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The evolution of relational contracts

As we all know, too many contracts fail to deliver expected results.

Growing complexity, market volatility, increased interdependence – there are multiple factors that contribute to those failures and are forcing change in the way that organizations interact. 644 more words

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Doom and Gloom: a path to nowhere

I am always surprised by the volume of ‘doom and gloom’ mail that I receive. Yes, there are many problems to be solved and some days they can feel quite overwhelming, but I have yet to see an instance where doom and gloom made them any better. 338 more words

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Justice goes on-line

Even in the most advanced economies, justice is not universal. For many, it remains unaffordable and inaccessible – and this is especially the case for relatively small claims related to the supply of goods and services. 193 more words

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Increased risks bring unexpected consequences

As corporations face growing levels of risk, many people anticipated an explosion of demand for legal resources to assist its management. Yet the market feedback I am receiving suggests, with notable exceptions, that is not happening – in fact, the reverse is often true. 393 more words

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Contract Management Benchmarks

Did you know that monitoring compliance remains a key focus for contract management groups and the most common area for reporting? Would you have guessed that only about 8% of organizations typically succeed in always imposing their standard terms or that, for the average company, around one third of contracts are completed without any negotiated amendment? 540 more words

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And may good will infect our contracts ....

The start of a new year is always a time for reflection and a moment to commit to improvement. The opportunities for improvement in our contracts and contracting processes are many – and the benefits are substantial. 438 more words

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