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2016... and the no good, horrible, bad campaign season.

In all honesty, I feel as if I shouldn’t even give this topic the time of day. Unfortunately, every major news outlet has been giving it what seems to be all its air time… While the 2016 campaign… 195 more words

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Here's a neat little tip for all of your research assignments

This is coming from someone that always aces literary subjects, so at least give it a try next time you have one of these.
I’ve used this technique for history, legal studies, biology, and English. 155 more words


The Foundation: Tools of Understanding

So I realize I may have jumped straight in without laying a little ground work.. and I apologize. Understanding the Government in the United States of America may be helpful before we plunge headfirst off the cliff of international issues… Again, I apologize. 381 more words

American Government

Flipped Classrooms

In the ‘flipped classroom’ teachers provide a lecture or content for the students to read or watch for homework before a lesson, then set engaging activities for students to work on in class – the opposite of a traditional way of teaching.  645 more words

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Harvard Berkman: Lunch with Olivier Sylvain on Network Equality

From BerkmanCenter/YouTube: “Streamed live on Jul 14, 2015
One of the few clear priorities of the federal Communications Act is to ensure that all Americans have reasonably comparable access to the Internet without respect to whom or where they are. 31 more words

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