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Unreasonable terms

‘Just because you can doesn’t mean you should’ …. That is a principle which every organization should apply when developing its terms and conditions and underlying business policies. 353 more words

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And as if things were not already complicated enough ...

So Microsoft now requires its suppliers to commit that their workers in the US receive a guarantee of paid leave. This requirement will apply to all employees who do ‘substantial work’ for Microsoft. 515 more words

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Is empathy a key commercial instinct?

You don’t have to search far to discover all that is being written about increased complexity in today’s business world. At the top of the list come issues such as managing interconnections and interdependencies – many of which cross traditional boundaries of language, culture and commercial norms. 491 more words

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Contracts and technology

Technology has reshaped business capabilities and business relationships on a global scale. Yet somehow, the process and instruments through which those capabilities are expressed and by which those relationships are managed (that is, contracts) have largely managed to escape untouched. 424 more words

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When regulation becomes political

It might be argued that all regulation is ultimately political, but notices issued by the Chinese Banking Regulatory Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology appear to cross new boundaries. 342 more words

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Is sustainability affordable?

“There is a profound shift going on”, according to John Elkington, Executive Chairman of Volans.

John was my co-presenter at the Ecovadis conference in Paris, discussing the progress and challenges of sustainability. 307 more words


The Great Awakening

For commercial lawyers, the practice of law is transforming. Acting as a semi-independent advisor on specialist risk and legal issues is no longer enough. Today, the business expects much broader appreciation of opportunities and challenges – and that the support and contracts produced by lawyers will directly contribute to the best possible outcome. 508 more words

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