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Enforcement order of an award set aside by the English High Court on the basis of Sections 103(2)(c) and (f) of the 1996 Arbitration Act

In a judgment dated 19 February 2015, the High Court of England and Wales set aside an order to enforce an award under the New York Convention on the basis of Sections 103(2)(c) and (f) of the 1996 Arbitration Act and thus declined enforcement of this award. 1,036 more words


In the News...Angolan Journalist charged for defamation

BBC reports that a renowned Angolan journalist has been put on trial on charges of defaming military generals after he accused them of links to the “blood diamond” trade. 171 more words

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Arbitrator and ICC Immunity confirmed by the New York District Court which strongly sanctioned the counsel for frivolous claim

United States District Court – Southern District Court of New York, “Landmark Ventures, Inc. v. Stephanie Cohen & ICC”, 25 November 2014, 13 Civ. No 9044 (JGK) 891 more words


Let's define 'Southern heritage'

The Sons of the Confederate Veterans are going to have a steep hill to climb in defending a flag that one time symbolized an act of treason. 197 more words

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Supreme Court to hear Confederate plate case

This is going to be an interesting case headed for the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans think Texas license plates should carry a design that includes the Confederate flag. 298 more words

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Drug-bust stories becoming ... um, boring

“Police grab drugs in ‘traffic stop.'”

You hear and read these headlines all the time. I almost always chuckle when I see these stories. Why? Because the traffic stop, such as it is, usually is something of a ruse. 215 more words

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AG vote delay: preposterous

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder wants to go home, wants to hand his job over to someone else and wants to bow out of the public eye. 244 more words

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