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For a better contract, add some emojis

Recent years have seen growing interest in approaches to contract design and expression. There are many factors behind this, among them the increased use of contracts and also their greater length and complexity. 318 more words

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Research shows that lawyers lack intelligence

I think most people would agree that lawyers are in general very intelligent people. But that doesn’t mean they are always equipped with the right or the best intelligence – and recent research suggests that they are ignoring changes that could equip them to deliver better results. 668 more words

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The cost of a contract

I was recently asked by LawGeex, an AI technology and analytics provider, to update an article I wrote in 2011, estimating the typical cost of producing a contract. 727 more words

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GDPR: Is Europe crazy?

At last week’s IACCM Americas conference, many delegates were stunned by what they learnt about GDPR, the data privacy regulations that the European Union plans to impose from May next year. 318 more words

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Uber's biggest failure: contract management

One of my colleagues recently met a marketing executive from Uber at an airport. While talking, my colleague observed:’Uber is really a giant contract management company’. 439 more words

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Why would company execs want the GC to report to the CFO?

An article in Inside Counsel poses the question “Why would company executives want the General Counsel to report to the CFO”? It highlights the following as potential reasons: 420 more words


"Contracts aren't much use to me"

As someone running a small business, that quote might be mine – but actually it isn’t. The comment came from a project manager responding to the recent… 270 more words

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