search engines, but perhaps more importantly, sharing your ideas and opinions gets you the respect of potential clients, colleagues, and the legal community in general. 766 more words

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Building Your Brand: Have You Defined Your Brand?

Establishing a well-defined brand for your law firm makes promoting it easier. A clear brand message only shows you have a firm grasp of where you are and where you’re headed, it makes what you do more interesting to others. 526 more words

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Is Khadi a big Deal ?

Had this question been asked to CEO Fabindia Mr  Viney Singh the simplest answer would have been “YES”.

The issue isn’t that simple when a BRAND and the PRODUCT CATEGORY gets mixed up. 371 more words

The Power of an Editorial Calendar

Staying organized and on top of things is essential to operating a successful law firm. Unfortunately when it comes to their blogs, far too many firms fall behind and neglect this powerful marketing tool. 694 more words

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Keeping Up with Content

Blogging is one of the best ways to grow your practice and ensure the investment you’ve made in your website is worth it. Unfortunately, too many lawyers don’t take their blogs seriously and in many cases, these platforms just become dead space dragging down their website and their brand. 744 more words

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Popular Blog Posts for Lawyers – And Why You Should Avoid Them

If you’re stuck for where to start when it comes to blogging, you aren’t alone. It’s common for lawyers to jump headfirst into blogging and run out of steam after a few posts, but it’s just as common to have the best intentions and no idea where to begin. 756 more words

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How Much Is It Worth To Hire The Right Marketing Consultant?

If you ask about legal marketing before a group of lawyers, a large percentage will state the following:

  • They feel uncomfortable with legal marketing since it’s unprofessional to sell their services.
  • 277 more words
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