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Why would company execs want the GC to report to the CFO?

An article in Inside Counsel poses the question “Why would company executives want the General Counsel to report to the CFO”? It highlights the following as potential reasons: 420 more words


"Contracts aren't much use to me"

As someone running a small business, that quote might be mine – but actually it isn’t. The comment came from a project manager responding to the recent… 270 more words

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Commercial innovation: here is how to jump aboard

Wherever we look, the business world is obsessed by change, an urgent need for innovation. In many cases, commercial innovation leads the way, driven by new technology platforms, new charging models, new commitment capabilities, digitisation of business processes, even new regulation. 552 more words

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Contracting with emojis

We have all heard the demands for simpler, shorter contracts. Most of us sympathize with the view that plain language and thoughtful structure assist with interpretation and understanding. 206 more words

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Leadership: Do you have what it takes?

As routine and repetitive tasks are steadily taken over by machines, personal skills and characteristics will become critical for job security and progression. High on the list are leadership and influencing skills. 346 more words

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Wake up to a new world view

Business imperatives are changing fast. The walk-out by corporate leaders from the Trump administration business councils is just one indication of the shift taking place in boardrooms. 378 more words

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Why do we have contracts?

Contracts – there are millions of them and they cost a lot to produce. They have been around for thousands of years. So you might think that their purpose is clear and universally understood. 267 more words

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