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Contract management is NOT a sub-set of Procurement

It’s not uncommon for business functions to lay claim to ownership or proficiency in another domain – but that doesn’t make it right.

In the case of contract management, the procurement, legal and project management functions are among those who assert it is ‘theirs’, that it is in some way a sub-set of what they do. 434 more words

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Re-thinking the contract management role

” All large IT organizations now need to consume services from an increasing array of Service Providers to remain competitive and keep up with the rate of change in the industry.  344 more words

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Challenges in managing cross-cultural teams

You are running a project or preparing a complex negotiation. The team you have assembled is cross-cultural, reflecting the various areas of skill and knowledge you need to ensure success. 237 more words


Sustainability and collaboration

A survey recently published by The Ethical Corporation suggests that the ‘most exciting opportunity’ to achieve sustainability is through collaboration with suppliers. However, while this was the most popular approach among those surveyed, it was selected by just 24%. 191 more words

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Do corrupt companies have contract managers?

Continuing revelations about corrupt contracting practices at Brazilian oil giant Petrobras continue to hit the headlines. It is interesting that they are one of the few major oil and gas producers which does not have active membership in IACCM. 245 more words

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Why redesigning your contracts is so important

When we think of contracts, most of us envisage a paper document, full of dense typing, with formalistic style and wording. Or we may even think of an on-line version, a ‘click-here- to-accept’ contract – but with just the same hard to read typing and hard to understand language. 719 more words

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Are you a trusted advisor?

We often hear about the benefits of becoming a ‘trusted advisor’. Certainly it is a role that most consultants seek to fill, even if only in the context of a specific assignment. 685 more words

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